A man is an unstable creature. And it is very tough to keep them hooked with you forever. Because we men seek for some excitement or some newness everywhere and when we don’t find it then we get bored. So, in this blog, I will show you the ways by which you can create some excitement for him and make him hooked with you.

Below in this blog, I will first tell you why he is losing his interest. And then I will show you some awesome ways by which he will never go away from you. So, keep reading… 😉

Why men lose interest in you?

men loosing interested

Before getting on a solution I prefer to show the problem first. If you know the problem then you can find your solution by yourself. Because I know you are such a talented girl.

He loses his interest in you because it is natural. Yes, it is natural to lose interest in something with time. You lost your interest in dolls, I lost my interest in Maths (Yes, I was a math lover in my childhood 🙂 ). We all lose interest in our old things because we search for newness. This is why you lose interest in your old clothes. Because it is old.

The same situation is with your guy. He is losing his interest in you because you are getting old for him. I am not saying that there could not be other reasons. There are many reasons possible for losing his interest in you. But mainly this is one of the most common reasons. Here we will not discuss the reasons, you can see that on the above link. Here I will focus on the solution.

As I said above, you lose your interest in your old clothes. But there are few that you love. We all have at least one cloth that we love to wear. I know you also have an old awesome dress that you love. No matter how old it becomes but you will love it forever. And you have to be the one for your guy. No matter how long your relationship becomes, he should love you forever.

Below I have kept all the magic spells. Go and read them. Start using them in your life and your man will be only yours forever.

Ways to keep him hooked

1. Proper communication on standard

man talking woman

This is the most important because it is the start of any relationship. Your words decide whether he will chase you or not. When you communicate to anyone then he responds as per your word signals. So, you need to know that what signals your words are sending. You can send signals in three ways: Aggression, too sweet, and sacrifice. Below is an example to clarify what I mean.

Suppose you are on a date with a guy you met on eharmony for the first time. You finished your date and when you are coming home then he asks you to come to his house. Now here your answer will decide whether he will be with you next time or not.

  1. You can say “Are you mad? Do you think I will come to your house after one date“? This shows your standard and expresses your feeling directly, that’s good. But this sends a negative signal to him, hurt his ego, create an awkward moment, and make him feel that you are not interested in the next time. This shows your aggression communication.
  2. Or you can make excuses. You can say “Hey tomorrow I have some work so I have to wake up early. So, see you next time“. When you say this to him he thinks you are making excuses and not interested in him. This shows too sweet communication.
  3. Or you will not say anything and will go with him even you don’t want to. You are doing it for him thinking that you like him. In this case, you are sacrificing your happiness and this is the worst option you are choosing. This shows sacrifice.

You have seen all the three options possible. But I will say all the three are not perfect. One is so much aggressive that it does not create any excitement for him. Second is too sweet so it looks fake. And third, make you lose yourself. You need a balance of all three, the optimal point. At this point, you send the correct signal without losing yourself.

You can say “You know what, there is a part of me which love to. I think you are really attractive. But I don’t move so fast. It’s not my style. But if you wanna take me out next week then I will love to“. This line is divided into three parts. And each has its own work. Let me explain them.

First, “You know what, there is a part of me which love to. I think you are really attractive“. This creates a spark in him. He starts thinking that you love him. And this creates excitement in him.

Second, “But I don’t move so fast. It’s not my style“. This shows your standard. It shows that you are not that type of girl who moves so fast. Now he knows what’s your standard.

And last, “But if you wanna take me out next week then I will love to“. This line opens the gate for him. Now he can play his game to the next level.

This is the perfect optimal level of conversation. You have to try to practice this in your communication. Your communication can take any relationship to the next level.

2. Power of Anticipation


It is not the only anticipation which we will use. It will be a combination of anticipation and reward. It is a pattern of these two. Your man anticipates the reward each time and this creates excitement in him. And he keeps hooked with you.

These anticipations are nothing else but his desires. For example, You guys had fun together in Disneyland and the next day you gave him his space. The next day you are not with him. So, he misses you and the moments he enjoyed it with you. Here enjoyment is the reward and missing is anticipation. This anticipation and reward is a wave of desire where the bottom is anticipation and the top is the reward.

The best way to achieve this pattern is to challenge your man. Don’t insult him or demand some physical things. You need to challenge him in a good way. Challenge him to fix a hole in the wall or challenge him to propose to you in front of his friends. These small things wake up his inside hero and men love that. And when he completes the challenge keep your reward ready for him.

The reward could be anything, a nice kiss on his cheek, incredible sex, or a romantic dance with you. These small affections make him greedy for the reward. And thus he keeps chasing you.

3. Appreciate him

Whenever he does a good job, appreciate him. Men love to get appreciated and when you do this he feels a wave of pleasure. You can say “babe, you have done a great job. I appreciate you”. Use the word appreciate. It triggers us and makes us chase the feeling.

