When you are not with your partner then it is difficult to spend some quality time with each other. You get many distractions and some time do not get enough time to enjoy. So, in this situation video call is the best option to make him feel that you are with him. In this blog, I will show you everything you should do to have a quality time with your boyfriend.

To make your boyfriend excited and to turn him on you can send him sexual messages, some hot pictures, or do something exciting for him on a video call. From all these options video call works the best.

All the options I showed you above are good. But you need to know how and when. I mean each should be done in a proper way and at a proper time. So, keep reading because I will show you everything steps wise step below like you have never done anything before.

Getting confirmed before doing it.

Hey before continuing to this blog I want to make you alert first. Because it is my duty to make you know that from what you should be careful about. If you are going to do something sexy for him then you must trust that guy. Make it clear that he is trustworthy.

He must be trustworthy because you will show him your private parts to him. And if he is not trustworthy then this can lead to a serious issue later. So, first, get clear that you want to do it and you are safe with him.


Before starting a game, preparation is very important. You need to keep everything ready before calling him. Because while you are in the mid of your process and then you find something missing then this can be a big turn off for him as well as you. So, below I have mentioned some points which you must check before starting your video call.

1) Time Scheduling

time management

I have kept it on top because it is the most important. You can’t do naughty things while you are with your parents or your roommate. So, you need to schedule a good time when you are alone. You may be comfortable with your roommate but your boyfriend is not. So, you need to fix a time when your roommate is out of the room.

There are many other benefits of scheduling your video call. You can focus on your other works because you already know that when you have to get ready. So, make a time and tell him that when you want to do it.

2) Camera Position

The camera position is equally important. You can’t start fining a spot to put your camera when he is getting turned on. To make sure that your boyfriend is enjoying this moment, you need to find a good place to keep your camera there. Thus start searching now for a good place to make your video call smooth.

Tip: Try to put your camera on high ground. Because if the camera is in a high position then he can enjoy the whole show very clearly.

3) Device management

woman charging phone

Now check the devices you will use during the show. Like your phone or laptop. Is it charged or not? Because while you are in the mood and then you see a low battery notification then it is a big mood spoiler.

Second check out the toys you will use. I am not talking about your doll. I am talking about your sex toys. If any of them is chargeable then keep it charged. Because if you want everything perfect then you have to check everything first.

Before starting the video call, put your phone on do not disturb mode. Because some time it happens that while you are in full mood. your relatives or friends start calling you. And then don’t stop till you pick up their phone. Such assholes, I hate these guys. So, the best practice is to put your phone on do not disturb mode and enjoy.

4) Grooming

It is not compulsory because it depends on your partner what he likes. If he like everything clean then go and make your private parts clean. But if he is a little wild and like everything natural then leave it as it is. But even you can give you hairs a shape to make it even sexier.

5) Making the room environment

It is time to decorate your room. Keep it clean because the cleanroom improves your sexiness. His focus will all on you if your room is clean but if it is dirty and meshed up then it will distract him. You can also use some candles to make your room romantic.

Personal Tip: Put your bra somewhere in the room where he can see it while on the video call. It is a great conversation starter to push you guys in the romantic world.

Ways to intimate with your boyfriend

Before the start, I want to confess one thing. I know you are here to learn about the video call part. But I think if you directly jump into video call then it kills the excitement. And this is not theoretical. I am saying it from my personal experience. So, I have divided the points into two sections. First before starting a video call then while you are in the video call.

Getting started before a video call

1. Start with text


As I said above that you can’t directly jump into the video conversation. So, texting is the best option to start with. Start with some romantic lines. Don’t say hi because it shows that you are in a normal mood. You have to show that you are in a very romantic mood right now and you want him beside you.

When the conversation gets started then push it into the romantic zone. Start sexting because it will make you comfortable with him. Because when you directly jump into video call then it seems a little awkward to start.

2. Send some hot pictures

If you are feeling comfortable with the text then you can proceed to the next step. Start sending him some of your hot pictures. You may be thinking that why you can’t do it directly on a video call. But trust me, these pictures are great tasers. It will make him turn on in such a way that he will start begging you for more.

There are many options and styles you can click into to show yourself the hottest girl of the planet. You can send him your legs images, your cleavage, and many more. There is a lot to chose from. If you want to know about all the ideas of taking pictures to send it to your boyfriend then you must check the link below.

How To Take Hot Pictures To Send To Your Boyfriend?

3. An audio call can create more excitement

woman on call

Treat it like an optional. Either you can make an audio call or you can directly jump into a video call now. Because the mood will be all set after completing the above two.

