There is a significant opportunity for Instagram to make a girlfriend. A lot of couples find their love on Instagram. But Instagram is not a dating app that you can make your girlfriend here. You have to make friends before trying to make her girlfriend. 

You can make girlfriends on Instagram by:

  • Find local pages with sufficient followers.
  • Follow request to those girls who have less than 60 followers.
  • Find the private account of the girl’s account
  • Write a nice bio.
  • Insert single good profile pic
  • Upload a few images on your feed.
  • Not send more than ten requests in a day
  • More than 20 followers and 20 followings should have on your account.

Making a girlfriend on Instagram is a little tricky or psychological; if you know how to play with a girl’s psychological mindset, you will win this battle. Unlike Tinder, where you face high competition to get a girl and chances to get a girl on Tinder is almost less than ten percent. But on Instagram, you can choose your own match, or there are even high chances and easy to get a girl on Instagram if you use the right technique. But unlike Tinder, Instagram is not a dating app where you blindly send the request and expect your request to be accepted. You need to prepare yourself before sending follow request. I will tell the tips, tricks, and secrets to get accepted by girls on Instagram.

This blog is divided into two parts: The first part considers improving your profile, and the other part consists of approaching a girl on Instagram. Don’t skip the first part because both parts are interconnected. First, follow the first section, then move to the second section.

Section one: Improving your profile:

Improve your profile
Woman showing an Instagram icon

Why is it important to improve your profile? It is because you need to make your profile real. Most guys created their Insta account and didn’t even upload any pic or write their bio. Uploading a few photos in a feed is a distant thing for that type of user. 

Keep in mind that you have to show you are real if you want any response from that side. You should have to improve your profile so that they accept your follow request and give you a response.

Insert Profile pic:

insert insta pic e1610381179300

The most important thing that you keep in mind while uploading a photo on Instagram is:

  • The profile photo section should never be empty.
  • The profile photo must show your real image.
  • Your profile image should be a single one.
  • Don’t add a group photo in your profile pic.
  • Don’t add any model’s image or anything which is not related to your face. 

Insert Bio:

Make sure your Insta bio should look like real. While writing your bio, you need to keep in mind that you are not writing to impress a girl. You just write your bio to tell who you are. 

  • Your bio should be simple.
  • You can add birthday with or without birth year.
  • If you have a website or youtube channel, you can link to your bio.
  • Add your personal information like a hobby such as singing and dancing.
  • You can add your profession if you want to mention it here.

Upload a few images in your feed:

Now it’s time to upload a few images to your feed. But you need to upload a minimum of five photos to your Insta feed.

  • You can add group images with your friends.
  • Add at least one photo related to your passion.
  • One image should be related to your profession.
  • Upload at least five images at different times.
  • Gap at least one day before upload your next picture.
  • Add a photo with a different location if you can.
  • Add place name when you upload a pic.

Don’t be straightforward; you can upload with one or two days of a gap.

Make your profile private to get follow back:

insta private account e1610381115353

In a survey which is being conducted by Lovegrabber through two different accounts, one public, and the other private. I amazed to see the results that you will get more follow back than the public account. It is also the fact that you will get follow back too if your account is open. You can first set your account to private if you do not see the result in the first three days, you will be allowed to change your account to public or open.

If you make your profile private, you can make girls curious to see who you are.

Maintain your follower and following:

Keep your follower and following more than 20, including a male friend. If you have an only female friend, girls may think you are a creep.

  • Your account should have at least 20 followers, including boys and girls.
  • Follow your favorite actor, actress, singer, or athlete.
  • Followers should be real people.

Congrats, you are finishing the first part of improving your profile to make your profile real in front of girls. The above section is important to make a girl believe in you. If you want a good relationship, you need to show yourself trustworthy in front of girls.

In the next section, you will know how to approach a random girl on Instagram to make her your girlfriend. Before proceed to the next part, you need to be more patient and calm. No girls are directly become your girlfriend without trying to know you. And the most crucial thing is Instagram is not a dating app that you will get an instant result. But I can assure you that any girl who falls from Instagram will be real.

Section two: Approaching girls on Instagram:

approach girls

Follow each step carefully, each step is important; don’t ignore any steps if you want a positive result. Most guys are interested in a local girlfriend because a long-distance relationship is not for everyone. The below steps are totally focused on getting local girlfriends.

