Very few guys do not enjoy touching their girlfriend’s breast. The main purpose behind a guy why they want to press his girlfriend’s breast because they are good to touch, leads to amazing foreplay, they like to handle and they also offer comfort. Every guy wants to touch their girlfriend’s boobs and they try to find a way to touch and press them.

But Why men are insanely mad to press their girlfriend’s boobs too much? There are lots of reasons. Let’s try to cover each reason and find out why.

1. Boobs are good to touch and feel

Men usually want to touch their girl’s breasts when they are excited or when they are teasing their girls. Breasts are so soft and supple which usually attract men to touch, press, and grab like a wild beast. Most girls are enjoying when their boyfriend touches and presses their boobs with care and gentleness. They loved to touch and pressed by their boyfriend.

2. Touching or Pressing Breast are natural

When a girlfriend and a boyfriend meet, the situation naturally created, when they kissed each other, Boy’s hands naturally go towards their girl’s breasts. This process is completely natural and makes both of them excited or sexy.

3. Men love to touch breasts while foreplay.

Believe it or not, but breasts play a vital role in foreplay. Foreplay is incomplete without touching, pressing, sucking, and kissing the breast. Touching a girl’s breast leads to giving intense excitement before sex. You may consider that kissing the lips and kissing the breasts are the same but that’s not the fact. Both are different, It does not feel the same as kissing on lips or kissing on the breast. The best way to arouse a woman is to kiss, touch, suck or press gently their breasts. It is proven that any woman can be aroused when playing with their breast.

4. Men find breast offer comfort

Maybe you think that it seems so weird that men feel so comfortable when they touch with girl’s breasts. When men are sad with so much stress, touching or sleeping on their girl’s breast can make them stress-free. A weird study reveals that a man can be healthier and live longer when they see a girl’s breast for about fifteen minutes a day. I know this fact seems unbelievable but my dear friend this is a fact. So girls, whenever you find that your boyfriend looks your breast, don’t stop him. I suggest you seduce your partner to see your breast at least fifteen minutes in a day if you want your partner’s healthy and happy life.

5. Breast is best for pillow

Every guy wants to relax at some point in life because life is so hard to manage and live without stress. To avoid all stress, a man looks for a place where he only wants some rest. A man wants to relax on their girlfriend’s breast. Resting on their girl’s breast is the best way to fight with their stress. It also helps to boost your relationship more reliable.

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