It feels very depressing when you love someone don’t get much in return. Because if you love someone then you expect equal or more love from the other side. And this can be a problem in your life.

You are reading this article means you think that your boyfriend doesn’t love you much as you deserve. But why does he do so? I mean if you are loving him a lot then why doesn’t he doing the same?

Love has no meter that can calculate what amount of love someone is giving to the other. It is something that you feel. It totally depends on your point of view and the action of the other person. So, he may be loving you a lot but you can’t see it. Or, he actually doesn’t love you.

Your situation can have many possibilities. So, in this blog, I will show you some reasons why you are feeling like this. And while explaining the reason I will show you some possible solutions that I think can work.

1. How to find whether he loves you or not

Man asking why

Before knowing the reasons why he doesn’t love you, first, you need to confirm whether he loves you or not. Maybe he loves you but you are taking him wrong. So, at this point, I will show you a way to check if he really loves you or not. Or, I say you have any value in his life or not. Below I am breaking them into parts so you can check one by one.

I) The things he loves (excluding you):

The first thing you have to check is the things he loves much excluding you. And how much he share those things with you. For example, He loves his mom. Then you need to check how much he tells you about his mom and how much he connects you with his mom.

Whether he introduce you to his mom or not. Not introducing you to his mom can have many other reasons but if he is introducing you to her mom then he definitely loves you.

The other example can be his car or bike. If he loves his can then he allows you to drive his car or not. But yes the condition is you need to know how to drive. 😉 These small acts show how much he loves you because he is allowing you to connect with his other lovable things.

II) Things he have very less:

The other thing you need to check is those things that he has very little. And then check whether he shares those fewer things with you or not. While creating the list I will suggest excluding money from the list. Because if he has a lot of money then he can’t have any problem giving it to you.

And if he has less money then there are chances that he will not spend a lot even when love you. Because money has many other aspects in life.

The best thing to check for is the time. If he is very rich then definitely he will have less time. Now check that do he try to spend some of his time with you even after having a tight schedule? Do he call from the office because he was missing you? Look for the time he tries to spend with you. Are you his first priority or the last?

If your answer is positive then congratulation. But if you have any doubt being your answer in your favor then you definitely should keep reading.

2. He loves you but you can’t see it

woman closing eyes

I have shown you some ways to check whether he loves you or not. But if you still think that he doesn’t love you then maybe you are thinking a bit differently. Try to change the way of looking. Everyone shows love in different ways. His way of showing love can be different from yours.

Some show love by words, some show their love by their actions. And there are some who think that you will understand by understanding his. So, try to know your partner and see if there are some good works that show that he loves you.

3. You can’t make him feel special

The other reason why he doesn’t show much love to you because he doesn’t get what he expects. You can’t expect something from someone if you are not doing equal work. To be special for someone first you need to show him that he is special for you.

Try to know what he expects from you. And try to fulfill that. If you are away from him then make him feel special over the phone. Try to be the girl whom he dreamed of and then see how much love he shows to you.

4. He do not value you much

man saying no

Now the next thing to look for is the value. Whether he values or not. When you call him and he is busy somewhere then he picks your call or not. And if declined your call then do he call back as he gets free. If he forgets to call then this shows less value.

There are many things that show your value. When you planned to meet somewhere then he comes late or early on time? If he is early or on time then he respects you and your time. But if he always gets late then this shows very less value.

So, look for his actions and decide whether he respects you or not. If he gives you no respect then stop chasing him. You need to fight for your values and respect. If you don’t get it somewhere then leave that place instantly.

If you are struggling for his attention then you much read my “keep your boyfriend interested in you forever” blog. I have shows some ways that will help you to keep his eyes stuck on you.

5. He loves you but he is very shy to express it

Sometimes men love their partner but they are very shy to express it. And as you asked that your boyfriend don’t love you then there are chances that he is also shy to express his feelings. If this is the case with him then you need to make him express his feelings.

You need to do the hard part to make him fully open with you. Make him say what he feels about you. Tell him what you like and what not because as he is shy then the chances are that he doesn’t know how to express his feelings.

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6. You are taking his actions in a wrong way

man looking at other woman

I have seen a romanticizing issue in women. They see the real-life situation from some other eyes. Don’t get hyper, let me first complete what I want to say. 😉 Some woman starts thinking that her boyfriend doesn’t love her because he looks at other girls. He looks at other girls while she is with him. Now if your issue is related to this scenario then I think you need to think.

Men and women are different. Men think sexually a lot whether women think emotionally. This means If a hot girl is passing by your boyfriend he will definitely look at her. Does this mean that he doesn’t love you? No, completely not. It is totally normal. Everyman does this. You will not find a single normal man on this earth who can resist that.

It’s biological. This thing works the same as you get emotional very easily. Because this is woman tendency. Every woman is emotional. So, if you are judging your boyfriend on behalf of this action then don’t do that. Because he loves you. It is something that is out of his control.

7. You like or love someone else, more than him

Do you remember what I have said above that love has no meter? Means you can’t say whom you love much and whom you loveless. This is something that you can feel only. So, there is a case that you love two-person and you love the other person more.

And as I said that you can’t compare it so you are thinking that your boyfriend doesn’t love you. By the way, it has very few possibilities but it is one of the possible causes. So, think, is there someone whom you love too and that’s why you are saying that your boyfriend doesn’t love you.

8. You may have trust issues

Trust is the main pillar of a relationship. And if you have a trust issue then you will always think that your boyfriend doesn’t love you, no matter how much he loves you. so, if you don’t trust your boyfriend then first try to create trust in your relationship.

If he has cheated you in past then it is understandable why you don’t trust him but if he has never done this then you must trust him. Because if you don’t trust him then this will keep ruining your relationship.

9. He may be cheating on you

man cheating

Hey, I know this point is very tough to accept but it is one possible reason. If you are getting a vibe that your boyfriend doesn’t love you now then there are chances that he is already cheating on you. When he starts dating any new woman then you become his second priority and this starts showing in his actions.

If you find that he is cheating you then you have two options:

  1. If you have the courage to leave him then dump him now and find a new boyfriend. You can look for your other half on eharmony because it has such an algorithm that will find you a guy as you wish.
  2. If you love him a lot and you can’t live without him then the second option is to take him back. And in that case, you need to take your best foot forward. You need to show him your best version that he can’t resist. And for that, this ultimate guide will help.

So, this is the whole story. It is very important to keep your relationship polishing. Otherwise, it will get old. And your boyfriend will find something new. To make him hooked with you forever you need to know his secret obsessions. And in that case, the above ultimate guide can help.

Hope the above information has helped you. If you think and I have done a good job or done a mistake then let me know in the comments.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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