The first impression is the last impression. And this rule also goes with when you kiss someone for the first time. It looks very nice and easy when you look at someone kissing. You may be thinking that there is nothing complicated in this. You just have to go and kiss her. But trust me, this is not that simple.

(I am using the word she, her mostly so don’t think that this guide is for boys only. If you are a girl then this guide is also for you. Even I have given some special tips to the girls below.)

On your first time, you will be blank and out of mind. When your lips will be on her lips you will have no idea that what you have to do here. That’s why I am writing this blog to help you in that present moment. I short you just have to focus on this thing.

While kissing someone for the first time you have to kiss her lips. Just focus on kissing her top lip and bottom lip. Take it slow and use your tongue when it is the correct time. And at last end your kiss with a sweet million-dollar smile.

But is kissing this much simple. Yeh, it is simple when you have an idea of what you have to do at that moment. So, I have prepared a step by step to follow ways that will explain to you everything from start to end. Just keep reading below and by the end of this blog, you will have a good idea of what you have to do on your first kissing moment.

What happens when you kiss someone for the first time?

first kiss

Before getting into the steps first I want to give the real idea of what happens mostly on the first kiss. You get thrown into a new world that is full of pleasure. On that first kissing moment, you could not tell whether you are alive or dead because it is such a satisfying moment…ok stop.

I was just kidding. what I told you in the above paragraph is not true, but this is what most of us expect on our first kiss. And when we finish the kiss then we get disappointed because your first kiss does not meet your expectations.

When you kiss someone for the first time then it is bad most of the time. You get overexcited or gets depressed due to the pressure. And no matter what you have read you forget everything. So, be relax when you are about to kiss someone for the first time.

You can make your first kiss awesome but you need to relax. Mostly the first kiss gets bad that’s why you need to know all about it before you do it. This will give the confidence that you know everything about kissing and then there are chances that you will have an awesome kiss on your first time.

So, below are that magic guide that will teach you everything about kissing step by step.

Step by step guide to kiss someone for the first time on lips

kissing someone for first time

First, let me give you an overview of how you need to understand this. I have divided the whole kissing process into three parts: Preparation, Process, and Ending.

Preparation: In this part, I will give you the steps that you need to follow before starting the kissing. Your kissing gets started before you touch her lips. No one knows this on their first kiss. And this the first point where most guys do mistakes on their first kiss.

Process: This is the send part of our process method. In this part, if you have never kissed anyone then you will get blank. You would have no idea what you have to do while your lips are touching hers. So, in this section, I will tell you what you have to do when your lips are touching hers.

Ending: If the end is well then all well. I could skip this section but I didn’t want to leave any blank space in your mind. So, In this section, I will show you the perfect ending that you need to offer her.


1. Be Relax

The first thing you have to do is to relax. Relaxation is the key. Whenever someone goes for the first kiss then they get overly excited or get nervous and ruin everything. To perform all the stops properly you need to be calm. So, be relax and go slow.

Tips: Don’t be in hurry. Go slow because slow results better.

2. Show your intention

This point is very important when you are about to kiss someone. Because most of the people do a mistake here. They suddenly try to kiss their partner. And this is a mistake. You need to show her your intention before kissing her. And when she gives you permission for this then go for it.

Okay, but don’t think that I am asking you to ask permission by your mouth. I mean you need to do this by your signs. Your body activity will show her that you want to kiss her.

Show your intentions through signs like looking at lips and making eye contact. If she wants you to kiss her then she will respond by signs. You can also show her your intention by wetting your lips. Show signs but never proceed with letting her know your intentions.

Tips For Girls: Don’t just keep standing sticking your hand straight to your body. Don’t make him feel that he is humiliating you. Show him some intention that you also want it. show your intention by cuddling him or catching his waist.

3. Focus your attention on the lips


Now, this is the time for the proceeding. So, focus on her lips and bring your head closer in her mouth direction. Now, this is the moment you are waiting for, so give yourself blessings.

Tips: When you are closer to your partner’s mouth, tilt your head slightly otherwise your nose will have an accident.

Alert (For Boys): Move her hair behind if it is on her face. This is very important otherwise you will have her hair on your mouth.

