Hey dude! I can understand the feeling of how it feels. This is such a feeling that you can’t explain to anyone because it is something mixed type of feeling. In this case, you feel angry, disappointed, alone and demotivated at the same time. Generally, a girl does not call or text you because she is busy these days. And she can be busy with someone else. Or she is losing interest in you. There can be many other reasons and we will talk about all those common possibilities in this blog.

So, in this article first I will show you the possible reasons she is not calling or texting you. And later some tips that you can use to fix your situation. These tips are the best you can do to have the maximum possibility to achieve what you want. So, below are the reasons why she is not calling or texting you.

Possible reasons why she doesn’t call or text you

1. She never calls anyone till it is important

Yes, this is true that some people in this world don’t like to talk. I am one of them who doesn’t like to talk a lot until it is important. This type of person called introverts. Introverts don’t like to talk a lot. So, it may be possible that your girl is one of them. And if she is it, then she calls very less. Not you only, she will not call anyone till it is required.

From the start till now, if she was less interested in calling you then there are chances. But if she used to call before but she is not calling you now then there is some other problem.

2. She is busy these days

busy woman

This can be another reason. So, no need to doubt always. Sometimes you get stuck in some work and do not get any extra time to call anyone. The same case is with the girls too. Sometimes they get stuck in some work and put their phone beside. So, they don’t get disturbed. Don’t think that I am assuming. This is from my personal experience.

Before starting this website I was totally free. And I had only one work to do, call my girlfriend and talk to her. But when I started this website then my whole time got busy. And I was rarely calling her in 24 hours. And due to this, she started to get angry and say that I have changed. So, the main purpose of telling my short life moment is that it is possible that she started any new project. Maybe she is working on some school work, any company project or any new startup.

So, In this situation, the best thing you can do is go and ask her. Observe her life and get to know where she is spending much of her time. Because if she is busy in some sort of work then this can save your relationship.

3. She is mad at you

Sometimes we do something wrong unknowingly. So, if she stops calling you then there is something wrong. Find out what. It may be possible that you have done such a stupid thing that made her mad at you. And she is totally angry and stopped calling. Now you may be thinking that if you have done something wrong then she should have told you.

But let me tell you this thing. Some girls don’t like to say why they are angry. So, if she is one of them then she is expecting that you will find it by yourself. Ya, it is total bullshit. I was thinking the same thing when I found this. But it is true and it is what it is. So, go boy and try to be a James bond. find the clue and find the culprit. 😉 Because you have no other option.

4. She doesn’t love you anymore

Sorry to say, but she doesn’t love you anymore. This line hurts but it has possibilities. Time is such a thing that can increase or decrease your love. So, maybe she has found some other love or she doesn’t love you now. There can be many reasons for this. You guys are quarreling a lot these days. Or, doubting each other a lot when their call seems busy or she is online chatting to someone else but not messaging you.

These are small things that we all do at some point in our relationship. But if these exceed their limits then it can ruin the whole relationship. So, there are possibilities that she doesn’t love you anymore and wants to get away from you.

5. She is ignoring you

woman ignoring

This feels a little bad because someone who used to call all the time, not calling or texting anymore. And when you call then she does not reply most of the time. If this is happening in your life then it means she is ignoring you. What is the reason only she can tell? But one thing is clear that she is ignoring you. Now you have two options.

  • First, You keep calling her and beg for mercy. Keep texting her and ask why is she doing this and what you have to do to fix all the things.
  • Or second, You just keep your attitude with you, be a dude and let her do what she wants. Stop calling or messaging her. She will ignore you as much as you call. because girls love it when someone gets mad for them.

If you ask me what should you do now. Then I will say go with the second option. Stop everything, Calling, messaging, commenting, all. If you do this then chances are she will get back on track. Because if you stop calling and messaging her then this creates a curiosity in her mind that why are you not calling. Did you find some other goddesses to talk to? And she will call you to know this. So dude, get back in your attitude. By the way, the choice is all yours.

6. You always call or text her

You know what are you doing wrong. You are calling and texting her regularly. I am saying this is wrong because you are not giving her time to miss you. If you will call or text her always then why will she do so? She already knows that you will do call if she doesn’t. So boy, this is time to take the stand. Stop calling and messaging her. Wait and watch, what she is doing. Give her some time to think to call you.

7. She caught you with someone else

We men are a greedy type of creature. We want everything possible. I mean if a girl proposes us then we can’t say no to her. After all, we believe in sharing love with all. But I think your girlfriend does not like this idea. So, if you have more than one girlfriend then keep an eye on this. This can be possible that she found you with someone else. And now she is broken and doesn’t want to talk to you.

If you have no other girlfriend then this case is possible with any of your friends who is a girl. She may be thinking that you are cheating her. And that’s why she stopped calling and texting you. So, first, identify what is the issue and clarify to her.

8. She didn’t like any of your proposals

Have you recently asked her for something special? Like asking for marriage, sex or getting into living anything special. So, if you have proposed her with some special idea then she may be surprised by that. Maybe she did not like the idea and now she is feeling awkward.

Many times when we found it hard to express ourselves then we run away. So, maybe this is the issue of why she is not calling and texting you. And if this is the issue then you should tell her that you will drop the idea if she does not like it (If it does not matter to you). Only drop the idea if you are okay with it because you can’t b happy by sacrificing your needs.

