You are not the only one in this world who thinks that he will never get a girlfriend. If you have never found a girl yet means you are doing something wrong. So, in this blog, I will show you all the mistakes you are doing that stop you from finding your girlfriend.

Finding a girlfriend depends on you. What are your qualities or how you approach a girl? If you can’t get a girlfriend then you need to upgrade yourself.

I know it is hard to find what you are doing wrong. We can’t observe ourselves easily. Because we think that we are perfect. So I have built a whole list picking some common reasons why you are not getting your girl.

Reasons why you are still single

1. You are not charming

not charming

The first reason why you are struggling is that you don’t know how to communicate. You are not so charming that a girl will notice you. I know you are a nice guy and a nice guy. And you are not a social animal. To be a charming guy, first, you need to get socially comfortable.

The best practice to get comfortable in a social place is to start practicing it. Go to a mall and start talking with random girls. Comment on their shoes and dresses. From first it will seem a lot hard. But with the time you will be a hunter.

2. You have no courage

To get a girlfriend you need to be courageous. You can’t just sit and wait for her to approach. So get up and put your balls on work. You need to approach her first. Don’t think about what will happen if you approach her. Will she start shouting or will slap you.

Forget these all. These lines are just distraction which stops you to get her. Put your courage on top and approach her. Go and say anything but don’t just sit. Because if you are sitting here being a pussy then there are very high chances that some other guy may be thinking to approach her. And if he goes first then he will get her first.

So, don’t just sit and watch. Get up and do your best. If she agreed then this is freaking awesome. And if she said no then You added one more new experience in your list.

3. You give up too early

dont give up e1598485843643

Sometimes boys approach a girl, talk to her sometime and when he sees that the girl is not showing much interest then they give up. These guys want results on supersonic speed. Give her some time. A girl thinks a lot before making anyone her boyfriend.

Girls are not like us. We men just see the physical appearance and we are done. If a girl is super hot then this is my dream girl. And as a new hotty enters the room our dream girl instantly gets changed. Women take their time. They look at your dressing, character, personality, and many more.

So keep stick to her. If she has a boyfriend or getting irritated by you then this is another case. If you keep moving around her even knowing that she has a boyfriend then it will be called stocking. So, you must know the difference between liking and stalking.

Note: Do not keep switching between girls. Stick to one because who knows that the girl is thinking about you. And if you are switching then try not to approach two girls in the same friend circle.

4. Lack of alpha mentality

What you lose or what you get, it all depends on your mentality. In terms of girls, boys have two types of mentality: Alpha mentality and Loser mentality. You have seen many guys who get any girl they want very easily and some men struggle in getting just one.

This is the game of mentality. The guys who get girls very easily are the men with the Alpha mentality and the guys who don’t get any is the loser mentality. Let me tell you the difference between these two mentalities.

Alpha Mentality: The guys with this mentality have a winning attitude. Winning attitude means if they look at a girl then they think that I will get that girl. At first, they don’t know how, but they just decide that they want her. A guy with Alpha mentality will never say that any girl is out of his reach. No matter how hotter the girl is. The only thing he knows is that he will get her. Now he has already got the girl in his mind. He just has to get her in real life. But the case of looser mentality guy is totally different.

Loser Mentality: The guy with this mentality has a totally different attitude. When a guy with a loser mentality sees a girl he starts shivering. He starts thinking that she is very hot, will she accept me? Am I perfect for her? What if I approach her and she starts shouting at me? The looser Mentality guy, he thinks a lot before approaching a girl. And when he approaches a girl he starts looking underconfident.

So, this is the difference between these two mentalities. These look small but make the difference. Looser men keep thinking and lose their opportunity but an Alpha male never misses an opportunity. As he sees any chance he instantly grabs it.

So, please change your mentality. If you approach her instantly approach a girl with full confidence you will lose nothing. The worst she can do is say no. But if you are still thinking then it is sure that you are going to lose her.

5. Your confidence level is very low

low confident

Now the confidence game. It is a game-changer. If you are an average looking guy but even you can beat any good looking guy with your confidence. Have you ever seen any below average guy with any super hot model like a girl? Definitely you have seen it. We all have seen it.

