Habit is such a bad thing that it doesn’t let you change itself. And many women have the issue of being habituated with their boyfriend while sleeping. And when suddenly when you have to do something against it then you can’t sleep without him. So, here I will try to answer the reasons why it happens. And give you the solutions to fall asleep when your boyfriend is not with you.

You can’t sleep without your boyfriend because you love your boyfriend and you have affection for him. Sometimes it happens due to the fear of something. You always sleep together so it has built a habit. And now when you are trying to sleep without him then you are trying to break the habit which makes it difficult.

The above is the basic reason why it seems difficult when you always sleep with your boyfriend but suddenly have to sleep without him. This is all the game of habit and many more things. So, below I have explained everything that is important to be known by you. There are also some tips that can help to fall asleep when he is not with you.

Reasons why you can’t sleep without your boyfriend.

1. Fear of something

fearfull woman

The first reason why you may not sleep when your boyfriend is away from you is your fear. It can be fear of anything. Maybe you are afraid of darkness. Or you are afraid of anything else. Many girls get afraid of being alone. So, you may be one of those.

The reason can be anything. The main point here is that you are afraid. So you can do many things about this. You can keep your lights on. Can your best friend in your room for sleep. Install some security cameras to feel safe. Keep a pet with you. Pets are the best solution for loneliness.

2. Affection with your boyfriend

The other and most important reason why it is difficult to sleep without him is love. The affection with him. The love and care you get while you are sleeping. Do you know why a baby can’t live without its mommy? Because of love. No one can love a baby more than it’s mom. And due to this, a baby gets the affection for its mom and always try to be with her.

This is the nature of living being that wherever it gets the love it gets habituate of it. You get love while you are sleeping with your boyfriend. Now unconsciously you seek that love. Now you need that feeling whenever you are about to go to bed. And when your boyfriend is not with you then it becomes difficult to sleep because you are not getting that love anywhere.

A simple solution for this is to call your guy while you are sleeping. And tell him to be on call if he is free while you sleep. This will help a lot while sleeping alone because it gives you the same feeling of love while he is with you on the bed.

3. Feeling of being unprotected

unprotected woman

There is another form of fear and that is called unprotection or not protected. Feeling of being unprotected from the outer world. Fear of being robbed or fear of thieves. This makes you feel a little uncomfortable. And this uncomfort creates stress because you have to take care of everything alone.

If you are in a joint family then this is not the reason. But if you are alone then this can be one of the reasons why it is getting difficult to sleep alone. For this, you can call your friend and tell her to stay for a night. You just need someone to get relax.

4. Change in routine

We humans don’t like to leave our safe zone. And this is why we don’t like changes. We want everything to be stable. Everything should be the same as it is. No changes required. But as we find that something is changing and you have to adapt to something new then you make you uncomfortable. And this change in routine makes it hard to sleep alone without your boyfriend.

5. The protective feeling about him

You are already familiar with this feeling. You just don’t know that it is also working here. This is the feeling of protection for your boyfriend. Thinking that he should be safe and always with you. You can identify this feeling through your behavior. If you are always thinking that he has taken his food or not. He is okay or not. You are always calling him to know about him. Then you are protective of him.

Many women become protective in another sense. Another sense means, thinking that your boyfriend is with another girl right now. You may get defensive about this that I am talking against the women community. And If you don’t think like this then it’s a good thing. But I am saying this on behalf of my past experience.

My ex was like this. She was such protective that if she gets to know that I am going to sleep with my friend (Male friend). Then she starts thinking what if I lie in the LGBT category? What if I do something with my friend? So, I am just saying that there are many ways of getting protective. And only you will know which way you are going. So, if you can’t sleep when your boyfriend is not with you then this can be one reason.

This is why you sleep better with your boyfriend

man woman sleeping together

The main reason why you sleep better with your boyfriend is emotional. This is because you love him. And when you share your bed with your partner to sleep together then it strengthens your relationship. I am not saying this by myself.

This is the result found in research done by  Dr. Henning Drews, a resident and post-doctoral scholar at the Center for Integrative Psychiatry in Kiel, Germany. He said that if you want to share your bed with your partner then there is nothing against it. Actually, it is more beneficial.

Wall Street Journal says that sleeping together in a healthy relationship reduces the cortisol level (a stress hormone). It also reduces cytokines, involved in inflammation. And it boosts oxytocin so-called love hormone that is known to ease anxiety. This hormone is produced in the same part of the brain responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. So, due to these reasons, you sleep better with your boyfriend.

Ways to fall asleep when your boyfriend is not with you:

sleeping woman alone

You have a habit to sleep with your boyfriend. But it becomes difficult to sleep when he is not with you. So, I have found some ways that will help you in this situation to give you a good goodnight’s sleep.

1. Use weighted blankets

You get a very good sleep with your boyfriend because his body gives you a warm feel. So, if you need that warm feeling and need something to hold on while sleeping then a weighted blanket is a good option. Good quality of weighted blanked gives you a nice warm feeling. And it also gives you the feeling that someone is holding you while you are sleeping because it is weighted.

If you want to buy a weighted blanket then this Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket can be a great fit for you.

2. Use body pillow

A body pillow is another great option when you are trying to sleep alone. A body pillow is large enough to hold on. This will give you a feeling that you are holding your boyfriend. Just close your eye and imagine that your boyfriend is sleeping beside you. Hold him and sleep. If you don’t have a body pillow then this body pillow is a good option for you.

Pro Tip: Use your boyfriend’s aftershave or deodorant on your body pillow. This will give you a familiar feeling that is with you.

3. Use His photograph

Do you know that in old times the lovers used to use their partner’s photograph to feel that they are together? If this trick worked at that time then this can work now too. So, try to go old school and give it try. If this worked then that’s great and not then look for the next point.

4. Sleep while he is on call

woman sleeping while boyfriend on call

This works most of the time because you are hearing his voice. You can feel the sound of his breath. And this gives a strong feeling that you are sleeping with your boyfriend. If you want to make it more real then follow the below step.

  • Take a body pillow.
  • Put your boyfriend’s aftershave and put it on the pillow.
  • Plug in your earphone and call him.
  • Close your eye and sleep while he is on call.

Caution: Do this only when your boyfriend is free for it. If he is in important work or attending an important meeting then don’t force him for this.

5. Sleep music

Sleep music works also best in this situation. If your boyfriend is busy and can’t get on-call while you are sleeping then you should try sleeping music. Just follow the above step but instead of call use the sleep music. If you have a good collection of sleep music then that’s great. Play them and close your eyes. But if you don’t have any sleeping music collection then you should try Amazon music unlimited.

Sign up here for the Amazon music free trial.

6. Get your pet to sleep with you

If you have a pet then you are lucky because they are a good stress buster. Allow your dog, cat, rabbit whatever your pet is to sleep with you. It will give a feeling that someone trustworthy is with you. Your pet can feel that blank space at night to make you feel comfortable.

7. Workout

One of the best ways a get a good sleep a night is to exhaust your body. When you are fully exhausted then you fall asleep very easily. And doing some physical work will help here. You can work out to make your body fully exhausted. And when you are tired then you will sleep such fast that even you will not recognize it. So, start moving your body to get a good sleep at night.

So, this is the information I think will help you. But I think there can be many more ways to make you sleep easily.

If you know any better one then let us know in the comment. We appreciate you for this.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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