Fapping is a polite way to say regarding a male masturbating or jerking off himself while seeing pornography.

Why Fap word used when we have masturbation word? What does fapping mean?

Fap is another word for “masturbate”, but why? that it’s as a result of the “fap fap fap” sound it’s expected to make, but whenever you do it, you hardly make any sound at all. The only actual noise you make is your covering moving and perhaps groaning.

Originates of Fap word | What does fap stand for?

It is originally from the webcomic “Sexy Losers”. https://www.sexylosers.com/comic/003/
Webcomic does not have sounds. So to share the significance of “masturbation appears” they simply composed a nonsense word.

Fapping vs Masturbation

In terms of male then there is no difference between these two (Fapping & Masturbation).

In short Fapping word is used only for males. But, Masturbation word can be used for both males and females.
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