This question is based on our present social realities. Men and women have different views when it comes to sex and love. In today’s world, you may say that men have so much lust for sex in comparison to women because men are turned on by visual images and by the signs of woman’s health, fertility, and youth but women are turned on by the markers of a man’s power, status, commitment, and material resources.

How men brain works when he looks at a girl?

man mind working

When men look at a beautiful girl, the brain of men working at two regions at that time, one associated with visual stimuli and the second one with penile erection, most men are highly visualized and fantasized about her when looking at the beautiful girl. There is no surprise why men have so much lust?

Lust or mating process?

Men needed to look at women to size up their ability to produce healthy babies to keep the cycle going. A man becomes aroused when they see young and healthy women because his brain started working on the mating process at that time. This is the big reason why men fall in love faster than a woman because they are more visually motivated to the activated hormone.

What most men really want from women?

You can call this basic thing or call this their desire, but here are two things a man wants from a woman:

  • sex
  • to be loved

Explaining lust language of men:

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Men are directly or indirectly say many things to women just to satisfy their sexual desire. They convince a woman to get sex service. Let’s explore some of their day to day line to convince a woman:

  1. If they say “You’re beautiful”: It’s a clear sign that he wants to say that your face is clean and symmetrical, notifying that you could easily carry my genes so without wasting time, let’s have sex.
  2. If a man says, “You look gorgeous tonight,” they want to have sex with a woman as soon as possible.
  3. If they say “We are friends,” men do not want that a woman disturbs them for only sex and call or texting them many times of a day for just asking where they are.
  4. A man says, “You look hot in that dress” when they aroused towards your boobs and hips, and both of these body parts look perfect and well-shaped. These outfits trigger them, and they want to sex with a woman right now.

Why men lust for a younger woman?

Men attracted towards younger woman because of two reasons, one reason is the younger a woman, the more children she is capable of bearing, and another reason is the reproductive value of a younger woman is very at the age of 20 and value go slow down after 30, and it becomes shallow at the age of fifty. There is a reason why a younger woman has a high risk of being raped. According to the statistics in the united states, 85 percent of rape victims are under the age of 36, and you know woman reproductive value is high under the age of 30. 

Have you ever thought why men consider their wives below their age and likely between two and four years younger than men? This is also because of women’s reproductive value. 

What men try to find in woman’s beauty?

man looking at beautiful man

Only the human being has the potential to see and judge who is beautiful. Animals do not have this concept of seeing beauty in anything. Animals have never been amazed at the beauty of natural processes like a sunset or money. In the animal world, you might be surprised that there is no ugly.

Then the question arises here how men evaluate woman’s beauty? Woman’s beauty is defined based on their physical beauty, which is directly responsible for the woman’s reproductive capacity.

A woman who looks very clean is considered more attractive from man’s point of view, and woman who looks dirty is deemed to be unattractive because, as you know, dirty is directly linked to unhealthy. It related to disease and increased the very high chance that a dirty woman gets the disease. The disease reduced the possibility of child survival—more cleanness of women, the more attracted.

Which body parts men usually lust for?

Men usually lust for woman’s boobs and the ratio of hip-to-waist. Did you know, women who have 70% of hips-to-waist ratio and higher body fat content is a direct signal of a woman’s ability to breastfeed their children.

You can not say here that men can only attract towards boobs and hip. Men love women’s full-body, and this is usually happening because men are opposed to women’s bodies.

Why do men not think much about the relationship?

happy man

Have you ever considered that reader of the relationship book is women than men, this is because men are generally not interested in a relationship. They are excited to be fed, loved, played with. 

There is the reason why men are poor in the building of a relationship with women; this happens because when men imagine screaming kids with no money, baldness, nagging, a potbelly, and eternal monogamy make men worry, and they don’t want to get stress and anxiety.

Sex is just sex for men:

For a man, sex is just like common activity like shaving. Just like shaving, men do not think about it again and again. This is not the fault of men because men’s brains can compartmentalize sex into a simple activity. Those men who are cheating on their partner and had sex with another woman is because of their sexual activity as rational as men’s other simple daily activity. That’s why most men who cheated on their partner have immensely few regrets or no regret of doing this.

Why do men tell a lie about their sex?

Believe me or not, but women do not want to hear the truth, and men usually say those things which women want to hear from men. As men become more experienced in the relationship with women, they become more and more comfortable at telling lies to women about love and sex. Do not judge men that they are liars, but this happens because women are often unhappy about hearing the truth whey they asked a question about themself. Telling a woman lies is just like a game where a woman encourages women to be paly more and more. 

Here is the thing, keep in mind that men would prefer to tell women the complete truth about sex but do not want to deal with the consequences of doing so.

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