When you love someone but she wants to be just friends then this is a very complicated situation. You love her so you can’t leave her and if you get into a friend zone then someone else will get her. And when your ex falls into this situation then things get more complicated. So, what should you do when you love her but she wants to be just friends?

If you can handle your emotions then you can be her friend. But if your emotions are not in your control then you should stay away from her. You will complicate your relationship even more. Let the time heal the wound.

I know the above line is not enough to make you understand what I mean. This situation is very complicated and I have faced this. In my case my ex cheated on me and then she was saying that we can be friends. I have done some things that helped me to win her back. So, I am about to share what you should do in this situation. These small points will help you to get her back if you want otherwise help you to move on. 🙂

1. Don’t be desperate

dont be desperate

The very first thing you need to keep in mind is that no need to get desperate. This situation is pretty disturbing but have patience. The more you get desperate the more you will harm your relationship. Your desperation can take her away from you for the whole life.

2. Stop stalking her if you are doing so

You guys have been in a happy relationship and now that is broken. This is very painful. And in that case, some men start stalking their women. They start messaging and calling frequently and begging for one more chance. Don’t do that. Let her be where she wants to be. By doing this you are hurting your self-esteem. And that is bad d for your respect as well as your relationship with her. No one accepts a person who even does not respect himself/herself.

3. Don’t be a doormat

When she is trying to be your friend then the chances are that you will start thinking that if you respect and always listen to her then she will accept you again. That is a wrong mindset. If you do this then the chances are less than one percent. You are putting her on a pedestal. After this, she will start feeling like a queen and will start thinking that you are a servant. Your habit of always saying yes to her can damage your respect.

4. Stop reading old chats and analyzing

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Another thing that you need to stop immediately is analyzing your past. Sometimes in this situation, we start thinking that we have done something wrong and start analyzing our past. No need to do that. As you do this you will start putting her on a pedestal in your mind.

Whatever happened was a past and you can’t change it. Your only focus should be your future. If you want her back then you can’t do this by moving in your past. By this, you will start begging for one more chance. And I can guarantee you that this is never gonna work.

5. If you can’t handle your emotions then stay away from her

Now we are on the main point. If she is constantly saying that she will be your friend but not more than that then what should you do? Because if you say yes then you can be with her. But if you say no then you will lose her. There is one more angle to the story. When you will be her friend then she will get a new boyfriend. And this situation can be very painful because you have to watch her enjoying with someone else where you wanted to be.

Dude, being a friend is an opportunity as well as a risk. If you can control your emotions then this can be a great opportunity to win her back. Being with her will give you the time to show your good character and win her trust back. But this is only possible when you have control over your emotion. If you can see her doing those things with her new boyfriend that she used to do with you. This will require a lot of patience.

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6. Avoid the emotional talks

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Emotional talks always finish with a bad ending. So, always try to avoid that. Your ex will do her best to get into these emotional talks because this will never let you get into the relationship. With these talks at last conclusion will be that we are not the fit for each other as a partner so let’s be just friends. So, do whatever but don’t get into these talks. Try to keep your conversation funny and charming but not emotional.

7. If she wants to be friend then take it as a opportunity

As I said above that her intention can be your benefit. If she wants to friend then be a friend but use it in your favor. For this step to work, you need to have control over your emotions. You need to understand the thin line between a friend and a girlfriend. When a girl breaks up with someone and instantly gets into another relationship then this is mostly the recovery relationship.

She is getting into the relationship just to fill that gap of you. This means you have a chance because she is not emotionally connected to her new boyfriend. You just have to play your cards well.

Show her that her new relationship does not affect you. You are happy in your life and do not care about her relationships. Even if you feel bad about it, you need to show her that you are happy. And this is what the next point is.

8. Be the best version of yourself and live happily


In this situation, you have two options. first, you start running behind her showing that you are a good guy and will do everything she says. And the other option is to leave her where she is and work on yourself. Showing her that nothing happened.

I will suggest you go with the second option. Because in the first option you are doing the same as she wanted but the second option is just the opposite of her thinking. This makes her think about you all the time because it is a surprise for her.

Start working on your physical and mental health. Go and work on your body. Start working on your physical appearances like dressing and grooming. Take a new haircut. And do whatever can make you the best version of yourself. Acquire some new skills.

One of the best skill your must acquire is a bad boy skill. Try to be a bad boy because women love them. No women accept that bot they are crazy for bad boys. You can see that in your surrounding that who has more girlfriends and for whom women are crazy. So, be a bad boy and show her that you are happy even without her.

9. Start dating someone

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If you want her back then you need to show her that you are happy. And one of the best ways to show her this is to get into a relationship as fast you can. When you get into a relationship then this makes her realize that you are not sad about her. You are enjoying your life. And you are not someone who can’t get any other girlfriend.

So, get into a relationship as fast as possible. To get a girlfriend fast try online dating. Their everyone’s intention is to get into a relationship as fast as possible. So, go to a good dating website and choose your new partner.

10. When you are ready then contact with her

While you are working on yourself it is better to ghost yourself. And when you are the best version of yourself then contact her. You can start with a normal text. The text will be an ice breaker. It is the first meeting where the magic will happen. While on your first meet do not be awkward that you are meeting with your ex. Treat her like you are on a new date with someone new.

Do not be casual, be flirty because you are not here for an interview. Keep flirting with her a little. While talking by any means you can remind her of any past moment when you guys had a great fun time. While reminding the moment, present in a joking mood.

These small things will tease her to get back to you because you are now a totally different person. And she can see that. This is where your bad boy skill will help. If you know that then you can make her crazy about you.

11. Get her back with this one

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This is what I can suggest you get her back. The above points will help you to not fall into a friendzone and get her back as your partner. But if you want him/her badly and do not want to lose her at any chance then it is better to get the help of a professional. I have shared everything from my personal experience but there are some who are specialists in this field.

If you want someone who can help you to win her back this guy can help you. He has already helped many so why don’t you give him a try. If investing some penny on him can get your love back then you must give it a try. Hope this article help you

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