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Hey self-suck lover 🙂 , so you are really serious about sucking your own penis. Now, the question is why your big penis size can help you to suck your penis easily. Let me explain to you, basically, you have two major requirements to perform autofellatio. The first one is flexibility and the other one is a big penis. To become flexible, you need to spend dedicated time along with practice or exercise. Yeah, penis enlargement also requires exercise and dedicated time. But penis can be increased through many methods where you don’t need to do crazy exercise but if you want to get a flexible body, there is no method other than exercise to do so.

The other major problem you will face during sucking your dick that if you are not flexible enough and have an average penis size, you will damage your neck or body if you mistakenly slip. The very famous Al Eingang said that Men with big dicks are not more flexible but if your dick is 7 or 8 inches, you will suck your dick very easily. They also said that if you have an above 8 inches penis, you can easily suck your own dick without fulfilling other requirements.

But the question may arise, what is the safest and quickest penis enlargement method to enhance your penis? I would love to suggest to you Penis Enlargement Remedy get better results. You may ask here that there are many enlargement pills, pumps and extenders are available in the market then why you should buy Penis Enlargement Remedy:

  • You don’t need to eat unnecessary pills that harm your penis.
  • Enlargement pills also affect your sexual life.
  • You don’t need to do doing crazy exercises.
  • Exercise never helps you to increase the penis size because the penis isn’t a muscle.
  • You don’t need to buy expensive pumps and extenders to increase the length of your penis
  • You don’t need to focus on other requirements like body flexibility, length of the spine to suck your penis.

How Penis remedy work and why it is different from other penis enlargement products?

Unlike other products like pills and boatload of extenders, supplements, or gimmicks which work for sometimes but also give you major side effects. Penis Exercise also won’t help you because the penis is not a muscle. There are huge markets of penis enlargement products or supplements that claim to increase your penis, some of them work but most of them won’t work.

But Penis Enlargement Remedy works differently from other products. It can increase your penis size up to 2-4 inches using stem cells, If you do not know about stem cells, a stem cell has the unique ability to develop into specialized cell types in the body. Stem cells can also be used to replace cells and tissue in the body. You can learn more from Wikipedia about stem cells.

Unlike other supplements that give you dangerous side effects, Penis remedy can safely increase your penis without putting yourself in danger😃.


Penis Enlargement Remedy