Find local pages with sufficient followers:

Every city has popular pages on Instagram, whether it is a university page or a city page, but local pages existed everywhere. It would be best if you found those pages. After finding local pages, you have two ways to approach:

  • First direct enter in the follower’s section of that page.
  • And the other option is you can find a girl through their recent post.

Let’s start with the first option; in the first approach, you may find numerous girls’ profiles, but here is the loophole, you will not know which profile is active or which is inactive. Your effort will be useless or wasted if you research so much but can’t get any response.

The second approach to find girls is excellent because you will get active girls on Instagram: You just have to see the recent post on that page and check their likes. In the likes section in a recent post, you will also see the vast opportunities but few compared to that page’s complete followers list.

Find girls with less than 60 followers:

It is not easy for everyone to find a girl with less than sixty followers, with less than a hundred followers. But you will find it once you thoroughly check it. You need to find at least ten girls with less than 60 followers with not more than 100 followers through the second approach discussed in the previous section. You need to give at least thirty minutes for the whole process.

Send ten requests every day for seven days to see the result. You need to invest an estimated at least thirty minutes to follow each step mentioned in the blog.

You have to check their profile before sent a request:

profile check e1610381026741
  • Their profile should be private.

Why you should approach girls with a private account, which I will discussed later.

  • Their profile should not contain any links like the youtube channel or any website.

Stay away from these types of accounts, even if they fulfill the previous condition. A girl with ambitions never involves in any relationship. It is better to make the distance in the earlier.

Even if they accept your profile, there are few chances that she will give any reply to you. These type of girls only wants fame and popularity. If you have already used Tinder or Happn, you may have already seen that most girls put links on Instagram, but you may be surprised to see that these girls have more than thousands of followers when you visit that profile.

The question arises here that “Will she reply to every boy’s message on instagram”, obviously not; they mention Instagram on Tinder just to gain popularity. Who wouldn’t want free followers without giving follow back to anyone?

You may also ask now then why they still have less than 60 followers? Maybe they created that Insta account recently. And they are in the initial stage or growing phase. I am not saying that if they mentioned any link, then they will not be interested in a relationship. Everyone needs love. But I just want you to avoid any risk here. If you still wish to experiment, then do it at your own risk. You may proceed. If you win, you will get that ambitious girl if you lose, then again, there is no loss because you will gain experience from that girl, which helps in your future relationship.

  • Make a list of 10 girls using our tips:
make a kist of girls

If you approach more than ten girls, chances are, bot of Instagram active and keep watching your activity. I don’t mean here that sending more than ten requests can block your Instagram. But to make your profile safe from future blocking or limiting. You need to aware at an early stage. Like tinder works on elo score, it is possible that Instagram also ranks you according to your activity. You can learn more about how Tinder rank their users through elo score.

Limit your sending request to not more than ten.

Find a private account of girls:

private account

So you have come very close to finish this game. Approaching girls with a private account can be beneficial for so many reasons like:

  • Suppose a girl accepted you from her private account. Then she will have to see your follow request before accepting.

You will make your profile fit in her unconscious mind. It will help you when you send a message to her.

Why should you avoid open an account to approach?

When you approach a girl with a public account, you already accepted. She may or may not see your profile if you send the request.

Another reason is if you send a ten follow request on an open account on a specific page, chances are their friend will notice you that you are following all the friends in their group. Maybe you don’t know that particular page consists of their complete friend list and if you follow mistakenly. If any girl sees you doing this, she will tell all her friends, and you get nothing. Apart from this, you may face bulk block; again, it will hurt your account. You may face account suspension from the Instagram community.

The last reason is if you follow a request on an open account’s girl will notice your follower and the following list; just like Facebook, Instagram also shows others that you follow her friends.

If you find the above steps difficult, you may try our suggestion to get a beautiful partner.

Bonus Part:

If you send a message to that girl immediately after the follow request is accepted, you can spoil everything. You have to wait at least a day to text her. Don’t start your conversation with just Hi. Examine her bio and text related to her bio.

It would be best if you learned how to text a girl to make her impress. Communication is a skill, and it is a vital skill to make her fall for you. You can learn from spending pennies through an expert. You may visit our suggestion to know more.

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