There are many reasons behind not getting a match on Tinder. You may be unaware of those common mistakes that people usually made while using dating apps like Tinder. It is not always necessary to make a mistake only then you do not get the match. Still, sometimes it is because you missed something to write your bio or uploaded the wrong profile picture that not much attractive to project your picture in front of any girl.

Most men are so desperate that they start to swipe right aggressively after just installing the Tinder app. They don’t know how big a mistake they are making. The dating app does not work quickly but patiently. There is no difference between real-world dating or virtual world dating; you need to have some patience in both cases. 

The most common reason you won’t get a match on Tinder is that your Elo (tinder algorithm) score standard is very low. You may swipe right too much. And the other reasons may be that your profile picture is unattractive and your bio is empty or worse.

In this blog, we will discuss the common mistakes that most people make. I will also keep telling you how you can fix that mistake to improve your profile with every mistake. If you think that you will start getting matches just by improving your profile or bio alone, then maybe you are wrong here because, in this blog, I’ll disclose Tinder’s secret that how their Elo algorithm work and how you can fix it?

Eight reasons why you won’t get any matches on Tinder:

According to my research, I found eight reasons or may call it, a mistake that stops you from getting any matches.

1. You swipe right on every girl:

swipe right tinder

This habit does not occur in girls but often in boys. After instant installs or creates an account on the tinder website, boys continuously swipe right on every girl. They don’t even care which girl they swipe right. By doing this, Tinder’s system and often look at your choice, and they think that you are a bot that’s why you swipe right on every girl. You don’t have a choice.

Since you swipe right on every girl without even care what type of girl you swipe and most of the time, there are many girl’s profiles you think are girls but actually empty profile.

Since you continuously swipe right, your elo score standard becomes very low, and Tinder automatically hides your profile in front of those women or girls who are highly responsive. I will discuss more about the elo algorithm in the next point.

You have to think before swipe right. Your activity is always shown in front of Tinder system. And If you believe that you have a premium account and do whatever you want, then my dear friend, you think wrong. Tinder will punish you by hiding your profile from the most highly responsive women. Not only from highly responsive women but also hide you from most girls who are active on Tinder. They thought you have no standard that you look every girl to date. Your standard goes down in front of Tinder’s system. Think to yourself which girl will want to go date with you if you’re going to flirt with every woman. 

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2. Your Elo score is very low:

As you already know, swiping right on every profile makes your Tinder elo algorithm score low. First of all, what is elo? Elo is nothing but a Tinder algorithm. With creating every new profile, Tinder checks through the Elo algorithm, and they give you an Elo score based on your activity. Your activities know Elo score on their platform.

Now the question that arises here is how can you improve your Elo score. The best way to improve your elo standard is:

  • Don’t swipe right always.
  • Swipe right only those girls you really want to date.
  • Limit swipe right.
  • Don’t look profile too much within an hour.
  • Give some time to the Tinder app.
  • Maintain a 70-30 rule where you have to swipe right only 30 percent of the profile, and you have to swipe left 70 percent of the profile.

What should you do if you already messed with Tinder by too much swipe, right? You will also improve your profile or Elo score by the below tips:

  • You can reset your Elo score by just simply delete your Tinder profile.
  • Make sure you have deleted complete data.
  • Make a new profile and make sure your old data don’t interfere with a new profile.

If you use your old data like phone number, Facebook account, Tinder will recognize you.

  • Add new phone number, Facebook account, Spotify account, instagram_id, etc.
  • It would be best if you also had to write a new bio.
  • Add new profile pic. You can make a mistake by uploading the same image you previously used in your previous Tinder account. So avoid this.

3. Tinder has punished you.

Tinder will punish you if you enough swipe right on too many women in a concise amount of time. Too much liking profile can also make you worthy of punishment. As you have already known previously that if you have taken your standard low in front of Tinder, then Tinder will punish you by not showing your profile in front of those women whose response rate is high. 

4. Your profile picture is not attractive:

its match-tinder-lovegrabber

The profile picture should be your first priority. An unattractive profile picture can mess your profile. In most cases, a good profile picture can get better attention if they don’t have a good bio. Yeah, bio is essential in dating apps. But think yourself in most cases face look matter. You have only a few seconds to project yourself in front of those girls. I know you have made a widespread mistake in clicking images. Don’t worry; everyone makes it. You can improve just by focusing on specific things that you never paid attention to. Let’s figure out:

How can you improve your Tinder profile picture?

  • Improve your dressing
  • Avoid selfies; selfies can damage your face. Take help from your friend to click pictures. If you don’t have one, then set a timer and click it.
  • Avoid clicking images in the room.
  • Try with natural lighting; it will make your face great.
  • Tell your story through the image, like playing guitar and trying to upload pictures with your guitar.
  • Avoid too much group images; one or two shots is okay.
  • Click alone picture as much as possible.
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses.
  • Don’t wear a hat.
  • Look as simple as possible.
  • Show you are funny.
  • Click images with a smile.
  • Click images with your pet like a dog if you have. Show you are animal friendly. Most girl likes it.

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5. Your bio is worse or empty:

If your bio is empty, then you are too hurry to get a girl. Remember, you will get nothing if you don’t focus on your bio. Bio will show your character. If you don’t write a bio, how will others get to know who you are? What you like or dislike? 

Worse bio can make your profile distant from girls. You have to work on your bio if you make a good impression in front of women on Tinder. You have to make your bio ready to make your profile hit.

How to write a good bio on Tinder?

  • Add something funny in your bio related to your personal life.
  • Add something serious like you have to write about yourself authentically.
  • Share your values like your hobbies.
  • Share your Profession like your current projects that you work on right now.
  • Share your passion if you have.

6. Don’t just say, “Hi.”

dont just say hi

Suppose you say hi to any girl on Tinder. Trust me; they will not give any reply. If you get hundreds of “Hi” every day, you just think yourself will give a response to anybody whose message is just hi. Nope, right! So how can you expect others to provide you with reply on merely “hi.” By texting just hi can ruin the mood of that girl.

Texting is working like magic; if you know how to text to any girl, you will win this battle. You have to text message in a unique way that is not just HI.

How to text on Tinder to get a reply?

  • Don’t just say, “Hi.”
  • Read her bio and text her related to her bio.
  • Message her related to her passion, hobby, work.
  • Use her bio as a weapon to win the battle.
  • Try asking question starts from why.

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7. Communicating other than Tinder:


If you want a girl on Tinder, then you have to do what no one else is doing. There are many ways to communicate with a girl on Tinder. And you don’t need to be matched. 

Below are the golden steps to communicate with a girl without being matched:

  • Find the profile where they mentioned insta_id on her bio.
  • After getting her insta_id, now you have to check that profile.
  • Her insta follower must be less than 100. 
  • And follow the texting rule that I already mentioned above.

You can learn more here onĀ how to get a girl without being matched? You get to know the secrets on how to chat with girls on Tinder, which is completely genuine, so you don’t have to worry.

8 You are not showing active on tinder

It happens because most of the time you are not using Tinder for a few days. If you don’t send or receive a message, your account may appear inactive in front of the tinder system. Tinder will not show your profile to someone who is active and responsive. You should use your Tinder at least a few times a day to show you are active on Tinder.

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