And when we see that then we think, “why that girl is with this ugly guy”. I will give you the answer. She is with him just because of his confidence. I am 100% sure, that guy is more confident than any average guy. So, if you want a hot girl beside you then keep your confidence with you. No one will charge you for being confident. Trust me, it is free. 😉

6. You are not popular

You want girls, increase your popularity. Trust me, if you are popular, you will definitely get girls. Popularity makes you smarter. Do you remember that popular girl from your high school? Every boy in your school was crazy about her. Do you know why? No doubt that she was not the hottest girl in your school but guys were mad about her. This is just because she was popular.

Even I was cray about the most popular girl in my high school. She was not the hottest but she was insanely popular. She was good at studies, the favourite of all teachers. She was the head girl in our school. Basically she was the most popular girl in our school. And this was the reason why almost every guy in our school was crazy about her.

I just want to say that it is not compulsory to get popular to get a girlfriend. I just wanna say that if you become popular then your chances are much higher than the others.

7. Your dressing style sucks

bad dressing e1598485731123

If your dressing sense in bad then high chances are that girls will run away from you. A good dressing shows your personality. If you are bad at dressing then the girls think that how will you take care of her if you can’t take care of yourself. Leave others what they think. When you put an awesome dress on you it makes you look great.

And when you look great, it gives a boost to your confidence. And as I said above that confidence is the key. So, please go learn about dressing. Try new clothes and see that which looks better on you. If you will look better then girls will get automatically attracted to you.

8. You are not in shape

not in shape

To feel this point you need a mirror. Go and stand in front of the mirror and look at you. Do you look sexy? If you look sexy then that’s great. But if your body has a high percentage of fat then you need to change it. I am not saying that you need to get abs or you must get fully ripped.

I just want you to get in shape. Your belly should not come out of your chest level. Girl love in shape body guys. If you are a Humpty Dumpty then it is a wrong sign. Because this first decreases the confidence level and second it makes you look lazy.

So go and get a gym membership or start working out at home. Eat healthy food, not the oily ones. Food is the main reason why we get fat. If you know what is better for your body then you will never get fat. If you want a diet program to achieve the best version of your body then get your diet plan here.

9. You have no money

no money

Money is power. If you have money then girls will run behind you. Sometimes those girls who care about money and also those girls who do not care about money. You may be thinking why a girl will run behind you if she does not care about your money.

She will run behind you because when you earn money it improves you in many ways. It improves your personality. It improves your confidence level. It improves your dressing. So the girl will like you not because of your money but she will like you due to the other factors.

If you are thinking to earn money then you are in the best era now. Now you can earn money sitting in your bedroom. And the best way of earning money is affiliate marketing.

If you wanna learn about it then I will suggest this affiliate training course. here you will learn about all the working methods by which you can earn a huge amount of money. And with that money, you can do whatever you want to do. get girls, enjoy with them. Do what you like to do. 😉

10. You are boring

Are you a guy with a fixed daily routine. If you are the one then it is a big turn off for girls. Women love exciting guys. To be exciting and thrilling you need to get out of your comfort zone and put some fun things into it. Go for riding, hiking, or do some crazy stuff. Do anything but make your life exciting.

11. You are afraid of being rejected

You may afraid of being rejected. Many guys don’t approach any girl because they think that the girl will reject him. If she rejects you then it is totally normal. Rejection is a part of the game. Keep trying because I am damn sure that you will also get accepted once. Being rejected does not mean you failed. It means you tried and learned. You have added a new experience to your list. So keep trying because rejection is the part of the game.

12. You are still your mommy’s boy

If you want a girl then you need to get out of your house. Go to public places. Go and walk into the park. Join some groups. Start taking some skill training. If you move then you will meet new girls. And who knows that one of them is your future girlfriend. But if you are always with your mom then it is sure that you will never meet your girlfriend.

13. You put her in pedestal in your mind

man begging woman

If you put a girl on a pedestal in your mind as you see her then it means you will never get her. Because you are doing the same as the others do. If you want her then you need to be different from others. All the average guys put girls on a pedestal and you have to treat her just opposite. Show her that she is just a girl not more than that. Here your attitude is your biggest weapon.

Girls love bad boys. And bad boys never put a girl on a pedestal. In fact, they know how to treat a girl to get her attention. So, be a badass and stop putting her on a pedestal.

If you want to know how to be a badass to make any girl mad for you then I have something for you. Getting girls is an art. And if you want to learn this art then you must look at our suggested love guide section. I bet if you have learned all the skills then you can get any girl you want. It will be your choice.

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Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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