There are many ways to show love to someone. Some show love by complimenting, some show their love by kissing, some show love by hugging. And just like the others biting is also a way to show love. But in its case some like it and some not. Some know how to do it properly and some do the mistake.

Your boyfriend bites you because it turns him on or he thinks that it turns you on. In short, it is a way to show the excitement he is feeling. He is showing his love to you by biting or nibbling your fingers, earlobes, neck, lips, etc. It shows that he is overwhelmed by his feelings and expressing them by these acts.

I know you are much worried about his reaction and biting habit; So. in this blog I will tell you everything about biting in a relationship. Why he do this? What you should do about it and everything. So, just keep reading and at last, you will be satisfied.

what does biting mean in a relationship?

man biting on cheeks

This is not the first time you are experiencing this situation. You also have done this before. Now, you may think that you have never done this with anyone, How can I say this? Even I don’t know you, right? But still, I know that you have done this. Let me remind you.

Have you seen a cute little baby, so soft and innocent? What was your urge at that time? That urge is pretty similar, Right? At that time most of us get an urge of biting the baby, squishing his cheeks and rubbing him to our body. This is a normal thing that almost all of us have experienced. Actually, this feeling has a name called “Cute Aggression”.

Cute aggression is basically a way through which our brain prevents us from getting too overwhelmed and distracted. Our brain produces this feeling so that we can act opposite of it because we know that the baby is helpless and innocent. Our brains do this so we don’t hurt that cute thing and be protective about it. These all things are shown in research conducted at Yale University by some psychological scientists.

But why does your boyfriend start biting if the above thing is for protection from biting? Because your boyfriend knows this that you can handle it. So, he doesn’t resist his feelings. While being in a relationship when a partner finds his partner very cute and sexy then he gets overwhelmed by his feelings. And as a result, he starts biting and nibbling her body parts.

Not everyone does this but there are some who find it sexy. Some men like it and even some women too. But here biting does not mean th00at he should be in a vampire mode. It should be pleasing so both of you can enjoy it. But if he is doing this in such a way that it is hurting you and you are not enjoying it then this is a different case. You need to take some action here. So, below I have shown the reasons why he is doing this and what you should do about it.

Reasons why your boyfriend bites you:

1. It turns him on

turned on man with woman

The very first reason why your boyfriend bites you is that it turns him on. When he bites your soft good looking body then it starts boosting his sexual energy. It is possible that you may not like it but he likes it. Now sometimes some men lose control over themselves and start biting hard.

Biting is romantic but only when the other person is also enjoying it. But if he is hurting you then you should talk about it. You need to make him realize that you are getting hurt. Tell him to bite softly if he wants to. Because soft bites or nibbles can be much sexier than you think.

2. He thinks it turns you on

The second and the most possible reason is that he thinks you like it. He thinks that when he bites you then you get turned on. And actually, he is not completely wrong. Many women do get turned on by this. Some women love the pain of biting. The body parts he bites on are those body parts that most women love to get licked and touched. And there are some who love the feeling when someone bites on them. Now you may not be one of those. Or, he is doing it too hard. Whatever be the reason solve it with him.

If you think that he is doing it too hard then tell him that he is hurting you. And you are not enjoying it. If you don’t like it at all then let him know. Tell him that you don’t like these types of things. If he is a responsible guy then he will understand your feelings. And if he does not stops even after telling him about this then he is doing abusive work.

You should change him and replace him with someone who can understand your feelings. Someone who gets sink with you. For that, a good dating website can help. Ah, no doubt I am promoting a dating website here 😅 and I will get some pennies if you get the subscription 😊. By the way, check out this website, it is really good. Getting the subscription or not is a secondary thing. 😉

Tip: If you want to tell him that he bites too hard and you don’t like it. Or, you don’t like biting at all. Then try to tell this when he is not in the mood. Because if you tell this when he is in the mood then he will take it as a compliment thinking you are liking it and showing that you are a good girl.

3. One of his past girlfriends liked it

man with past girlfriend

This is not compulsory but it is a possible reason why he may be doing so. It may be possible that one of his past girlfriends used to like biting. She used to enjoy these kinky acts. There are many women who love these types of kinky acts. Many women love the feeling of pain, they enjoy it. And so he may be thinking that you love it too. If you don’t like it then clarify this to your boyfriend. Tell him that you don’t like these types of acts.

4. He do this to leave a memory

Many men love the feeling of leaving a mark that they made love to you. Your boyfriend can be one of those. Have you never heard the word lovebite? According to a survey women in their twenties enjoy wearing the badge (Love Bite) to proudly declare that they are in a relationship. So, he may be a man of that mentality :).

5. It is a way to show sexual excitement

As I said above that some men start biting or nibbling your fingers, lips, neck, earlobe, etc, when they get sexually excited. It is a way to make sexual tension. Now you have two options. If you don’t like it then break it. Or, there is a very popular line, “If you can’t beat them then join them”. Do the same. It is a very kinky thing. So, why don’t you try this once? When he bites you then you start biting him too. If you liked it then you can enjoy it your whole time. And if you didn’t like it then the new boyfriend option is always open. 😉

Hope this article helped you. If you think that there can be more reasons then let me know in the comment.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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