If you are a woman and someone asks you which body parts do men find attractive, you are hesitant to answer this question. Men and women are connected sexually in society. In this blog, we will find the answer and also try to get the fact of the most attractive body parts of the women.

We surveyed on Lovegrabber from February 2021 to March 2021. We totally got 1012 votes from the male audience, and they are happy to share their favorite part of the woman’s body to find the answer to which body parts of women that men find most attractive and are shocked to see the result. Most votes come to the boobs part of the women; The breast of the woman that men find most attractive. There are eight options available on that poll: face, lips, boobs, waist, hips, hands, pussy, legs.

The results may differ if we included more women’s body parts like the navel or other body parts. We will give the result based on 1012 votes by men. Out of eight body parts, the boobs alone get 286 votes and takes the first position; the pussy got 212 votes. It held the second position, the third position holds the face of the women that receive 184 votes, legs got 113 votes, and hold the fourth position, the hips got 90 votes, but we expected more from these body parts, the sixth position holds the waist with 61 votes, the lips got 58 votes. They held the seventh position, and the hands were placed at the last position with only eight votes as expected.

which body part men love most survey result

The psychology behind the attraction of different body parts of women:

Why men love boobs?

why men loves boobs

You may have surprised to see the result that the boobs of a woman got the most votes. You may want to know the exact reason why men love so much to your breast. It is nothing but related to human psychology responsible for making men craving for boobs. Let us know the indisputable fact in the next paragraph,

When we want a direct answer to anything related to our body’s behavior, we expect much more from our scientists to give the direct answer. But why men like woman’s breasts are not an as straightforward question as they look like. The scientist also tries to give their best answer but never give a satisfactory explanation till now. But they also give many theories that may help you better understand the real psychology of why men love breasts.

Researches say that the fatty deposits around the female mammary gland are for sexual reasons. Studies finding that men prefer large breasts and a high waist-to-hip ratio bolster the notion that an hourglass shape communicates youth and fertility. Most men love larger boobs because men want the best for their kids.

Larger boobs give the male’s brain the signal that the woman having big breasts will fulfill the need of his kids. It also gives the signal that a larger breast means a lot of food for their kids. Don’t judge men who love big boobs because they do not creep, sexist, or even hungry. They just care for their future kids and want the best for their kids.

Another reason behind why men love boobs so much is, men are obsessed with women’s boobs simply because of a hormone released during nursing. It helps to make that powerful bond between mother and child. The author of the book believed that men who were breastfed as a child then grow up with an evolutionary drive for a strong nurturing bond with their female partners, according to Larry Young and Brian Alexander who published a book entitled “the chemistry between us: love, sex, and the science of attraction”.

It is also a debatable question which type of boobs men attracted the most, as you see some of the theories or the fact that clearly say that if a woman has bigger breasts, they quickly attracted most men. Most women face difficulties getting the average size boobs. If you are one of those, you can focus on estrogen to make your boobs bigger. Click to read more about how to increase boobs using estrogen?

Why men love pussy?

It is essential to know the reason why men are attracted to pussy after boobs. The pussy itself holds the second position that men love the most. Let’s find out why.

1. Due to anticipation:

The first reason why men like pussy are because of the excitement of inserting the penis into pussy. Men are mighty to fantasize about the woman’s body part, which is one reason. When men see the pussy, they start to get excited to insert the penis into the pussy.

2. Men get ready for sex:

mating or

When men see the pussy, their brains send the signal to the reproductive part that they are ready to mate each other. It should be like this and also part of the mating process. Otherwise, no mating process will ever happen.

Why men love faces?

cute face

This is the third body part of the women that got the most votes. Well, the beauty of the face is a broad concept and why men love the face of the woman that holds the third position is a little bit surprising but never the exact answer from the researchers. A study shows men get attracted more if a girl has a strong immune system because it is directly linked to the beauty of the face. The more the immune system of a woman getting more robust, the more she looks beautiful.

Women’s beauty is determined by stress and fat, in a study found a correlation between female beauty and the levels of stress hormones and the percentage of fat in the face. Source

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