Quitting Masturbate is not an easy step for most of us. It requires lots of dedication to stop masturbation suddenly. If you are planning to stop masturbation for an extended period. Start from a week, then a month. If you are masturbating with porn, then you will risk your mental as well as physical health. You can continue masturbating without porn because then it can be risk-free and even healthy. 

Your body may face various changes in your body if you don’t masturbate for a long time such as depression flared up in the first few weeks, sperm overflow through urination, and orgasm through a wet dream, testosterone level increases, concentration and memory power also increases a lot.

Your body may face various difficulties in the first few weeks, like you may have depression, anxiety initially because the high amount of dopamine releases will suddenly stop. Still, after week three or week four, your body may become normal with numerous benefits given to your body. You will not be the same person after a month. 

Let’s figure out the changes your may face after quitting masturbation for a more extended period:

WeeksEnergy LevelBody changesSymptoms
Week 1Same EnergyNo Body ChangesNo Symptom
Week 2Start increases you creative energyAgitated from sexual frustrationFeeling like itching
Week 3Huge amount of creative energyPeace with the agitationMay feel like peeing all the time
Week 4Highly creativeBecome normal with energeticMay experience wet dream
Body changes from week 1 to week 4

1. Your depression flared up:

depression flared up

As I discussed earlier, your depression flared up, and you may feel more anxiety and stress for the first few weeks. Your body relaxes after masturbation, and you feel stressless because a massive amount of dopamine releases at a specific time make your body calm. But in the long term, it can’t be useful.

2. Sperm can be overflow:

You may feel sperm overflow within a week or after a week. Your sperm overflow and can pass through different ways like flush out via urination or defecate. Your urine will be cloudy and more dense than usual. 

Sperm Overflow can happen anytime; it may flush out during day or night. When your body overflow sperm at night, it is considered nocturnal emissions. According to Wikipedia, A nocturnal emission, informally known as a wet dream, sex dream, nightfall, or sleep orgasm, is a spontaneous orgasm during sleep that includes ejaculation for a male, or vaginal wetness or an orgasm (or both) for a female.

When your sperm flush out through urine at day time, it will not be orgasmic. You can not feel any stimulation or orgasm during this process. Sperm overflow can happen only when your body wants to get rid of excess sperm from your body.

3. Intensified Testosterone:

When you stop masturbation for the first few weeks, the second increment can be seen in your testosterone, but after three or four weeks, your body goes to average production. The spike in testosterone coincides with the sperm overflow, which was discussed earlier. 

When your testosterone increases, you may feel three times hornier than usual. The first few weeks can be challenging if you are serious to quite a masturbation. After weeks three or four, your body will drop the testosterone production but not quiet to normal levels.

With the high testosterone, your body also contributes to increased irritability and aggressiveness. You will get angry to your surrounding very quickly. You may learn how to control anger. Your surrounding can irritate you for first few weeks. 

Unlike impatience and offensive, there are tremendous health benefits too. High testosterone generally has excellent health benefits, like you may feel motivated all the time, energetic, and much more. Experts say low testosterone leads to low energy to do any task and less motivation to perform any activity. 

4. You feel excellent:

feel good

After week three, you may feel more relaxed and calm. Your body muscles will feel the next level of relaxation, and you may feel a sense of bliss pleasure, says Dr. Janet Brito, Ph.D., PSY, LCSW, CS, a psychologist and sex therapist, tells Bustle.

5. You are going to see women differently:

You are going to see women differently

Women are not seen as sex objects. When you masturbate too often, your view about women is not more than sex objects. But once you stopped masturbation, women become human, and you can see her beauty without the urge to see her boobs anymore.

6. The openness of mind:

You can able to listen, speak, and write better than usual. If you have not done your incomplete task, then you can finish that work more creatively with energy. Most discoverers, scientists, authors, and researchers can do their job flawlessly once they control their semen. They don’t need to masturbate because there is no need to masturbate when you love your work.

7. Enhanced Productivity:


Masturbation can take almost hours from our precious day when you quit masturbation for a more extended time. You will see an increase in your productivity. You can finish your work quickly and easily than usual without distracted.

8. Increased Concentration:

This is the best part of quitting masturbation that it helps to be concentrated on your work or study for a more extended period; even experts agree to this. You can be less distracted and more in the present. If you have difficulties concentrating on any task, this is the best way to increase your concentration.

9. You will learn control of sexual urges:

Increase in Self-control and feel like more energetic

Have you ever noticed why you don’t control your sexual urges? When you make a habit of regular masturbation, chances are you don’t have control of your sexual desires, and they push you to feel that pleasure in a loop through masturbation. Your masturbation becomes the master of your life.

But once you control masturbation for a month or more, you can control sexual urges too.

10. Less social anxiety:

You will be surprised to know that masturbation can release your stress and anxiety and make you feel relaxed and peaceful for a couple of moments, but you may feel more social anxiety in the long term. That’s why you need to masturbate very often to release such things throughout your brain. 

After stopping masturbation for a couple of week, you will be less feel social anxiety.

11. Better quality sleep:

quality sleep

This makes little sense to us that masturbation releases high dopamine levels along with other relaxing chemicals that most people use for better sleep. But once you used to sleep after masturbation. It can affect your sleeping cycle. 

For the first few weeks, it may happen in the early days; you do not sleep. But once your body is used to you will get a better quality of sleep.

12. Increase in memory power:

You will get more substantial memory power after a few weeks of quitting porn. As I discussed earlier, you will get more concentrated, along with your memory power, your concentration level will be increased tremendously.

Alternative method to quit masturbation:


Unlike masturbation, you can shift to real sex life, because there is no health problem in having sex with your partner. The best way to replace your masturbation habits with sex with your partner. If you don’t have partner yet you can checkout our suggestion how to get girlfriend online?

Benefits of having sex with your partner:

  • Healthy: It is healthy for both of you. 
  • Risk of prostate cancer decreases: When you ejaculate through sex, you can eliminate the risk of prostate cancer.(source)
  • Your blood pressure may in control: A 2006 study in the medical journal biological psychology found that people who are having regular sex had lower levels of blood pressure than those who weren’t.
  • You may be stressed out: According to Neuroscientist Dr. Debra W Soh said in an interview with Men’s Health that during sex “endorphins are released that can help to your mood.”

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