We all know that if a girl is laughing means the game is in your hand. But the biggest problem is to make them laugh. It is a little difficult to make them laugh when you intended to impress them. If you are an old player then this will not be an issue. But if you are new to the game and still learning then the issue arises.

You generally get over-excited or start shivering as she comes near you. So, in this blog, I will show you 13 simple ways that will help you in this tough situation. Just master them and you will be a warrior in the game.

To make a girl laugh you need to make her forget all her stress and start enjoying herself with you. Never ask her about her office works or academic marks because these make the mood worse. You should do some exciting things that will put your funny image in her mind and then she will definitely smile.

Below All the 13 ways are explained well and I have put some secret sauce in them. So, keep reading because I am damn sure that these points will definitely help you. And if this works then you can ask me for a cup of coffee. 🙂

1. Use your humor on general questions

Now let’s get started with the very popular word humor. Everyone has heard this word but no one knows the correct meaning of it. I mean there is no correct explanation for this word. I am not talking about the dictionary meaning. I am talking about the core and real feel of this word. A man can be funny in so many ways. Some laugh a lot and some don’t laugh at all but they both are funny in their own way.

Then how can you explain it in a single line? So, you can’t say that you are not humorous. We all are. We all have some humor inside but all are different in their own way. So, find your humorous way and be funny with the general questions. You can’t expect that you will make her laugh at a specific time or on a specific line. Just be alert and pass a good funny line as you get the chance.

2. Learn to make fun of yourself

laugh at yourself

One of the best ways to make anyone laugh is to make fun of yourself. This is a human tendency that we laugh at others and get defensive about ourselves. So, why don’t you make use of this natural tendency? When you mock at others then this makes you a selfish guy but when you mock at yourself then this makes you funny. Trust me, girls enjoy it a lot when they see this tendency in you. They love to laugh at others.

3. Praise yourself on the imaginary level

I have explained the way to make anyone laugh just by mocking yourself. But there is another way and that is just the opposite of this. Either you can laugh at yourself or you can praise yourself. But not the real praising. No one is interested in your praising.

Praise yourself on an unbelievable level. Praise yourself such high that no one can believe you. When you do this in a funny way then this makes girls laugh. They start laughing at you that this is not possible. Actually, this is another way of mocking yourself. So, try it and see the result.

4. Funny questions can make her laugh easily

Ask Funny To Be Funny

This is a pretty common one. Everyone uses this. So, you need to be smart in here otherwise you will get lost in the crowd. Don’t just copy-paste the questions because there are chances that she had heard it somewhere. Discover something unique or create some funny questions by yourself. You can ask this one – “If you have three options, me, a dog and a rabbit. And you have to cuddle one, hug one, and kiss one. What will you choose?”.

This question is awesome because this gives some awesome result. Just ask and wait for her answer. This question will also help you to understand whether she likes you or not. So, be smart with the questions and have fun.

5. Confidence is important

The most important secret sauce for all these to work is your confidence. If you are not confident enough then nothing will work. These all things require some attitude and if you are already shivering then how will show that confidence to anyone. She will only laugh when you are laughing. By this line, I do not mean that you can’t do some serious comedy. But in all these cases the confidence is required. So, be confident and be a winner.

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6. Tease her a little

teasings multiplies your magic

Teasing is a two-sided ninja sword. If you use it in the right way then you can win any fight. But if you don’t use it properly then it can cut your neck too. So, start using it because it is a game-changer. You just need to practice it and then you can make any girl laugh.

Note: Never tease her about her fatness or her beauty. Because if you do this then you lose her. Either she will get angry or she will friend zone you. So, be safe. 😉

7. Be funny with the surrounding

You cannot always try to make her laugh. Because if you do this then, this can make her realize that you are trying to impress her. So, don’t push hard. Try to use your surrounding. There you will find many things in your surroundings when you are walking with her in a park or a road. Notice that and then tell her what you are thinking.

For example, if you are with a girl and going to take a taxi then you can say, “Hey, the taxi driver may be thinking that we are girlfriend-boyfriend.”. On this generally, most of the girls say, “Your face is not such good that you can be my boyfriend.” These small teasings create some very funny moments and make them laugh. So, keep your eye on your surroundings because fun is everywhere. You just need to pick it up.

8. Start collecting funny stories

man woman laughing

Stories are the oldest but still effective way to impress women. Your grandfather, your father all have used this once in their life. Now it is your turn to take benefit of it. Collect some funny stories and deliver them to her. Go with this story way because this still works. And if these stories work then there is no harm in using them.

Tip: Try to deliver those stories that are related to you. This will leave an impact on her. And if the story is not related to you then put yourself into it. A little cheating is ok if it is not doing any harm to anyone. 😉

9. Use some double meaning jokes

Now, this is a hot topic. The double meaning lines. We all love this. At least I love them. Hope you too. These lines can have some magic on her. But you need to use the double meaning jokes at the perfect time. You can’t use any line anywhere. All these jokes should get fit into the condition.

But there is a condition for these jokes to work. Your girl needs to be smart enough to get these jokes. If she understands the hidden meaning of these double meaning lines then this will put a smile on her face. But if she is dumb then sorry. You should skip this part.

10. Recall old happy memories if you have together

Old happy memories always put a smile on the face. If you have one that is happy and funny then recall that. If you have some memory that you spent with the girl you are talking then start talking about it. This will make her feel good and happy. And please don’t recall any memory that connects with any bad memory because there are chances that you will ruin everything.

11. Be the one you are. Don’t fake it

dont be a fake man

Now, this is very important. This point is not something that will make her smile. But this point is something that will make sure that you do not look fake. Some men start behaving very differently when a woman comes near them. This is the biggest mistake you can do. Don’t fake your character. Be what you are. Because if you faking it now then this will not last long. She will find that you are faking it. And when she will find then your game is over.

12. Sometimes going off the topic can make the conversation funny

Going off the topic is not always bad. Sometimes this gives good results too. If you are talking with a girl and your conversation is getting serious or emotional then you can jump out of the track. It is better to go off the road than getting stuck.

But keep one thing in mind that when you switch your topic then do it in a funny way. Because if you are doing it in a serious or neutral mood then you are showing her that you are not interested in her serious talks. And this is a big turn off for her.

13. Develop your own design of humor. Play with your own strengths

Play With Your Strength

Do you know the best way to make anyone laugh is what? The unique way that no one has ever seen. The best you can do is with your strengths. Play with your strengths. See what you can do best. And use those to make her laugh.

Because if you are trying to copy someone means you are doing those things that many are already doing. There is nothing special about you. So, keep experimenting and find your strength. When you play with your strengths then there is nothing else you need to make anyone laugh.

Sam Kryplone

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