This is not a very rare thing that a guy is asking if you have a boyfriend or not. But you want to know why he is doing this and that is totally normal. This is the human tendency that we try to know everything that’s why we are the smartest creature in this world.

Most of the time when a guy asks if you have a boyfriend then it is because he is interested in dating you. But this is not always the case. Sometimes they ask this because they want to be just friends or the guy is caring about you.

There are also some more possible reasons when a guy asks about your boyfriend and that’s why I am writing this article. Below I have shown all the possible reasons one by one when a guy asks you about your boyfriend. So, read it carefully because you can mistake his intentions.

1. He is interested in dating you

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As I said above that most of the time this is the reason. When a guy is asking if you have a boyfriend or not then the high chances are that he is interested in dating you. And he is trying to confirm whether you are available or not.

Actually, he is following the invisible bro code in which we try not to try onto someone’s others girlfriend. You should be single to spend the time to win your heart. So, this is the reason most of the time.

But don’t mistake that if he is asking about your boyfriend then this definitely means that he is interested in you. There can many other reasons.

Note: Be aware, if he is asking about your boyfriend this does not mean that he is single too. You need to confirm it on your level.

2. He cares about you

What if I say that if a guy is asking about your boyfriend then there are chances that he is caring. But the condition is that he should be your friend. Why will someone care about you if he doesn’t know you?

The guy is asking about your relationship status because he wants to confirm that you are in a relationship. Or, if you are in a relationship then your boyfriend is a good person or not.

You should only expect this from only someone who is your good friend. Because a random one can’t think this much good about you.

3. The guy has no guts to ask you directly

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Asking about the boyfriend is also a way to show a girl that the boy is interested in you. So, if someone is asking about your boyfriend then he is trying to show you that he is interested in you. He has no guts to say it directly that he is interested in you.

And so he is using a different way to propose to you. He first shows you that he is interested in you by asking about your boyfriend. And then next act accordingly as per your reaction.

If your reaction is negative then he will try another way or give up. And if your reaction is positive then he will try to directly propose you.

4. He is asking you for his friend

This point is also related to someone being interested in you. But here is a small twist. The boy who is asking is not interested in you but his friend is. But his friend is afraid to ask you about this and so his friend is doing this on his behalf.

This thing is also common among boys. When you love someone and as you see her/him your heart starts beating at its max speed. And in that situation, you can’t ask a single word to the girl you love.

So, in that situation friends come in to help. So, there are chances that if a guy is asking about your boyfriend then his friend is interested in you.

5. Because you showed some signs that you like him

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One of the possible reasons why a guy is asking about your boyfriend is you. You have shown him some signs intentionally or unintentionally that you like him. This can be a sweet smile. Or, talking a little sweet to him. Or, maybe you have done some flirt with him.

These small acts provoked him that you are interested in him so, he should try on you. I know you might have not any intention like that when you talked to him but boys think differently. If you have given any positive signs to him then there are chances that he will start thinking that you like him.

6. He wants to be your friend

Sometimes boys ask about a boyfriend because they just want to be a good friend. Asking about a boyfriend is just a topic that will help him to be your friend. Now you may think that if he just wants to be a friend that why is he asking about the boyfriend.

Because the relationship is such a common topic that everyone is interested in. Whether is being committed in a relationship or a single. You will definitely show interest in this topic. And this will give him the best opportunity to be friendly with you.

So, these are all possible reasons when a guy asks about your boyfriend. If I have left any possible reason in the list then let me know in the comment. I will love to know that.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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