You are not a single person who is experiencing this. This happens to almost every 10th guy who has been in a relationship. And most of them handle it wrong. Most dudes in this situation get panic. They start snooping, checking phones, arguing about it. And at last end up with the broken relationship. Your girlfriend is talking to her ex, can have many reasons. Maybe she is just a friend with him, or helping him to move on. Or, she is just cheating on you. But keep in mind that these are just some possibilities.

It may be possible that you are thinking too much. And maybe, you have found something which is forcing you to think high. Thus you can’t ignore it. Yes, there comes some situations where we can’t resist ourselves even we want to do so. Trust me I know that feeling. I am that guy who has faced this problem in his 80% of relationships. I don’t know why but I always face this. Maybe, this is in my luck.

Yes, I believe in luck but not on god. 😉 But the best part is that almost all of those girls chosen me instead of their ex. Even then when they were connected to them. Some gone away without letting me know anything. I don’t know why? But I don’t fucking care about that. 🙂 So, at today’s point, I can say that I have much experience that I can tell you what I do in those situations. So, today we will know what can be the reason that she is talking to her ex-boyfriend. And what you have to do in this situation?

Possible reasons why she is doing this to you

Dude, as I said above that there can be many reasons why she is doing this. Some reasons can be good for you and some can be worse. Worse is already worse. And good can also be worse if you started doubting her. So, in this situation first, verify what is going on. And then act. Till then be normal like nothing happened. Below are the reasons possible in this situation…

1. She is just a normal friend with her

just friends

Today there is many types of relationship available in the market. casual, serious, living and many more. This seems funny to me. And one of them is being friends after the relationship. Many girls make their boyfriend a friend after a breakup. This is possible only if they broke up smoothly. No action at the last. So, if she is one of those then you should not think much about the guy. Because these girls give a very popular dialogue at last. let me quote it “You are such a good guy that any girl will love to be with you 🙂 “. I heard this line in my first relationship.

The main point here is don’t worry. If he had a girl and your girlfriend is talking to her casually then be good with it. There is nothing to think about. But if you still think so much then I have a solution for you. Tell her that you want to talk with her ex. Go talk to him and make him a good friend. Show him that this girl belongs to you now.

Sorry, I missed one point to mention. If she is just a friend with him then she will not hide it from you. She will be clear that she is talking to him. If she is doing opposite then there is something to think about.

2. She is helping him to move on

I have never experienced this but it is possible. It may be possible that she is helping him to move on. If they suddenly broke up and you guy came close. But that poor guy is still affected by this breakup and your girl is good to him. Then it may be possible that she is helping him to get out of it. It is very hard to get out of a girl who broke up with you. And the only medicine for this girl is another girl. I bet that you have heard the line “Iron cuts the iron”. The same rule applies here.

So, if that guy finds any other girl then it may be possible that she will leave your girl. Think once, this is the perfect solution I can suggest to you. If you can find him a girl then your girl will be safe. I know it is a funny solution but possible.

3. That guy is trying to get her back

man begging to woman

This is the common thing most of the time. Girls move on very quickly but the guys don’t. We guys get stuck on a relation. And there can be the same condition. It may be possible that your girl wants to move on. But that guy doesn’t. And now he is trying again on your girl to get back. He will try his best to get her back. He will try to make your girl emotional by talking about old memories. Force her to get back. And many times some guys start saying that he will die if she does not come back. It is a type of blackmail but a part of this process.

So, now in this situation, your girl will decide the outcome. You can’t do anything here. I mean you can but not directly. I will tell you what you can do best here. But right now your girl has two options. Whether she will tell you about this that is happening to her. If she tells you then you can directly take the action and say that guy that she is with you now.

