Hey buddy, She does not let you touch her. And this situation creates many questions in the mind. Many questions like, does she love me? Does she have another boyfriend? Is she thinking to dump me? And many more. But one the most common reason for this is. She does not let you touch her because she is not ready for this now. She has fear of something like relatives, her virginity, the relationship between you or any other. These are not only reasons possible. There can be many others. And in this blog, we will talk about those all which come in my mind now.

Reasons why she is refusing to come close

1. She is not ready for what you want

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We men are always ready for action. But this is not the same case with the women. They are some emotional types of creatures. They believe in feelings and love. She will never get close until she started to fully trust you. And your trust is built by your actions on a normal casual day, not when you want to have fun with her. This line does not mean that she does not trust you at all. This only means that she needs some more time. So, the best thing you can do here is to respect her feelings.

2. Her mood is off these days

You know what is the biggest mood spoiler. An already spoiler mood. I mean this can be possible that she is in any problem these days. And if you want to have fun in this situation then it is very tough to crack into. How can she get into a light mood if she is facing a hard time? So, if this is the situation then you should talk to her and get it cleared. Then go and approach her. Who knows that she will give you, your reward for solving her problem.

3. She thinks she is not sexy

Our mind creates a perception based on past experience. Many think that they are weak now because in their childhood they used to be beaten by others. And this bad past experience makes them think that they are weak, no matter how strong they are. The same rule applies to everything. Many girls think that they are not sexy now based on their past experiences. But the reality can be just the opposite.

So, she may be one of those girls who think that she is not sexy. And this is why she does not let you come near because you will not like her. And if you will not like it then you will break up with her. She may be wrong but she does not know this. So, in this case, you should talk to her. And let her know that she is super sexy and you will love to be with her.

4. She thinks what if someone sees you doing this

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Relatives are those creatures whose only work is to keep tracking us. Whatever you do, they will track all to find a negative point, no matter how good you are doing. And this may be possible that she is afraid of these creatures. She thinks what if any of those sees you and her together. They will make every condition worst. So, if she is afraid of this then go and find a private space and then give her a good solution.

5. She has heard that it is painful (sex)

If your girl is a virgin then she may be afraid of the pain. She has heard from somewhere that it hurts a lot for the first time (which is quite true) and so she does not want to do it. In this case, the best you can do is to respect her feelings and educate her about it. let her know that it hurts a little bit after that it is total fun.

6. She is not a virgin and afraid about it

You have heard that if a girl is a virgin then she will get afraid of being physical but if she is not a virgin then again this will put some questions in her mind. She thinks you are those types of guys for whom virginity matters a lot. Those guys who judge a girl by her virginity. She is afraid of the situation when the blood will not come out then what will you think. If virginity does not matter to you then go and talk to her. Let her know that this does not matter to you.

7. You are approaching her on a wrong time

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It can b possible that you are approaching her at the wrong time. Everyone has different timing when they get excited about sex. So, the first question which should come in your mind is that do your timing matches her timing. Or you are approaching her at the wrong time. If she talking about any very important topic but you cut down her talk for your purpose then definitely it’s a wrong time. So, first, identify the right time and bang on it.

8. She wants to do it after marriage

Many girls think that it is a sin doing this type of thing before marriage. She can be one of them. This is not the only case that her religion does not allow this. It is also possible that she wants to do it after marriage, not now without any reason. So, if it is her choice then respect her feelings and keep showing your love.

9. She thinks you are not attractive

Everyone is best on their own. But many people start judging someone with a narrow point of view. It may be possible that your girl is one of them and she thinks that you are not attractive. And this is why she does not let you come close. But don’t worry, this is just her aspect of seeing you. Whatever she thinks just let her think. You are the best and keep learning to be the best version of you. If she is happy with you then it’s otherwise let her go and look for someone else. Because you deserve better.

10. She is dating someone else and you are just a puppet

Sorry to say, but this is one possibility. If she does not want to come close then there are possibilities that she is dating someone else. And that another guy is much more important to her than you. She is with you because you are a tool for her. Maybe you fulfill some of her requirements.

What you can do about it

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The above is all that she thinks. Now if you want everything under your control. Then you have two options.

  • First, you talk to her and change yourself as she wants. Whatever she likes you will be that. So, In this case, there are some chances that she will get attracted to you do what she wants.
  • And second, you improve yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Be such a guy that no one can refuse.

I will suggest you should approach for the second option. Because of the problem with the first option is that you finish yourself and be someone else. You lose your dignity. But in the second option, you improve yourself to the peak.

Girls love bad boys. They never accept this truth but you can see in your surroundings. If anyone is badass in your neighbor then I am pretty sure that he has his long list of girlfriends and romance stories. So, if you transform yourself in a badass then all done. You will have a long list of girls who will be mad for you.

So, if you know someone who can train you to be a badass then go and learn from him. Or, check out this Badass Training Guide to learn all about it. This guide will teach you all the tricks which can make any girl crazy for you.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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