Hey dude, I can understand what you are going from. This is something that makes your life a hell. I know this because I also have faced this situation. So, think here I can help you with this condition. As I know, here in this situation, a simple mistake can ruin your whole relationship. This condition is very sensitive to handle so you have to take your action very carefully.

Your girlfriend is online can have many possible reasons. She may be chatting with her friends. Or, she may use WhatsApp other features like Whatsapp status, DP changing, group chat, etc. But she may also cheat you in this situation.

So, as I said it has many possibilities. I will explain all the possibilities below. And the other main reason why you should read this whole article is that I know what you have to do in this situation. I had faced this and what I did at that time was the best I could do.

Before writing this article I have read some forums about what they are saying about this issue. And what I found that each of them is looking at a specific angle of this situation. So, I decided to write this article keeping your situation in mind to give you the best possible solution you can use. So, keep reading…

Possible reasons why she is always online

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If she is always online but not with you, even then you can’t directly blame her as a cheater. There is so much stuff that she can do on WhatsApp other than chatting with someone. So, first, you need to verify and confirm by your side that what she is doing in there all time then only you are allowed to blame her.

But the other thing that you could have noticed that she never used to do that. But suddenly she doing this. I understand but this is not enough to say that she is guilty. So, let’s first talk about the possible reasons why she is always online then I will tell you how to handle this situation.

1. She is chatting and bitching with her friends

The number one possible thing she might be doing is chatting with her friends and bitching about others. Women love bitching about others. What her friend’s boyfriend did to her friend, what other girls were doing in the classroom, etc. type of stuff. Trust me, they can get an orgasm by these types of things. 🙂

So, this can be one possible reason. But you know her better than me. Because I never met her. So, you know her character much better than me. So, you can make a guess what she can do and what not. But according to me, if she is not cheating you then the chances are very high that she is doing this stuff.

2. She is playing with other WhatsApp features

The other possible reason is WhatsApp’s other features. She might be playing with other WhatsApp features like changing her profile picture, Uploading a new status, finding a video to upload status, watching other’s status, and looking at WhatsApp group messages.

These kinds of stuff also show online signs on her account. In that situation, you can notice some things like if she changes her DP you can see it, or any new status on her WhatsApp verifies that. So, this is another possible reason why she is online a lot these days.

3. She is doing some work that involves WhatsApp use

woman working on project

Now you may think that what work involves WhatsApp. So, dude, I am saying this because I have personally experienced this. I have stuck in this same situation some years ago. My girlfriend used to be online at night. She used to online since 3 AM.

You can imagine how frustrating this experience can be. But later I came to know that she was working on an academic project. The whole night she used to work on that project. And she was using WhatsApp frequently to make her mood fresh.

when I came to know this then I was both happy and angry with myself that I was doubting her. So, I will suggest you check once if she is working on such a project. Chances are low but it can be possible. So, it is better to confirm it once.

4. She is chatting with one of her male friends

In the first point, I said that she is chatting with her friends. But that does not mean that the friend will always be a female. It could be a male. So, if she is chatting with a man that does not mean that she is cheating you.

The man can be just a good friend. So, if you find her chatting with a man then first confirm that the man is more than a friend. Don’t start blaming her just by a first look. It could be harmful to your relationship.

5. She is cheating you

woman cheating

Now the last and most painful reason why she is always online on WhatsApp. You will see a frequent change in her behavior. This is the time when she cheats on you. This is the reason most hard to accept but 90% of the time it is the reason why she shows these frequent signs.

Dude, but wait. Don’t just judge her here. We still need to confirm that because who knows that you can be in that 10% and safe. All the things you are thinking can be just a myth. So, let’s hope for the best.

What should you do if she is always online and it worries you:

I have shown you all the possible reasons why she might be doing this with you. But this is not enough to give you some peace. You are still in a bad mood always thinking about what should I do in this situation. So in this part, we will work for that what.

The below steps are written keeping your every aspect in mind. You are depressed and seeking your answers. As I said I have faced this so I know your state of mind.

So, I have made my points in two parts. The first part (Points 1 to 5) is the best you should do in this situation. And the second part (Point 6 to 8) is for those who think she is definitely cheating. And he needs his answers. So, let’s start with the points one by one.

1. Stop stalking her

The very thing you need to do is stop stalking her. Stop checking her WhatsApp whether she is online or not. Because this will give more and more tension. So, put a full stop on this habit.

2. Ask her directly

man woman talking 1

Instead of checking her and getting worried about to whom she may be talking. Ask her directly about it. You are her boyfriend and this is your right to ask her about it. So, don’t hesitate to ask.

If you are making your own story in your mind then this will only complicate things. When you ask her about why she is always online on WhatsApp then she is definitely giving you the reason.

Now there are two possibilities, the reason can be true or false. If she is not cheating then she will tell you everything clearly whatever you ask.

But if she cheating you then first she will lie about it. No woman will directly accept that she is cheating you. But when you directly ask her about it and keep asking questions. Then she will start hesitating or will start playing emotional games. So my friend, ask her directly and clear your doubt about everything.