And The other option is that she will not tell you anything about this. She does not want you to get to worry about this. And she wants to handle it by herself. So, here you can’t do anything. Just to wait and watch what she will do. some things you have to keep in mind here are:

  • Do not always ask her about this.
  • Try to be normal like nothing happened. Let her decide what she wants.
  • Show her that you trust her. This will create a feeling in her mind how much you trust her and help her to choose you.
  • Try to make her happy because she badly needs this now. When you make her happy then she can choose you because we humans seek the fun part.

The worst thing can happen here that she will get back to him but the good thing is she will never forget you. And it may be possible that she will get back to you again. But if you started arguing about this then it is sure that she will leave you.

4. You are not much connected to her

Not much connected

That guy was her boyfriend. And he has spent more time with her than you. So, there is much chance that he understand her much better than you do. So, this may be possible that she is sharing her feeling with him which you can’t understand. And if this is true then this is a very bad sign. If this is happening at the start then there are more chances that this relationship will not work. So, in this case, I will suggest that try to understand her. Try to get her emotions how she feels. What she likes and whatnot. How she reacts in different situations. There is much to know about her. Go and read that open book and feel her.

5. She is thinking to cheat you

Girl is cheating

This is the last possibility and the worst. If she is talking to her ex-boyfriend and hiding it from you then this can be a reason to think. I know this is hard to accept but a harsh truth. There can be a lot of reasons why she is doing this. It may be possible that you are not of her type. Or, her ex suddenly became hot and successful. Or, maybe she is done with you and does not want to be in a relationship furthermore. By the way, the main point here is that is she cheating or not. Below are some points which will help you to identify the current situation.

  • She is talking to her ex but does not want to accept that. And you find this from any credible source. First, confirm once that the information is right because it is a very big blame.
  • She spent a lot of time on her phone, typing and smiling and when you ask. Then she says that nothing is there.
  • Suddenly she started to care about her phone a lot and don’t let you check it.
  • She ignores your call and keeps herself busy on calls always.
  • Whenever you pick the point of her ex-boyfriend. She suddenly becomes defensive and does not let you talk about it.
  • She always keeps an eye on you like a spy. And she started to blame you that you are cheating her. Yes, this is true that when girls cheat they try to blame us. Because as per my experience, every girl keeps a tendency of being innocent. And they will never show themselves that they are the villain. They always create a condition where she seems to be suffered and you are a bad guy. So, she will try to put blame on you that you are cheating.

So, by these small points, you can identify what is going on. But this is not the main problem. This is just a part of our life. The main question to think is, she is choosing some other guy over you. Why? This is because you are a pussy now. And everyone girl likes someone who is best. Read below what can you do in this situation.

What can you do if she is cheating

what can you do

So, now you are confirmed that she is trying to cheat you. Then here you have very few things left in your hand. This is because here the opponent of yours is her ex. And he knows your girl from the past. He knows a lot of things about her which you don’t. But here you can do some things which can stick in her mind. And you can be the first person whom she will call after her breakup.

Right now you have to polite to her. Do not quarrel a lot on her ex-boyfriend’s topic. Try to be happy and cool even after knowing about her ex. And let her know by any means that you know she is talking to her ex. Just put the whole control in her hand. Whether she chooses you or her ex. And tell her that you trust her and she will do the best. Till then don’t miss her. Fill her gap by enjoying a free cam site or find a new partner on a dating website.

I know you may be thinking that what shit I am talking about. But it is true my friend. If you follow this then there are chances that she can choose you. But you started to argue then there are many chances that she will choose her ex. And If she doesn’t choose you then you will be her first choice after her next breakup which will definitely happen.

Final Blow:-

The above is what you can do to get her back. But why this situation created? Why this situation came where she has to think about her ex?

This is because you are just a normal guy. And each girl loves a badass. Be someone who can grab any girl he wants. Don’t just wait for one and be nice. If you are a nice guy then there are very fewer chances that you will get a hot senorita. So, this is the time to get bad. Check out this Badass Training Guide. And start getting any girl you want and let her go wherever she wants to go.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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