While enjoying private time with your girlfriend you may think that she is feeling loose now. And this thought creates a lot of negativity in mind. This is very important to clear these thoughts because they can ruin your relationship. So, in this blog, I will show you the reasons why she is feeling loose sometimes.

Women’s vagina muscles tissues are very elastic. These muscles stay tight while a woman in a normal mood. But when a woman gets sexually aroused then these vaginal muscles relax and get loose. Women also produce lubes in their vagina when they are sexually aroused. And this makes you feel a loose vagina.

The above is one common reason why you are feeling a loose vagina. But their are also many more reasons why she is feeling loose. Below I have covered all those possible reasons why she is feeling loose to you. If you want a tight vagina then I have also shown the ways that will help her to make her vagina tight.

Reasons why her vagina feels loose

1. She may be more aroused

aroused woman

As I already said, you are feeling loose because she is aroused. And this is making her vagina walls relax and looses. She is also wet down there. And as a result, you are feeling it lose. This is actually a good thing. She is aroused because she is sexually attracted to you. And she loves to be with you. So, she will also enjoy private time with you.

2. This can be due to position you are using

Sometimes this happens due to the sex position you are in. Some sex positions make the vagina tight. So, this may be possible that your sex position is making you feel what you are feeling. Change your position and see how it feels. Each position will give you a different feel.

3. Certain Drugs make vagina tighter

Some drugs like antihistamines or marijuana can make a woman’s vagina tighter. It makes the vagina dry and makes it painful to have sex. This is the result found in the study. So, if she is feeling loose means she is away from these drugs. And you should be happy about this.

4. She is exploring her own body

exploring her own body

Sometimes this happens because women start exploring her own body. She may be using huge sex toys to please herself and this is making her loose. She enjoys those toys more than she enjoys you because she has discovered her pleasing point. Now her toys are your new competitors. And if you want to beat them then you need to experiment a little in your sex life.

Try some new positions. Some new acts. You can ask her too about what she likes or not. If you want to please her and want her to want only you. Then it is the time when you should learn some sex skills. Try this revolutionary sex program. It will teach you every skill to make you a sex god.

5. Her period is on now

This is not required but it can be one reason. If she is in her period and you are trying to sex with him then at that time she can feel a little loose. Because while in the period her vagina used to be wet. And when you do sex with her then your penis do not rub with the vagina wall. It slips inside very easily. And due to this, you may feel that she is loose now.

6. You penis girth might be bit smaller

thin penis

This is a human tendency that we never blame ourselves. We try to put every negativity on other’s heads and think that we are perfect. And this can be possible that you are doing the same here. Big and small are comparative keywords. Means either her vagina is loose or your penis girth is small.

I know it hurts. But this can be possible that you have a thin penis and this is why she is feeling loose. I am not saying that it is a bad thing that your penis is small. You are not the only one in this situation. China has the smallest penis but they are still happy and more productive.

But if you still want to feel a tight vagina then you must make your penis longer and girthier. If you want a bigger penis because she will love it and enjoy it more, then you should work on your stem cells present in your penis. Stem cells are those human body cells that can develop into many different cells.

If I simply say then this cell is that magician who can mix into any other cell. If you want to grow your penis then this cell can help you. You can learn how to grow your penis here with stem cells. After this, you will be the only one for whom she will be mad.

7. You are not fully erect

The next reason can be the erection of your penis. It may be possible that you are not fully erected. And as a result, you feeling loose inside. If you are not getting erected by your girl then try watching some hot girls teasings on phone. You can watch cam girls teasing you for free here. So, first, get fully erected and then try again.

8. Having baby make it loose

Is your girlfriend a woman who recently had a baby. If she is then this can be a reason. While having a baby her vagina walls get stretched and get loose. Sometimes the vagina walls get torn down. So, if this happened due to having a baby then don’t worry. She will take some time to recover again.

9. Due to ageing process

As age increases, the estrogen level decreases. And the vagina becomes less elastic, shorter, and more narrow. The vagina becomes dry due to this. And in that case, you feel the vagina a little different. There is a full article about it on Healthline.

Ways to tighten the vagina:

tighten the vagina

Above are all the possible reasons for a loose vagina. And most of the reasons are natural. This means they are out of control. But if you are not satisfied with it, then you need to make it tight. For that, you need to convince her. This is only possible when she is ready to so. After all, this is her vagina, not yours. 🙂

If she gets convinced of this, or I say if you are able to convince her then below are the possible ways to make her vagina tighter.

1. By exercises

The first natural way to get a tighter vagina is exercise. Exercise is one of those master keys that work everywhere. So, you boy. You also exercise daily. It is beneficial for you because it improves sex power. By the way, below is the list of exercises that helps to tighten the vagina.

i) Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It has many more health benefits including vagina health. Even doctors suggest kegel exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth. There are many types of kegel exercises but most people prefer lying down on the back kegel exercise. So, I have shown the steps for this exercise below.

How to do kegel exercise:
  • Lay down on the floor.
  • Keep your hips up tightening your pelvic floor muscles. (Try not to tighten your thighs, abs or buts. Just focus on pelvic muscles)
  • Hold the contraction for 5 seconds.
  • Now put your buts down and relax for another 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this step at least 5 times.

Note: Try to do the 3 sets of this exercise daily for the best result. (Source)

ii) Squats


Squats are one of the best lower body exercises including your vagina. Squats are very easy to perform. And you don’t need any equipment for this. If you want to make it a little tough then you can use any weight. Below are the steps to perform it.

How to perform Squats:
  • Stand straight with your feet having the same distance as your shoulders. Keep your feet pointed outwards.
  • Bend your knee and push your butts outward. Keep your neck in a natural position and your back straight.
  • Dropdown until your legs become parallel to the floor.
  • Now straighten your legs and return to the original positions.
  • repeat this to 15 times.

iii) Yoga


Yoga also helps in tightening the vagina walls. Yoga is totally based on the flexibility and elasticity of our body. And this is so true for vaginal muscles. Some yoga postures like mountain pose or but bridge are very beneficial for the vagina muscles. So, include these in your exercise routine.

iv) Using vaginal cones

You can use vaginal cones to get a tight vagina. These cones are used for vaginal weight lifting. In this process, you try to hold these small weights by your vagina walls. While doing this you squeeze your vagina walls. And in this act, your vagina muscles start working. This makes your vagina healthy and tighter. But I will suggest that before using this you should consult your doctor once.

2. Healthy food intake

healthy food

Healthy foods are key to a healthy life. You live and enjoy it because of your belly. And if you put healthy things inside it your whole life will be healthy. There are some foods that help to keep the vagina healthy. These foods balance the PH of the vagina and work in favor of vagina walls and all. Below are some foods that will help you to keep your vagina healthy.

  • Cranberries
  • Wheat berries
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Probiotic-rich foods
  • Plant Fats
  • Apple
  • Soybean
  • Avocados
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Carrots
  • Fenugreek
  • Pomegranate

3. Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty


Vaginoplasty is a procedure to tighten up the loose and slack vagina that generally happens due to childbirth or aging. Some surgeons claim that it also improves sensitivity but it is not proved yet.

Labiaplasty is a type of plastic surgery of labia (the lips surrounding the vagina). It can be done with vaginoplasty or ti can be done solo too. In this surgery, they change the size of the labia to make it tighter. You can read more about these on WebMD.

4. Vaginal tighting gel or Serum

There is much vaginal gel or serum in the market that claims that they can tighten the vagina walls. But I am not sure about this. But as they say that they can do your work then you can try them out too. These vaginal tightening gel and serum is another option you have.

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