There are many things that make a relationship smooth. And sexy pictures are one of them. By these pictures, you tease him and teasing keep him interested in you forever. He will never leave you till he is getting some excitement and surprise from you. And hot pictures have all those qualities.

I think hot pictures are much more powerful than casual sex. Because in sex you get it and it has no surprise and teasing elements. But sending hotshots can make anyone crazy. So, in this blog, I will show you some of the best poses to make him mad for you.

Hot picture ideas to send your boyfriend

1. On your bed

woman on bed

Men get mad when they see a girl laying on a bed. They feel that they have to take just one step more to have fun. So, if you want to take his attention then go and lay down on your bed. Take your phone and click a whole upper body image.

2. Thin shirt with no bra

wearing thin wet shirt e1598858986837

Do you know what teases the most? If you can see something but even can’t see that. This line seems a little confusing, right. You may be thinking that how this can be possible. But this happens when you wear a light shirt with nothing inside. Your boy can see that, he can feel that but even can’t see it clearly. This makes you incredibly hot. 😋

Tip: If you wear a little wet shirt then this will make him even more crazier. Put some water on your shirt and see the magic.

3. Showing your cleavage

showing cleavage

Nothing can be much hotter than this. Men get crazy when they see a woman’s cleavage. Those round hills like things. They make us mad. So if you want to all mad for you then you must try this.

4. After a shower in a towel

woman in towel

Almost every guy fantasizes about being in a shower with his girlfriend. So why don’t You make his fantasy a reality? I mean not in real, just to tease him. Click a picture in a towel after your shower. When he will see this picture he will start imaging you taking a shower. And this makes him crazy.

5. Queen in a bathtub

woman in bathtub

As I said about boys want to be in your bathroom with you. So, what if you send him a pic while being in the process. I mean, while you are bathing in a bathtub, click a picture. Click it and send it to him and wait for his reaction. Trust me, you will love his reaction to this.

6. Bite your lips


Do you know that you have a juicy body part? I don’t know about girls but we men look at it as a juicy item. Then why don’t you let him see this? Show him, how juicy your lips are. Click a picture biting your lips. Trust me, when he will look at the photo he will see it as juice coming out of your lips. So, go and send him a juicy picture.

7. Leg show

woman leg

According to some surveys, legs are one of the sexiest body parts of the female body. So, it is time to show your sexy legs to him. Clean your legs hair, make it smooth, and click a sexy photo for him.

8. Beauty in the mirror

woman in mirror

You can’t tell anyone to click your hot full body picture because you want to send it to your boyfriend. This can feel embarrassing to you. Thus, in this situation mirror is your best friend. You can click any type of full-body picture in it. And also mirror makes your body figure sexier (This is what I observed). So take a full; body picture in the mirror in a sexy pose.

9. Shot from above

shot from above

As I said above that man gets mad by looking at your cleavage. By following that this shot goes a little dipper. Your man will try to look a little deeper in your bra. Click a shot from above show him a tunnel where he can’t go. 😉

10. In workout dress (sports bra)

woman in sports bra

Workout dresses are made in such a way that it gets stick to your body. And because of getting stuck, it shows every curve of your body. Body curve is one of those things which can trigger any man. Men can assume what’s inside by looking at you in a workout dress. In this outfit, a sports bra is compulsory, because it will trigger him.

11. Below the melons look

Under the melons

No doubt that cleavage looks sexy. But there is one more thing which is equally sexy but surprising. And this surprising quality makes it even sexier. Take your phone and try to click the downside of your round melons. For that, you can wear a loose bra or a loose half T-shirt. This idea looks simple but is the most sexier.

12. In the middle of striptease

woman taking out her clothes

It is a big illusion. This picture will let him think that you are doing a striptease for him but you are not. You just have to click a picture in such a way that you are removing your clothes. For this, you may require someone to take your picture. You can ask your best friend to click some pictures for you and then send him later.

13. Show your belly

woman showing belly

Click a picture of the sexy belly. Belly can trigger anyone if it is slim. Slim figures attract any guy very easily. So, if you have a flat tummy then take a photo and send it to him. While clicking the image don’t forget to show your navel. It will make him even crazier.

14. Backside of babe


Your hips are one of the most powerful weapons you have. They are soft and round and that’s why men love them. So, take your phone and capture it in from the back. You can use a mirror to take pictures with less effort.

15. The Reflection capture

While you are going somewhere sometime you see your reflection in a very sexy angel. If you get such a chance then don’t miss it. Because this can be one of your rarest hot pictures. You can click your body anytime you want but you have very little control over your reflection and natural lightning. So, don’t miss the chance whenever you get it.

16. The naked body behind props

naked woman behind props

You already know what your boyfriend wants to see in your hot sexy pictures. So, why don’t you create an illusion that shows that he is getting what he wants? Click naked body pic hidden behind any prop. No need to get naked completely if you don’t want. But you have to hide your dress behind the prop. So, go and click something exciting for him.

17. Saliva in the navel

saliva in navel

This idea seems very simple. You may think that how this idea can be hot. But trust me I have seen it and I know its potential. Take some of your saliva and put it in your navel. Now put your one finger inside your navel dipped into the saliva. And now click the picture of it. This seems dirty but it is one of the hottest ideas I have ever seen.

18. Tease with lingerie

woman in lingerie

Everyone knows that lingeries are sexy and every man fantasizes about it at least once in his life. So, if it is so common then I bet that your guy will also like it. So, take your phone and click a picture of you wearing lingerie.

19. In his shirt

If you have a shirt of your boyfriend then wear this. There are more chances than it will be loose for you. And this looseness makes the picture even more sexier. Click a picture wearing his shirt and make sure that two of your above shirt buttons are open. You need to show little of your cleavage to make the image even more hotter.

20. Play with toys

woman with sex toy

Click a picture of you playing with toys. I am not talking about your old doll. I am talking about adult toys. Get a toy from Ella paradise and click a picture you playing with it. He will get horny after looking at it.

21. Role Play

role play

Do you know that every man has his own fantasy? So, by clicking a role play image you can target his fantasy. If you know about his role fantasy then get a costume for that and if you don’t know then ask him about that. So, if your costume is ready then take your phone and send him some snaps of you.

If you want more ideas of sexy poses then you can watch some cam shows of girls. They know how to tease any man very well. You can see cam shows here for free.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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