4. Unite your lips and give a soft lip kiss

Now go and unite your lips slowly with her lips and give her a soft lip kiss. Now, this is the time when you get blank and don’t know what you need to do now. And this is why I have prepared a separate section for this naming process. So, read below what you need to do when your lips and on her lips.

Tips: Check if your mouth is smelling bad. If you have a pungent smell then use a mouth freshener.

Alert: Do not put your tongue in her mouth too quickly as it could be uncomfortable. A good kiss starts slowly and increases the passion little by little.


5. Open your lips to hold

lips about to kiss

So, now your lips are on your partner’s lips. So, let’s start the game. Open your lips slightly to hold hers/his lips with your mouth. Start doing some soft movements to carefully care for your partner’s lips. This is a process of love so enjoy the journey and keep it slow.

6. Follow top lip and bottom lip rule

Now, this is the time to take your movements to next level. Now start kissing her lips in a rhythm. Follow the top lip and bottom lip rule. First, kiss her bottom lip and then her upper lip. Then keep repeating this.

Suggestion: Don’t cover her whole mouth with your mouth or don’t just touch your lips and keep it there doing nothing. Instead, follow the top lip and bottom lip rule.

7. Now introduce your tongue

tongur kiss lips

Now, this is the perfect time to introduce your tongue. Start with the tip caressing her lips and playing with her tongue. don’t move it too quickly or slowly, just keep playing with it calmly with circular movements.

Suggestion: Do not go over her top sticking your tongue into your partner’s mouth. Don’t force it inside. Try just half of it.

8. While kissing keep your head moving

Now, the next point to keep in mind is your head movement. Do not keep it bend in one direction while you are kissing. Because you will have pain in your neck. 🙂 Keep moving your head left to right. Don’t move it too fast or too slow but keep it in motion.

9. Keep taking brakes

break while kissing

The break is a very important part of driving. And this is equally important in kissing. You are not in a race that you have to finish the race track as fast as you can. So, keep it slow.

Keep taking breaks and enjoy the journey. Think of it as a wave of the ocean crashing on the sand and recreates. The break is the recreating part. Take a break for some seconds and get back to the work.

10. Take your tongue out

Now if you are done with tongue work then take it out slowly and get back to the lip movement. Because you can’t keep it inside the whole day, Right. Your kiss needs to end at some point. So, this the time to end it.

Alert: Don’t get overexcited while kissing her. Keep it soft. don’t be harsh because it is the first kiss.


11. End the kiss with one last kiss

one last kiss

Now time to end the kiss. End it with one last french kiss or lip kiss. Because this gives her the message that you loved it.

12. If you like then go for another round

So, your kiss game is ending now. But if you liked it then you can go for the next round. I mean this is your first kiss and not everyone gets this much luck that their first kiss goes smooth. And if you got the blessing then enjoy it once more.

13. Pass a sweet smile at the end of the kiss

when you are finally done, then pass your partner a sweet million-dollar smile. And show her/him that you enjoyed it a lot and this will be a memorable moment for your whole life. The smile at the end is a cherry on the pop.

Now, you have the theoretical knowledge of kissing. So, Find a partner to practice it on here.

What to say after kissing someone for the first time?

Enjoy kissing moment

This is a very common question that can come to anyone’s mind. That when you are done kissing then what you have to do now. I will say why you need to say something. Just feel the moment. If you don’t want to say anything then don’t say anything.

Just look into each other’s eyes and smile. Cuddle each other and enjoy the moment. If she wants then you can hug her and be there without saying anything. It is not compulsory to say anything after your first kiss. Just feel the moment and fun.


So, now there is nothing left that I could teach you now. This was the best resource I could make as per my experience and some research. But this does not mean that this is it. There is much more to learn in kissing.

But you need to learn it from someone who got much more experience than me. Don’t know I have someone who can teach you more and can make you a pro kisser. Just learn from him and no one can forget a kiss with you. Learn more kissing tricks here.

If you liked the article and understood it properly then send it to your partner too. Because he/she also needs to know about these tips.

Sam Kryplone

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