In the kingdom of sex toys, sex machines are among the most extravagant and expensive members. The majority of these mechanical sexbots work on the principle of a motorized thrusting dildo. Their prices vary widely from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars.

Sex Machine Types

Interestingly, the term “sex machine” extends to encompass all sorts of battery-powered or mechanical sex toys, such as male masturbators, vibrators, or teledildonics.

The devices that we are going to look at are better known as f**k machines. They fall into two main categories Penetrative and Extractive.

Penetrative F**k Machines

Penetrative sex machines fall into two sub-categories: mechanical and automatic. Mechanical love machines include the following devices:

  • Sex rocking chairs
  • Gliders

The family of electrically-powered pleasure generators is much bigger.

  • Sex saddles
  • Thrusters
  • Automatic Sex Rods
  • Sex Machines Designed as Power Tools

Extractive Sex Machines

As their name suggests, these devices exercise a certain amount of suction power on the penis to induce ejaculation. They come into several different varieties:

  • Masturbation sleeves
  • Fleshlights
  • Blow-job simulators
  • Power Strokers

The Pros and Cons of Having a Sex Machine

Having outlined the most popular sex-machine types, let us now weigh the pros and cons of having one of these pleasure-giving devices at home.

The Benefits of Using a Sex Machine

Single men or women can enjoy more fulfilling and exciting moments of self-intimacy with the help of a love machine. Unlike a real lover, the sex machine is always ready for some hardcore action. For more details on this, check out this sex machine guide.

It never gets tired, nor does it ejaculate too soon. In fact, the first vibrators were prescribed to women in Victorian England as a cure for hysteria, and none of the patients ever got pregnant by her artificial lover!

Couples Can Spice up Their Sex Life

Sex machines can be enjoyed by straight and gay couples alike. A mechanical sex aide can teach lovers to trust each other more and explore their darkest and kinkiest desires with increasing confidence.

The pricier models can be controlled via a mobile application, making them very suitable for couples who are away from each other for various reasons.

Sex Machines Help Women Orgasm More Often

It is not a secret that female orgasm is more complex than men’s and, therefore, more difficult to achieve.

Some sex-machine models are fitted with tongue-like add-ons allowing them to stimulate the clitoris directly. And because the machine never gets bored, it will bring its mistress to a climax every time.

From a scientific point of view, regular orgasms release massive amounts of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which makes women happier and more stress-resistant.

Urologists say that women who climax often are less likely to suffer from urinary incontinence later in life.

Scientists have also established that the fuller a woman’s sex life is, the later menopause will come. In this regard, a mechanical stallion may also help its mistress sleep better and be happier throughout her day.

The Downside of Having a Sex Machine

Having discussed the benefits of having a love machine in the cupboard, let us now look at the other side of the coin.

Regular Sex Machine Use Can Make You Too Self-sufficient

The latest high-tech models cost several thousand dollars each, but they are well worth every cent. Their multiple adjustment options guarantee a long-lasting and mind-blowing orgasm every time.

By contrast, real-life sex isn’t always perfect, even if the partners are madly in love with each other. Thus, one can gradually “fall in love” or, shall we say, become addicted to his or her sex machine, to the point where they may actually stop looking for a partner.

Sex Machines Can Be Dangerous

More advanced sex simulators have different thrusting modes that change the depth and the angle of penetration. And while the user has the remote control in their hands at all times, malfunctions are still possible.

Most automatic sex machines have robust electric motors, but a tiny power calibration error may result in severe vaginal or anal injuries. In addition, the user may suffer an electric shock if the vibrator’s insulation is compromised in any way.

Sex Machines Can Spread STDs

It’s a myth that sex machines eliminate the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Even if you never share your sex device with anyone, the surface of the different add-ons may wear off over time and become germ or bacteria-infested.

Machines Are a Nuisance to Store

Unlike vibrators and sex sleeves, sex machines are bulky and heavy. Their sheer size makes them a true nightmare to transport and store. Even the lightest models weigh about 10 lbs.

As these devices are exclusively made for static use, you’ll have to completely disassemble your unit if you need to move house, for example.

You’ve Got to Be Tech-savvy to Put a Sex Machine Together

Some reviewers have shared that sex machines’ instruction manuals are so straightforward that assembling one shall take less than ten minutes.

We wish this were true, but while trying to put some of the premium models together, we spent over an hour trying to figure out which part goes where.

Sex Machines Emit Distracting Noise

While sex machines are very efficient in what they’ve been designed to do, the noise they emit during operation is far from romantic.

If a woman is to reach an orgasm with her mechanical lover, she’ll have to somehow go past the continuous humming and buzzing of the motor and the click-clack sound of the link arm. Needless to say, the faster a sex machine goes, the noisier it becomes.

Who Are Sex Machines For?

Sex machines are for professionals. Professional pornographic actors or actresses use sex machines in strictly-controlled environments under the supervision of technicians and medics.

Are Sex Machines Worth It?

No, they aren’t. And not so much because of their high retail prices, as because of the health risks that their use poses. Watching a sex machine being used by a professional adult actor or actress may be fun, but you should think twice before trying one of these at home.   

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