3. Try to read her body language

When you ask her about the issue then try to read her body language. Look at her facial expression. If she is lying then her face and body language will give you a gut feeling that she is lying.

Even if you are with her on a date or spending some time looking for her body language. Is she checking her WhatsApp constantly? She will be overprotective of her mobile phone. These small actions can clarify your many doubts.

4. Get busy with your work and hobbies

man with guitar

If you are worried about her all day that to whom she is chatting then you are a dumb ass. Stop doing that. Bro, everyone has their personal life. And so do she. She can chat with anyone, you can’t control her. But if you are spoiling your life just because she is chatting with someone else. Then you are going wrong.

You need to live your life. Get busy with your work. Start spending time with your hobbies. If you like to dance then have fun with it. If you like to play guitars then go with it. Stop running behind her. Because at last, the result will definitely be negative.

If you keep stalking her all day then she will get irritated one day and will leave you. How can someone else love you if you don’t love yourself and your work? So, leave her whatever she is doing and go with your own way.

5. Start spending time with your friends

If she is busy with her friends then why are you behind him? Enjoy your time with your friends. If you ask me then I will say that I enjoy it a lot with my friends. And this keeps your relationship healthy. When you enjoy yourself with your friends it makes you relaxed. And as a result, you make better choices in your relationship. So, have fun with your friends.

6. Time to spy in her phone

man spying phone

Hey, remember I said above that I have divided these steps into two parts. The above five points are the best you should do. If you keep working on yourself then you will do great in your life. But we humans are not like that.

If I stop at point five then the chances are you will still try to find a way to get your answers. In the situation you are right now, we all try to find the answer to why she is doing this. When I was in that situation I tried my best to find my answers. And now I think that I shouldn’t have done that.

Because the result I got was very painful. So, I am not in favor of spying on her phone. Because first it hurts and second this can ruin your relationship if she found you doing that. But many of us want the answer at any cost. So, here is the way to find that answer. But remember that it is totally your decision to do that.

The first challenge is spying on her phone without getting caught. For that, you need to be very careful while checking her phone because if she finds you doing this then this can finish your relationship even if she was not cheating. Because she will think that you don’t trust her.

So, if you are trying to check her phone manually then the chances of success are low and the risk is very high. Chances are low because she will clear all the proofs when she comes to meet you if she is smart enough. And why the risk is high you already know.

So, when I was stuck in this situation I found a smart way of spying on her phone. It was very safe and working. At that time I found a service named Mspy. In this service, you just have to install a small app on her phone (the app will not be visible to her) and now you can see her all messages, you can listen to her every call from anywhere in this world.

This service is made for parental control but you can use this to get your answer. Because as I think it is better to find the answer to get clear whether she is loyal or cheating.

If she is cheating then you should instantly end your relationship with her. Because she is not worth paying this much attention to. And if she is loyal then you can blindly trust her from next time. You can go for a long relationship with her.

Note: It is very painful to look at the messages of your girlfriend having fun with someone else. Your heart will start bleeding when you hear your girlfriend romancing with some other guy. So, if you have the courage to tackle that then only try to spy on her phone. Otherwise, leave it.

7. Find a new girlfriend

man with new girlfriend

When you leave your girlfriend because she was cheating on you then this disturbs both of you. She gets disturbed because you left her. You decided to break up by yourself because she was cheating. And women don’t like it when they get the evil position.

Women try their best to be looked like a victim. And this skill is in every woman. That’s why we men are called dogs and even after breaking so much heart, they are still dad’s princes. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I am not against women but this is the real truth.

You also get disturbed by this breakup because you love her. And due to that, you will keep thinking about her all the time. But you need to tackle this. You can tackle this in two ways.

The easy and fast way is to get a new girlfriend. Your new girlfriend will help you a lot to forget her. It will take a little time and you will be happy with your new one.

Let me give you a little secret. When you instantly find a new girlfriend after a breakup then this makes her feel jealous. And a good dating website is the best and the fastest way to find a new girlfriend easily.

8. Work on yourself

badass man

Above I have said that you can tackle the above situation in two ways. The first was to get a new girlfriend. And the second is to work on yourself. If you have broken up with her or she is ignoring you. Both of these situations lead to heartbreak.

And this heartbreak produces very hard and pure energy inside you. Use that energy to make yourself a better version of yourself. Go and join a gym, or start learning a new skill. You can work on your badass skills that no woman can resist.

When you work on yourself then it gives your mind very little time to overthink. And the things you are thinking about her can be just some crap. So, working on yourself will switch your mind from crap to something productive. Thus, this is the best thing you can do about yourself.

One of the best skills you can gather is a bad boy skill. Women love bad boys. I am not asking you to be a bad boy. I am asking you to learn that skill. Learn those skills that how they get any girl they want. If you have mastered that skill then this cheating girlfriend will also beg you to be her boyfriend. If you want to be that person who knows all the badass skills then this badass guide can help you with that. Give it a try and you will thank me later. 😉

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