Almost everyone has heard of tinder. And most of them have created their Tinder account. But the problem is they create their account and then close it after some days. Why? Because they don’t get what they expected. The men thought that they will get a good match but the reality was the opposite. They do not get a single match. And so, they get disappointed. So, in this blog, I will show the way by which you can message tinder girls without being matched.

To message a girl without being matched below are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Open your tinder account.
  2. Look for the girl’s Insta id on her profile
  3. Go to her Insta profile
  4. Message her

Above are the four simple steps you have to follow to message her without being matched. But it has so much more to know. Above are the steps but below I have explained all the steps so you don’t get confused. While reading you will also get some tips that I got with the experience. So, keep reading to message her and get success. 😉

Steps to text a girl on tinder without being matched:

man texting 1

Now let me confess one thing. There is no way that you can text a girl inside the Tinder without being matched. But you can message that tinder girl outside of tinder. We will take help from tinder and message her on somewhere else.

Some guys suggest the one way to message her is to save her profile picture. Then search the picture on google images. It may work but I will never suggest this. Because the first thing it has very fewer chances that you will find her on google images because websites restrict that for security purposes.

And second, if you are lucky then you may find someone. But the issue is it will require a lot of extra work that is not worth it. And If you use my suggested method then you can message many girls in the same amount of time with surety. So, below are the steps of the method I suggest to text tinder girls without being matched.

1. Open your tinder account

Tinder Signup

The first step to get a girl is to open your tinder account. I know You already have an account but if you don’t have one then create one. To create your tinder account visit the tinder tutorial on creating a new account. Here you will get step by step tutorial to create your tinder account.

And if you have already an account then login, please. Get on your tinder account and read the next step. I mean the next step I have shown below. 🙂

2. Start swiping and look for the Instagram Id

Insta profile e1598972323557

This second step is most important and the main meat of the content. So, read it carefully. How you normally look for girls on tinder? Let me tell you how you do it. You start your swiping process looking for the hot girls.

As you see any hot girl you swipe right instantly thinking that she will swipe back too. And if you don’t like the girl then you swipe left to cancel it. Most of the guys never see their profile. Men think who cares about the profile. All they want is a hot girl.

But the main problem is that she will never swipe you back. In fact, it has very fewer chances that she will even look at you. Because the Tinder algorithm will never show you to her because you are a free user. Tinder pushes its premium user to girls. They show their profile to girls, not yours.

So, you need to change your swiping style a little. Use the style mentioned below.

  • Use it as I am going to show you. Start swiping and look for their profile picture. But not only the profile picture. You need to look at her profile too.
  • In the profile look for her Instagram Id mentioned. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that you will not find the Instagram Id every time. Sometime you will find it and sometimes not. Because they put it by themselves. So, some girls mention it in their profile and some not.
  • If you found her Instagram Id mentioned in her profile then copy it. And now you have to swipe left. Yes, you heard it right, there is no mistake. I said left in the side of that cross. This is because Tinder has a liking limit for free users. And we need only her Insta Id. We have no intention of being matched.
  • If you do not find the Instagram Id mentioned in the profile then swipe left and move on. Go and look for the next girl on the list.

Now if you have the Instagram Id of the girl then go for step 3.

3. Go to her Instagram profile

instagram e1598972432646

Now you have her Instagram Id. So, go to your Instagram profile and search for it. Now get into her Instagram profile and start looking at it. Some girls keep their accounts private and some keep it public. If her account is private then send a follow request.

And if her account is public then look at her profile a little. And don’t get greedy. Read step 4 before messaging her.

Tip: Try to message only those girls who has very less follower count. Because you have more chance with her.

4. Message the girl

message the gilr

So, you are in her Instagram profile and ready for the message. But wait. There is more to learn.

If her account is private then you have to send her the Follow request first. And if you are good at texting game then you should message her.

But if her account is public then you have more chances to get her. There is a fact that girls get a message from boys all of the time. And you should not have to be one of them in the crowd. You need to get different.

For that like some of her posts and comment on some of them. Don’t do it a lot because it will start looking creepy. You need to do it in a limit. The best practice to keep it good is to like only those posts which deserve it. Only comment on those where you think you should.

Now, this is the time to message her. Go and message her with a nice opening. Don’t say hi or hello. These two words are mood spoilers. It makes you boring. So, go and show your texting game and get her. Now everything depends on how good you are at the phone game. 😉

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Hey, as I said above that everything depends on your phone skill. Now your this skill will decide whether she will be with you or you will get blocked. Texting is the first impression you leave on her. So, if you have mastered it then the floor is your dude. Go and rock the party.

But if you are average or below average in this field. If you have never got a girl’s number through texting then you need some training. You must improve your phone game. If you want to learn this skill then I will suggest this texting training program to improve your phone game.

Once you have mastered this training then you can make any girl crazy by your texting. I know it will cost you a little but it is worth it. Now it is all your decision, what you want, Money or a valuable skill?

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