At the start, every relationship feels awesome. But with the time we come to know its pros and flaws. And having a boring boyfriend is one of the most popular in these lists. At the start, you enjoy yourself with each other. But with the time he starts feeling boring because you have less topic to talk about.

Your boyfriend feels boring because you have not much common interest with him. Boring is a comparison word. And if your and his interests are different then he will feel boring to you. To make him exciting try to find some common ground. Try some new things that he loves to do. And if you find it interesting then your boyfriend will automatically be exciting for you.

This is generally the main reason why he feels boring with you. But there are many more. So, in this blog, I will talk about each of those reasons and what you can do about it. Each of these reasons has very simple solutions. You just have to implement these and you are done. So, below are the ways to make your boring boyfriend feel exciting.

1. Check if he is stressed or depressed

stressed man

I will start with the issues that can be due to him. No one can be exciting if he is mentally unstable or depressed. So, getting to any conclusion first check if he is mentally okay now. He can be stressed and due to which he is not focussing on his relationship. I am saying this is a possible reason because you are already in a relationship with him.

And you are in a relationship means he used to be exciting. So, in this situation, you should talk to him. Ask what is wrong with him. Is everything all right? It may be possible that he stressed due to his job or any other work. If he is stressed or depressed then stand with him. Because you are the one whom he needs most.

2. Check if he has any personal problem

This can be another reason why he is not enjoying the relationship right now. Have you checked if he is physically well? Because I remember the time when I had my toothache. At that time the only thing that matters to me is how I fix that. I was not interested in anything other than my teeth.

This is just a silly example. Your guy can have any other issue. And if this is the case then you must ask him about this. Who knows if he is focused on something else and hiding it from you. And this thing is making him feel like a boring guy.

3. Find some common interest

man woman playing games

As I said at the start that he is feeling boring to you because you don’t have any common interest. At the start, you guys have lots of things to talk about. But now you have scarcity for that. As you are saying that he is boring to you. He might be thinking the same about you. Because you don’t like what he likes. And this makes you boring for him.

So, common interests are very important in a relationship. It gives you a topic to enjoy and keep you connected with each other. So girl, go and start doing some fun things with him. Try some new things. If he plays games then go and try them. If he loves movies then go and watch those with him.

I am not saying that it is a must to do. At least try them. If you like it then have fun with it and if you don’t like doing those kinds of stuff then leave. But first, at least give it a try.

4. Have fun with your friends

You can’t spend all your time with your boyfriend. If you want your relationship to work then you must leave him alone. When you are away from him then you are gathering points to talk. And he is doing so. And then when you meet then you can talk about those things.

Or, he can talk about the things he has noticed. This keeps the excitement alive. So, start spending time with your friends. Enjoy some time with them. Let them entertain you. And let your boyfriend miss you. When he will miss you then it will automatically make him interested in you.

5. Make your relationship exciting

exciting relationship

Another reason he is getting boring because he is losing interest in this relationship. So, to keep him exciting you need to make your relationship exciting. It is time to add some spice in your relationship. This is just like if you eat sweet the whole day then in the evening you will not like sweets. You will run away from a sweet thing. At that time you need something spicy. And so is in your relationship. He needs some excitement. Then give it to him. And then wait and watch.

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6. Give him his space and take your own

Your boyfriend feels bored with you because you are trying to stick with him all the time. Everyone has their personal space and he has too. He can’t share all his time with you because he needs some time for himself too. Now you may think that you are his girlfriend and it is your right to be with him all the time. Yes, you have. But you need to understand this that he has his own life. He also has to focus on some work.

Just, for example, take my life as a reference. I am a blogger and have to write articles every day so some of you can read it. Now just think if my girlfriend tries to spend all her time with me. I will never do that. Because blogging is my work and I can’t leave this. So, in that situation, I will show her that I am not interested in anything. And this will make her feel that I am boring.

So, It can be possible that he is in the same situation as this. And he needs his own personal time so that he can finish his all-important works. So, give him his own personal time. Till then enjoy with your friends, watch some movies and enjoy your own time.

7. Become friend with his friends and have fun together

enjoying in group
Diverse friends / students shoot

Do you know when a man gets the most excited? When he is with his friends. And your boyfriend is a man then the same rule applies to him too. he is a man right? 😉 You can take benefit of this. Try to become friends with his friends. And then have fun together including your boyfriend. Don’t talk a lot with his friends alone because this can make your boyfriend jealous. But you can have a lot of fun when your boyfriend is also present at the moment. Trust me, when you are in a group then he will enjoy it more.

Tip: Try to befriend with his best friend. That guy whom he trusts a lot. This will keep your boyfriend less jealous. And while you are in a group his friend will take your side mostly. 🙂

8. Spend some more time with each other

You may be confused now. Because above I said that you can’t spend all of your time with him. And now I am saying spend some more time with him. Yes, it is. You don’t have to spend too much time or very little time with him. It should be balanced. If you are spending very less time with him then it will make him feel that you don’t care about him. And this will make him less interested in you. So, find a balanced time that he will love to be with you.

9. Try to hit his secret obsessions

hitting secret obsession

If nothing works then this works. Ever men and some secret obsessions that he never tells anyone. But he wants that like crazy. So, if you can hit that weak spot then you are done. Now the game is in your hand. Very less woman know about this and whoever knows this never tell anyone. This is such a rare thing that no one wants to share this.

This is just like a superpower. If everyone has that power then it is not super. Right. So, if you want to know about this secret obsession then you can learn it from here. Learn this skill and then enjoy your whole life with ease and romance.

10. Set your priority for his character

No man is perfect and so do he. Everyone has some flaws. You are in a relationship with him means at first you had seen something in him that attracted you towards him. But now you are feeling that he is boring. Now it is all up to you. It may be possible that he is boring but he loves you a lot. Or, there can be other qualities in him that you like.

Now it is all about the priority. What matters most for you. Love, sex, skill, money, or something else. Prioritize it and see what matches to him. If you think that you should be with him then be with him. And if think that he is not up to the make then nicely break up with him.

As I said above that excitement is just a comparison word. It means it can change with time and situation. But the most important thing that matters here is whether you are happy with him or not. Is he genuine with you or not. Do he respect or love you or not. So, first, check then act. If you are happy then stay and if not then find a new partner on eharmony.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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