The very big reason why most long-distance relationships don’t work is that your sex life completely gets vanished. No doubt, there are many other reasons too, but this is one of those very big reasons. So, how can you maintain your sex life even being in a long-distance relationship or LDR?

In the old times, it was a bit tough because you were not able to contact your partners. But right now, it is possible. You are in a globalized era where you can get connected with anyone. I am not saying that you can reach your partner through a portal. Maybe in the future, you can, but right now not possible. But yes, you can have that feeling of having sex even being far away from your partner.

To maintain your sex life even being far away from your partner you need to use technology. You can hear the voice, see the face, and can feel that stimulation feeling of sex with the use of technology. Use your phone to see and hear your partner and a Teledildonic Toy for sexual feeling.

I know the above line is hard to digest. So, give me a chance to explain everything to you. Let me tell you what I really mean. I will explain everything step by step how you can experience a sexual feeling even being away from your partner. With technology, it is possible to maintain a sex life in a long-distance relationship.

1. Be tech friendly

love in tech

As I told you above that due to the technology, you can have a good time even being in a long-distance relationship. But before that, you need to get friendly with it. As you have searched this topic so you definitely are tech-friendly. But still, I explained it because it was important to point it out.

2. Get started with sexting

In old times, we used to send messages through posts. This was a very slow process and used to take a long time. But in today’s world, we can send messages in real-time. You can send your every emotion through words whenever you want. Sorry…sorry…not words only. Now, we have emojis too that shows our emotional feeling as we ask them to show to the other person.

So use this technology. Sexting is the primary way for sexual stimulation. You can tease your partner slowly to make him excited. So, get started with the sexting.

3. adult conversation on call

erotic call

Have you ever heard of the word phone sex? Yes, that is what I am about to talk about. When it comes to sexual satisfaction the sexual conversation is very important. When you talk about it, this gives you a feeling of emotional satisfaction.

Don’ think that adult conversation on call has just one benefit. It has such a huge potential that is hard to explain. You can trigger anyone on call if you know the real way of adult conversation. So, get into it because it is worth doing.

4. Send sexy photos and videos

Let’s talk about the most important section of your sexual life. Pictures and videos play a very important role when you are away from your partner. Start collecting your sexy photos and videos in a private folder. You can need them anytime. Or, you can send those pics and videos in real-time. These pictures have a huge potential when it comes to arousing someone.

If you are a woman and don’t have any idea about which type of sexy pictures I am talking about then you can read our “how to take hot pictures to send to your boyfriend” blog. Here you will get a good idea of which types of photos you need to send to your partner to arouse him.

5. learn stripping


Stripping is an awesome thing. I personally am a big fan of it. As per my thinking it is an art that very few people know. The key behind stripping is that take it slow. When you keep your every pace slow, your partner gets the time to observe your every little action. This makes your every section hot and sexy. If you want to sexually attract and arouse your partner while having a good time then learn this skill. It is worth learning.

Sorry, What you just said? How will you learn this skill or who will teach you? Good question…

It’s you. You will teach yourself by observing others. Go to a good cam site and observe the cam models. These models are someone who makes money from this. So, you can assume how good they are at this skill. Observe them. Here are our best-recommended cam sites for great cam fun and learning.

This cam site is the best site to learn stripping. Just create an account, verify it, select a good cam model and start observing.

6. Try out dare and reward game

Have you ever played the game truth and dare? And I know that you also know about the adult version of this game. This is a great game to spark that sexual excitement. So, whenever you and your partner are free then try out this dare and reward game.

In this game, you give your partner a task and if he/she can’t complete it then it will be you who will ask her to do something sexual. And after that, it will be your partner’s chance to give you a dare. Repeat it and have fun.

7. Mutual masturbation while being on video call

Now the finals of your sexual journey. All of the above are triggers for your partner. And this is the final part of it. Mutually masturbate while being on a video call. Many people start getting shy when it comes to mutual masturbation on the video call. And this is why we have done all of the above to make you comfortable with it.

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8. Use the teledildonic toys

teledildonic toys

You may be thinking, yeah all good but nothing can compare the real sex. In mutual masturbation you still have you use your own hand. But in sex, everything is done by your partner and many things are in his/her control. Yeah, nothing can indeed compare to real sex but you can come close to that feeling even being far away from your partner.

With the help of Teledildonic toys, you can have a feeling of real sex even being away from your partner. But what is this teledildonic toy? These are the type of toys that can be controlled by a smartphone. That means the toy is yours but it can be controlled by your partner. Your partner can control every feature of that toy even by sitting on an island (there should be an internet connection). For a better understanding of it watch the below video.

Credit: Lovense

So, buy one for you and one for your partner. Then set up a time for your sexual experience. Connect your and your partner’s toy to the apps. And start having fun together.

The best recommended long-distance sex toy for males is Max 2 and for females is Nora. These toys can get controlled by smartphones from any part of this world (having internet connection).

9. have a real sex once in a while

No doubt that you are very close to the real sex but real sex is still the best. In that, you can touch your partner. You can kiss her lips. You can smell your partner. So, fix a time once in a while and surprise your partner personally. Go and have real sex once in a while. This is to keep your romance alive in your relationship.

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