It hurts when someone ignores you. And if that someone is that guy whom you love then it hurts on the next level. Almost everyone has faced this situation once in his/her life. So, as I said that I know how it feels, I will help you to get rid of this. In this blog, I will show you…what you can do if your boyfriend ignores you. And what can be the reason he is doing this. For direct answer just follow the below step and you are done.

  1. Try to find the reason why he is ignoring
  2. Try to talk to him if you have done something wrong
  3. Now, stop messaging and calling him constantly
  4. Go, and hang out with your friends, give him time to miss you
  5. If he loves you then he will definitely try to why you have stopped contacting him.

The above is the simple step you have to do. This will help you in most situations. But if you really want to clear all these messes of your life then I will suggest you, read the full article. Because you need to know the problem first then find its solution. And in the article, I will first show you the possible reasons why he is ignoring you. And then I will explain all the possible solutions for the situation.

So, let’s first look for the reasons why he is ignoring you

Why your boyfriend is ignoring you?

reasons why he is ignoring you

The base of any solution is its problem. You can treat any issue very well if you know the real problem. So, in this part below are all the possible reasons why he is ignoring you. Some are your fault and some are out of your reach. You have to identify intelligently what is your situation.

1. He is busy at some work

This is hard to believe for girls but one of the common reasons. I am a man and I know this. Girls think that a guy will never ignore a girl’s call because of some type of work. But it is wrong. We do ignore if any work is very important. Like I never pick my girl’s call when I write blogs because it distracts the mind. Just like this, It may be possible that your boyfriend is busy with some type of work.

There could be some work which is more important than talking to you. Don’t take it in a negative manner. He does love you but the work is most important at that specific type. And you should be happy about this because he is one of those rare guys who know the importance of work. So, try to identify, and if you find that he ignored you for his work then be polite with him.

2. You have done something wrong

girl done something wrong

Many times we do something wrong and we don’t realize it. Is it the situation with you. Because if it is then you can’t blame him. He is giving his normal reaction. He does not want to make you feel bad and as a result, he is ignoring you.

So, sweetheart, take your memory back and try to dig into your previous conversation with him. Look for any bad thing you have done with him. If you find it then confess it and say sorry to him. A single sorry can make a huge difference. And if you do not find anything wrong then leave it. Look for the other reasons mentioned below.

3. You may have a complaining nature

If you have a complaining nature about everything in your life then this could be a big reason. Do you always complain about your life, your dad, your friends, how nature does bad things with you and so on? Basically, do you complain about everything you have in your life? If yes, then you should immediately stop this.

I know these things are hard to accept but we all know what we are from inside. Your boy will never tell you this, but he hates this behavior. Complaining flows negative energy and negative energy makes everyone sad. You may be thinking, why you should believe me.

I will say, don’t. Just compare it with yourself. When you are complaining about your life then look and his reactions. and next time when you share a happy moment with him, then compare his previous reaction with it. You will see a huge difference by yourself. So, if he is ignoring you due to your complaining nature then you should work on it.

4. He does not like the communication medium you want to use

medium issue

Many times we do not want to use some communication medium. And if someone forces us to do this then we ignore him. You have also done these things many times in your life. Some hate texting but some love it. It’s his personal choice what he likes. I personally hate texting with my girlfriend. So, when he forces me to do so then I ignore her. Because I don’t like it.

Texting is time-consuming and we cannot share our feeling on it (It’s my thinking, not a hard truth). But you may like texting and that is perfectly fine. So, I want to say that it may be possible that your loving medium to not matching with your guy’s medium. Try to contact him with some other medium(call, video call, personal meetup, text, anything). And then see what happens.

5. He is loosing his interest in you

Now, the hard truths. Hard to believe but true many times. He is losing his interest in you. Logically it is not surprising. This is a human tendency. We get bored with old things if it is just like as it was a year ago. For example, your doll from your childhood. You do not play with them now because you got bored with them.

You can argue that you do not play with them because you are grown up now. But the real fact is we get bored with old toys and search for some new. Now our new toy is our phones. these are much more interesting than those old toys. By this long example, I just want to say that his interest is decreasing in you. And that is not his fault. He is not doing this with an intention.

Now the next question comes, what is the solution then. Is it sure that his interest will decrease in time? Then the answer is no if you attract his attention time by time. Learn some teasings, love techniques, or any form of attraction. These small weapons will help you to bind him with you. Now from where you will learn these? Don’t worry I have the solution for that…just keep reading you will find that at the end.

How To Keep A Guy Interested In You Forever?

