Everyone knows that men generally do not stick to anyone easily. Actually, this is not the truth. They do fall in love with women. But the point is how? Because if you are asking this question means you have never found such a man till now. But trust me all men fall in love. You just have to know the right way to influence them.

Men generally fall in love with those women where they can feel safe and free. They want to do everything but not in bondage. So, If you are the one who is loyal, funny, and less controlling then a man will definitely fall in love with you.

But there should be some more qualities that they love, right. And yes there are many that man seeks for. I have covered almost all the common factors that a man searches for to fall in love with. Actually, even men don’t know that they are searching for these qualities in you. 😉

So, start reading one by one and see what matches you. If you have all those then you will definitely get one who will love you the most. I have also defined the ways how you can achieve those qualities. So, keep reading.

1. Your confidence

dress makes feel confident

The base quality that you should have is confidence. If you are confident then you can attract any man. Men love confident women. This makes them feel that you love yourself. And if you love yourself then only you can love anyone the most. Your confidence assures a man that you are confident enough to keep your relationship alive.

Now, you may think that you are not in a relationship with any guy, then why will he think these all. Actually, he is not thinking these but your confidence shows these qualities of you. And this attracts a man. So, if you are confident about yourself then others will definitely love this.

2. The funny nature

If any man is about to love you means he is going to spend his whole life with you. And so if it is about the whole life then everyone wants a happy life. And this point is about happiness. Everyone wants someone who can keep him/her happy. And so do he. Everyman searches some funny nature is their future wife. And if you are funny then congratulation, you are on the right path.

Keep your funny nature alive because it is one of the best qualities you have. And if you think you are not funny, then don’t worry. It is just a perception, not a reality. Because everyone is funny in this world. It is just about who finds you funny. Don’t think that I am saying some fake words just to make you happy.

This is my personal experience. Because as I think, I am not funny. I consider myself a serious guy. But my girlfriend says I am funny. I don’t know how but she thinks I am funny. This is still a mystery for me. If I find it then I will tell you. 🙂 The point is, you are funny but it is just about the right person who will find you funny.

3. The body type

sexy woman

On this point, many will not agree with me. And I am not in oppose with them. Because everyone thinks in a different way. But as I think, your body type is a matter of fact. Everyone says that no one loves the body, the body is all about lust. Yes, I know. But love starts with the first impression. And this body is one important part of that impression.

Think like this, men are opportunities. And your body is a magnet that attracts opportunities. This means the more opportunities you have the better chances of having someone who will love you your life.

So, work on your body. Go and join a gym. Find some other ways to keep yourself fit. There is no harm in working on your body. You are making yourself healthy and good looking. And by this, if you get a boyfriend then that’s a bonus.

If you want to work on your body then you can try this 12-week yoga burn challenge by Zoe Bray-Cotton. This has worked for many women. So, who knows that you can be the next sexy. 😉

4. Nature of accepting your flaws

Do You know what most of the woman lacks? The nature of accepting their flaws. A woman never accepts that she has done something wrong. Don’t get offended, but it is true. I know you don’t want to accept this. And If I am true that you don’t want to accept that then I am talking about this one. Not accepting anything that shows negativity in you.

I am not saying that you should doubt yourself. But at least you should have the quality to accept your mistakes. Don’t try to cover your flaws. If you do something wrong then accept that. Because this is one of the rarest quality among women. And if you put this in your behavior then this will put you out from the crowd.

5. Loyalty

man giving flower to woman

In today’s world loyalty is a big issue. Everyday many heartbreaks in this world. It has its own pros and cons. That’s a different topic. But the point is heart breaks every day. A survey says that America has more broken hearts than the UK.

But this is not about America only. This is all over the world. Now the loyalty word is getting vanished. And it is very tough work to find a loyal one. So, if you love someone then be loyal to him. Because it can have a great impact on him.

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6. When you praise him

Men love to get praised. We men are like cavemen. You remember cavemen. They used to search and provide food for the family. And then at last they get the feeling that they are the provider of the family. We are still the same.