9. She got bored with you

woman got bored

We all get into a relationship for some excitement. And when we stop getting the fun then we get bored with it. I don’t know about you but most of the guys don’t know how to keep a girl engaged to them. And this can be a serious issue. So, if these days your relationship was getting boring then surely she got bored with you. And she wants to end the relationship. So, now the case is, you put some excitement in her life or let her go.

10. She has someone else to call

Have you ever heard the line “If your girlfriend doesn’t call you then there is someone she calls”? This is the line we used to say in high school. And there can be the possibility of this. Maybe she has given your time to someone else. Someone else whom she found much interesting than you. I know she was with you and used to say that she will be with you forever(everyone says that). But now she is keeping these promises with someone else. So buddy, don’t get disappointed. I have some tips below which can help you out.

11. You are being desperate these days

When we get emotionally connect a lot to someone then we start to show it. And this makes us look desperate. So if you love her then chances are you are being desperate these days. You always call and text her. Pick her phone on just one ring. Whenever she texts you, you reply immediately. These are the sign of desperation.

And when girls find this that you are desperate to talk to her then they start ignoring you. They start to treat you like a dog. She wants you to do whatever she wants you to do. And trust me, if you are showing yourself desperate then you will lose her. She will start looking for someone who is more unpredictable.

Girls like these types of guys but they don’t accept it. And you are getting just opposite of that. So, you have time in your hands. Get normal and stop calling her regularly. Ignore her call and text sometimes. This makes her feel that you are busy and very little time to talk. So, she will give your time back to you.

12. You are just a tool for her now

You know sometimes we don’t realize that we are just a tool for someone. Some girls use their boyfriend as a tool. She will only call you whenever she wants something. And this is what we do with a tool. You only call them whenever you want to use it. Have you ever started talking to your chair that how much you like him? Have you ever shared your feeling with your pan?

No, we never do this. And this is what you are to him. She only remembers you whenever she wants something from you. And if this is your case then move on from it. Leave her and find someone else. Because you deserve better. Stop waiting for her call and find a new path. Trust me, your life will be much better than it is now. 🙂

What you can do now to win the game

man winning

Hey, I know you are thinking that what you can do makes everything good. You can’t just sit and wait for her decision. By the way, exactly, this is what you have to do. Wait and see what and watch. Let me explain below to help you.

i) Stop Chasing her

This is the first thing you have to do. Stop chasing her. I know that you keep scooping her what’s app, Facebook and all that possible. Tracing when she is getting online and offline. And These all because I was doing the same when I first faced this situation. Trust me, this is the worst thing you can do. By this, you will kill your relationship. Because it puts only the doubt about her. And when she will identify that you are snooping her then she will get mad too. So, stop chasing her.

ii) Don’t be creepy

As I said above many times. Stop calling and texting her. If you call and text her regularly then you will be her last priority. Because she thinks you are totally free and always available for her. Give her some time to miss you. Let me give you an example that how you are her last priority.

Suppose she talks with two boys. Don’t think that she can’t. Everyone does. So, she talks with you and some other guy too. He is a very busy person. He rarely gets time to talk with her. And on the other hand, you are always available for her. Whenever she calls, you pick it on the first ring. You keep calling her all day. So, If someday you are talking to her and at the same time another guy called her then definitely she will cut down your call and she will start talking to him.

And if you called when she is busy with him then again she will cut your call. This is because she can talk to you anytime she wants but for that guy, this can be her last chance to talk. So bro, don’t lose your self-esteem. And try to be an Alpha.

iii) Focus on some other girls

man flirting with woman

You know what you can do in this situation. Start focussing on some other hot babes. Don’t be a pussy and keep stuck to one. Some guys think that he has a real love and he will never look for another girl. But bro, If she doesn’t value you then there is no need to do so. You deserve someone better who loves you. Not someone who ignores you. And my other point is that if you want her to call you then you have to do this. Give her some time to miss you then only she will call or text.

Till then just distract your mind to somewhere else. If you don’t want to talk to a real girl in your neighbor then try some cam sites. There you can have fun with some hot chicks and this will give your girl some time to think about you. You can check out this awesome cam site. Just go, create an account and have fun. And the best part is that it is free now.

iv) Start with a new hobby

The biggest reason she ignores you is that you are always available. And she knows this so she never thinks about calling you. This situation is created because you have nothing to do. You are totally free. In that case, I will suggest finding a passion. Go and find a new hobby. Try some different things.

There are many things to learn in this world. Dancing, singing, painting, programming, web designing, fighting and many more. You can choose one and experiment with them. If you find any interest then that’s great or switch for something else. This will make you skilled and make her miss you.

v) Let her go

The last thing is to let her go. First, try the above points. Stop calling and messaging her. Wait for some time. And if she did not call even after this then it means she is not interested in you. So, it is best to let her go. Do whatever she wants. And move for someone better than her.

My suggestion to make her crazy:


Whatever I told you is only for those who can follow them. I mean some get deeply affectionate to their girl. No matter what I say they will not take a chance to lose their girl. Whether she calls or not, nothing matters. And you can be one of them. For this type of mad people, I have a solution. Let me show you.

You know girls love badasses. They love someone surprising. They get mad at bad boys. Girls never accept this truth. But it is true. So, if you want her to be only yours. Then just transform yourself into a Badass. And trust me, if it is done then no matter who is your competitor. She will only be yours.

If you know someone who can train you to be a Badass then that’s great. But if you don’t know someone then checkout this Badass Training Guide to make her crave for you. She will be the one who will start your day by good morning and end it by a good night’s kiss. 😉

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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