Well, it is not that simple as you think. The feeling varies from person to person. Some girls confess that they feel pain and unpleasant and sometimes highly uncomfortable when their partner tries to penetrate their eight-inch dick to their pussy. Some women also claim that they feel pain and unpleasant in the early stages, but when their partner tries to get their partner more aroused and stimulated, they feel less pain even in some cases; several women claim that they love feeling the penis throbbing as their partner ejaculate their load deep inside of them. So you can not get the direct answer to this question. You can not assume until you experience it.

To get what it really feels like when an eight-inch penis penetrated inside a woman’s vagina, you need to ask real women who experience eight inches penis. This blog collects real data from different sources about how women really feel when eight inches penis penetrated inside them. I will also try to add some scientific data to get the real result.

So let’s start with real data from sex experts:

1. Having a big dick can be pleasurable:

Many women claim that they feel pleasurable and feel amazing when they have sex with their lover having eight inches. It does mean that in some cases if a woman has sex with eight inches big dick with Stranger or other than their lover, the chances are they feel extreme pain. It may be because of a psychological condition. So having a big dick can be pleasurable for a woman, but the condition is only attached to a great lover.

2. Big dick touches cervix:

According to MedicalNewsToday, the depth of the vagina (from the opening to the tip of the cervix) can measure anywhere up to 7 inches (17.7 cm), so it does mean here that the penis more than seven inches can touch the cervix of a woman which may lead to pain in some cases. Another major problem when a woman is having sex with more than seven inches dick, their penis touches the cervix, which can hurt. They feel pain because their partner could be hitting the cervix during thrusting, which many women find particularly uncomfortable.

According to¬†thehealthsite, the cervix is the lower portion of the uterus where it joins the top end of the vagina. If their partner is hitting this area while thrusting, it can be particularly uncomfortable. When the partner having more than eight inches penis or penetrates very deeply, they may bump their girlfriend’s cervix. It does not increase the pleasure when you are having sex with eight inches penis or more, since most of the nerve endings in the vagina are in the first few inches, says¬†SexualityResources.

Confession of a real girl who experienced the eight inches dick:

1. Anonymous confession:

The confession of different women on having sex with eight inches or more; the most women confessed on ThoughtCatalog that anything over seven inches hurts.

2. Anne:

Anne, who is 25 years old, says on Metro that too big, and you are just hoping it will stop soon.

3. Willow:

Willow, 31, confessed on Metro that when a guy is too big, it feels harrowing, like a marrow trying to get into a keyhole. They also add to their confession that they felt pain and are stretched.

4. Anonymous confession:

A woman confessed on Menshealth that big dicks feel like they are stretching me open more; it’s nice differently. They also stated that it’s not going to fit perfectly inside, but it will make me feel overly filled with sensation.

5. Anonymous confession:

Few women confessed on Thoughtcatalog, that long dick like eight inches or more definitely hurt, and pain starts in the stomach.

6. Rachel

Rachel, 26, confessed on Bustle that it felt like someone trying to fit their entire body inside me.

7. Avigail

Avaigail told Bustle that the maths is simple, too small- still hungry, too big-tummy ache.

Final word:

I hope you will get your answer; I tried all possible ways to tell the exact feeling when a girl has sex with eight inches penis or more. If you are still not satisfied with the above answer, you can try it yourself without getting fucked by anyone. You just need to buy an eight inches dildo, dildo makes you feels the same, and you will also get the answer with your own experience.



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