We, men, want that feeling that we are the providers. And when you praise any man then this gives him the feeling that he is the provider. This gives him a manly feeling. So, praise a man when he does something good. I am not saying to praise him in a fake way. But praise him when he does something that deserves it.

7. The common factors

man woman playing games

You have heard a line before that opposite attracts and similarities repel. But this rule fails in relationships. Here it is a little complicated. Here if you want your relationship to work fine then you must have some similarities. In a relationship, the similarities bind you together. It gives you some time to enjoy together.

Suppose you both love playing video games. This is a very small thing that many will ignore. But you can play video games together. This gives you some time to enjoy together. Even psychology says that you need to have some similarities to fall in love. This point seems small but is a very big thing that helps men to love someone.

8. Your conversation chemistry

This is also important that when you talk to any man then how your conversation goes. Is it fluent? Do you guys start quarreling? Or is there any blank space when you talk to each other? Many women just like to talk. They do not hear from anyone. You need to hear what your partner is saying. don’t just talk. Also hear that what your man is trying to say. You should have good conversation chemistry if you want someone to love you.

9. Your blend with his passion

This one is very important. If you want to play a long game then you must connect with his passion. If you can achieve this then this is the best way to make any man love you. And if he is trying to make his passion a carrier then you must support him. And if there is any chance that you can blend in it then go for it.

Because if you get to blend in with his passion then you are a part of his professional as well as personal life. And, if you get connected to him on this level then it is very hard to say no to the love. Because you are the best option he can have in this world.

10. Guys fall in love when they miss you

man missing someone

Actually, this is a universal law so it works on men too. When you miss someone then this creates a hunger for that person inside. And this hunger makes him love you. But this is not possible with someone unknown.

Definitely, this point applies to someone who is already connected with you but doesn’t love you. Or, maybe he loves you but doesn’t know that he loves you. So, when you give him time to miss you then it makes him realize that he loves you. He can be your best friend, some office colleague, your boss, or anyone close to you.

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11. When you let him live free

Do you know what most of the girlfriends do? They try to control their boyfriend. And this is the biggest mistake they do. If you are trying to control your boyfriend means you are losing him. If you want him to love you then stop controlling him. Instead set him free for whatever he wants to do.

Now you may say, “Sam what the hell are you talking about? If I set him free then he will run like a bull behind other girls.”. Yes, he will. But only at the start. But the benefit of this is that he will stop lying to you. He will share everything whatever he does like a friend.

And if you are in that position where you are his girlfriend as well as a friend then he can never leave you. He can’t leave you even he wants to. Because you are different from the crowd for him. None of the other girls will allow him as you do. And this thing is like an addiction that no one can leave.

Note: It has its own consequences. Because when you set him free then he will get in touch with other girls. And this is a bit risky. So, do it only when you are confirming that he loves you. Because it can have a negative impact too.

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12. Your sexual chemistry with him

sexy woman with man

Till now I have talked about the emotional and mental parts. But this is just the half portion of love. A love completes with the physical relationship. And if your emotional and physical chemistry both are strong then you are all complete. If you want to strengthen your sexual chemistry then you need to be a sex goddess. I am not saying that if you are just average at sex skills then he will not like you.

But why should stop at the moon when you can go as far as the stars? You can learn sex skills and be a sex goddess. A woman whom no one can resist. If you already have great sexual chemistry with him then that’s awesome. But if you want to learn all about sex skills that make you a sex goddess then learn these skills here.

13. The feeling of being a hero

This is the most important so I saved it for the last. Men love a manly feeling. And if anyone gives that to them then they get addicted to it. Appreciation is a way of making them feel like a hero. There are many other ways that trigger their hero instincts. When they get this trigger then they get obsessed with the woman who gives it to them. Learn the ways by which you can make a man obsessed with you. Just trigger his hero instinct and you will be his queen.

I hope this article helped you. Let us know if you think that I have missed any points that should be on this list. 🙂

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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