I have included it as well because it has huge potential. Sex call is a game of imagination and sensation. You can’t see your partner but still, you can feel him. This is the beauty of romantic audio calls. But is optional so you can start a video call with him skipping it.

Now while in the video call

4. Use soft and slow sound

If you want to romanticize the atmosphere then use soft and slow sound. Speak softly to make him feel that you are turned on. Because if you are in your normal voice then he will feel like you don’t want to do it. The slow sound makes your voice sweet and it feels good.

No doubt that you have to use soft and slow sound but don’t make it too soft. You need to keep it on that level so he can hear everything properly. And when you keep your sound slow then he can hear every word you say. And this helps him to understand how you are feeling.

5. Don’t crack jokes while in the mood

dont crack jokes

Many people do this mistake and they don’t know that they are doing a mistake. When they crack jokes then they think that they are very entertaining. No doubt that cracking jokes is a sign of being humorous but it has its own time. You can’t do it everywhere. But wait, How do I know this much about it? Because I used to be one of them.

I used to crack jokes every time even when she is in the mood. And when I used to do it she would get angry. And I was wondering why he was angry at jokes. That was because of the timing of my jokes. So, I am saying it from my personal experience, don’t crack jokes while he is in the mood.

6. Touch your body parts to arouse him

Now the game begins. You are on video call then take advantage of it. Start touching your body parts in a slow and teasing way. He should feel and see properly what you are doing. You can start with your lips and slowly getting down. If you will do it properly he will get mad.

7. Heavy breathing and moaning

Have you ever watched any movie? Definitely, you have. So now, assume any movie without any sound. All the characters are playing their roles, movie quality is awesome and you are watching it on a big screen. But just one issue that it has no sound. Do you think you will enjoy it?

Not at all. The sound has the most important role here. So, the same is with the video call. You are doing the best but you are doing with no romantic sounds. This will directly cut the impact in half.

Heavy breathing and moaning make you look real. It makes him feel that you are actually doing it. So, keep moaning and breathing heavily while you are doing something sexy for him.

8. Doing striptease

woman take off shirt

Now it is time to take your video call to the next level. You can now start removing your clothes one by one. Do it only when you are ready for it. Don’t force yourself to do it. If you don’t like to do it then stop it now. Play with the above points. The next four points are not for you. But if you are sure and love to do it for him.

Then start taking off your clothes one by one. But wait, don’t do to in a normal way. You need to tease him a little. Have you seen any girl doing a striptease? If you have not then you must see some of the shows. You can google it or watch it on this free cam site. Watch and learn a little from it.

A striptease is a form of art of removing clothes from your body. And teasing the guy watching you. It is such a sexy art that no one can resist himself when he watches you do it. So, do it if you know or learn it if you don’t.

9. Show him your specific body parts

If you are playing with your body but doing it from a very long distance then it is doing its 100%. If you are doing something then he needs to see it clearly. Take to the camera to your lips when you bite it in a sexy way. Take it to your boobs when you play with them.

Take your camera to those parts that you want him to notice. When you will show him clearly what you are doing then the movement of that body part will excite him to the extreme. Like when you press your boobs then the squeezing of it can make anyone mad. But the camera needs to be close that he can see that squeeze. Because he can’t see it from 100 meters. 🙂

10. Using eatable items to make mood hotter

whip cream on boobs

You can use eatable items to make your atmosphere more romantic. Put a cherry in your vagina but don’t put it whole inside. And ask him if he wants to eat cherry while you are eating some. Eat it in a very sexy manner. When he says yes then show him the cherry in your vagina. When he get excite then take out that cherry and eat it too.

Now you can take a bottle of whip cream and put it on both of your nipples. And then put a cherry on the top. Now you can play with it and eat those toppings on your nipples. This is just one example. You can get creative with other food items that he will love to watch.

11. Play with the toys you have

Do you remember that we charged you sex toys in the preparation section? There are many toys chargeable and non-chargeable. Take any you have or buy one here. Then start playing with it. When you are using it then feel it like it is not a toy. But it is your boyfriend who is doing it for you.

And remember that you have to explain everything that you are feeling. Keep breathing heavily and moaning. Enjoy it till orgasm. If you will enjoy then he will definitely enjoy it.

Final Suggestion

Now all the points have ended but I have the last suggestion for you. Many times when all is done then couples end the video call instantly. Don’t do it. Talk a little after orgasm. You can put in your clothes together.

Because when you end the call just after all done then sometime your partner can feel ignored or he has done something wrong. So, share some love for a minute after all is done then end the call.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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