6. He has not any interest in you

boyfriend not intersted

This is a possibility and you have to check it. This can be due to many reasons. He thinks you are not hot or he has some other interests. So, to check that you just have to do what he is doing with you. Start ignoring him. You are damn hot and you will find another boyfriend in seconds.

But this is the time to teach some lessons to your old creep. Stop calling and texting him and wait for his response. Till then go and enjoy yourself with your friends. If he loves you then he will definitely come back. And if he didn’t then it’s his unluck.

7. He is cheating you

Now, this is the last and very harsh possibility. One of those possibilities which no one wants to accept. But in this world, every day many people face this situation. He is ignoring you because he has someone else to talk to. He is not looking at you because he is busy looking at someone else’s face. And if he is doing this with you then leave him. Because you deserve someone better.

Trust me, I myself have faced this situation and talking with the experience. If this is happening with you means you have a gold heart. it’s not a theory, this always happens with good people. I said you deserve better because another gold heart is waiting for you. Just give it time. Ok, let me remind you one thing that this is just a possibility, not the reality. So, before you puta cheater tag on him, first, verify.

Ways to handle if your boyfriend ignores you

ways to handle boyfriend

This is the solution part. To give you a perfect idea of how you have to act according to the situation. I will break the solutions in two parts.

  1. Self Assessment: This is the case when you have done some mistakes. Like you have said some bad words to him. Or, you had hurt his feeling by some means. This could be anything that hurt him in the past.
  2. Self Value: In this solution part we will consider those situations where you are a victim.When you don’t know why he is ignoring you. Or, he is cheating at you, etc.

In these two types of situations, you have to act differently. So, I have to give the steps that you have to follow according to the situation.

self assessment

Self Assessment: If you have done something wrong.

1. Check if you have done something wrong

The first step is to know whether you have done something wrong or not. And to know this start exercising your mind on past situations. Try to find, if there is something you should not have done. We all know what we have done wrong or right. You just have to accept it. So, if you found what you were searching then it is the time to move on to the next step.

2. Try to contact him to solve the issue

Now, you have to get in touch with him. If you have done the wrong part means he is angry with you. And that’s why ignoring your calls and messages. You have to meet him because you have to accept that you behaved badly and will never do it again. No need to be a beggar for the forgiveness but at least apologize. If he is angry then there are high chances that after your sorry everything will be good.

3. Work on yourself

If he is okay now, then this does not mean that you are done. There is one more step to follow. Working on yourself. He has forgiven you this time does not mean he will do it again and again. You have to make sure that you do not repeat your mistakes. So, work on yourself and step up your relationship to the next level.

self value

Self Value: When you do not know, why he is ignoring.

i) Keep your value high

If you have not done anything wrong but still he is ignoring you. Then this is the time to stick to your self-esteem. Please don’t be a beggar before him. If you do not value yourself why someone else will value. Keep your value high.

If he is ignoring you then let him do it. You have to do the same. Ignore him. If you keep calling and messaging him then he will think that you have no self-respect and he will never respect you. So dear, it is time to take a stand.

ii) Stop messaging and calling him

For this part, you just have to take these small steps. Stop calling, messaging, looking at his status, etc. Just think that he does not exist in your life. I know this looks hard because it is all of sudden. But at least fake it. If you miss him then call your friends and enjoy yourself with them but don’t call him.

There is a very popular line “Fake it till make it”. So, you have to do the same. Stop calling, messaging, and contacting him. If you suddenly stop then he will be surprised are get curious to know, why? He himself will call you by this sudden surprise,

iii) Enjoy with your friends (especially guys)

If you are trying to ignore him but you are not used to it. Then this will make you feel that you are missing him. Thus, this is the perfect time to enjoy with your friends. Especially guys, because this will make him feel jealous. No one likes it that his girl is enjoying with some other guys. If you do not have any guy friend then go and take the subscription of eharmony. And let him feel jealous, he deserves that. 😉

iv) Take your time (give him time to miss you)

We realize the value of someone only when that person is not with us. And you have to do the same. Leave him and enjoy it with others. He will realize your value when you leave him. Go to your eharmony account and look for other handsome dudes. No need to be serious with them, just enjoy for some time. Take your time and let him miss you. He will run and come back to when he realizes your value.

The final blow

These are the things you can use when he ignores you. But what if you control him. As I said above that you can control his interests in you if you learn some skills. So, here is it. If you learn these skills you can make any guy obsessed with you. Check this love guide which can teach you everything you need to know to make any guy crazy for you.

Hope this helps. If you find it helpful then let me know in the comments. 🙂

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