4. Admire him in public

Whenever you admire him in public he gets a huge amount of pleasure. Because when others know about his work it makes him feel respected. And no one gets this feeling easily. So, when you do this then you became the ultimate source of appraisal for him.

You get different from the crowd. He will do everything possible to make you feel happy because you make him feel respected in front of others. And this makes him chase you because he wants to keep you happy every time.

5. Keep your sex life alive

sexual couple

We, men, are little lusty (here is the reason, why?). We love sex more than anything. And whenever we don’t get it then our mind starts moving somewhere else. And if this is the case with him then you must be on high alert. If you guys had not enjoyed your private time for a long time then do it now.

You need to keep your sex life alive. And if you do sex with him regularly then there could be the issue of quality sex. Sex is not just a simple boring act. There is so much to do in it. And if you are the one who just lay down and let him do whatever he wants to do then you are doing it wrong. You need to improve your sex skill. You can tease him, give him a romantic bite on his chest and there is much more to do.

If you are bad at sex and your sex quality is average then he will get bored at some point. So, you must improve your skills. If you are really interested in learning all the sex skills then you must try this book. This book will teach you all the sex skills and will make you the sex goddess.

6. Keep your mood the first priority

you can make anyone happy only if you are happy. Have you ever heard the line, “your body energy transfer to others besides you”? If your mood is good then he will be happy and if you are in a bad mood then it will spoil his mood too. He will only chase you if he feels happy and pleased with you. So, keep in mind that your mood is the first requirement.

7. Be the women he fell in love with

be the woman

This is the most important. I should have kept it on the top. Be the woman he fell in love with. When he proposed you or you proposed him, you were his dream lady he loved. But if you are changing now then you are getting away from the girl he loved. He will try to find that woman in you. And if he found that the woman is lost somewhere then he will start losing his interest in you.

I think it is his right to search the girl he loved. And if you are changed now then it is not his fault. Just suppose, you are sitting in a restaurant and ordered sushi on the menu. The waiter server your food and when you looked at it then it was egg curry. Will you be delighted saying wow, you have changed the food I loved. No one will say that, Right!.

The same will happen if you changed yourself. He will get mad about it because he is not getting what he loved. So, if you want him to love you forever then please be the one you were at the start.

8. Do not hide anything from him

This point looks very common but creates a very deep impact on your relationship. I left my last girlfriend because she had a very bad habit of lying. She was hot, she was smart but just this only habit ruined our relationship. So this is my golden suggestion, try to be truthful always.

If you always lie to him or hide things from him thinking that he will never know. Then you are making it wrong. He will find the truth. Sometimes boys find the truth and ignore it thinking that it is just a mistake. You will never know that he has found your truth. But he can’t ignore it for his whole life.

When he finds that you are always lying and hiding things from him. Then this starts killing his love from inside. Even he doesn’t know that these small things are killing his love for you. He will realize it when it is too late that he can’t love you again. These small things do not impact your relationship instantly but create a disaster in the long run. So, try to be truthful and do not hide things from him.

9. If he doubts you…make all clear instantly

woman showing phone

As I said above, do not hide anything from him. But sometimes it happens that he misunderstands something. Then at this time to clearly show him the truth. If he wants to see your phone then let him do that. If he wants to talk to anyone then let him do it. But this is only possible if you are not cheating on him.

But there is one thing to keep in mind is that if he always doubts you then this situation is completely different. You should keep your pride safe. If he always doubts you then you should take a stand. If you do not hide anything from him but still he always doubts you. Then you should take action about it. In this case, there is no need to clarify all the things to him. Let him think whatever he wants to think.

10. Don’t play mind games

If you are one of those girls who play mind games with their boyfriend then stop it. And if not then proceed to the next point. Your guy loves you and trust you then it does not mean that you will take benefit of that. No doubt that mind games give you pleasure instantly but it harms your relationship in the long run.

11. Keep yourself sexy

sexy woman

This is a debatable topic. Many girls say that their boyfriend loves them not their body. But I am a man and I also have many man friends. I have talked to many other men too. We men love your physical appearance. Not man only, women do the same. But no one accepts that.

And your guy is not different from others. If he finds that you look sexy then he will never leave you. So, keep yourself sexy. Go and workout. It makes you healthy and sexy. According to a survey, boobs are one of the most attractive body parts of the female body. Big and round boobs attract men like a magnet. So, do whatever you need to do but keep yourself sexy.

Make your boobs bigger.

Note: Your guy’s choice can be different from others. So, try to ask him what he likes. Which body type he likes slim, chubby, or fat. Try to know his preference. It will help you a lot.

12. Give him his space and take your own

This is right that if you want him to chase you forever then you need to make him free. Give him his space. Give him his time to enjoy it. If you set him free then this gives him some time to miss you. But if you stick with him all the time then he will get irritated. And if he gets irritated of you then why will he be with you forever.

Give him his time and enjoy your own. Go and party with friends. Learn some new skills. Watch any awesome web show or movies. By the way, I am a big fan of Minions so if you want then you can watch this movie too. 🙂

13. Do not run behind him

Some women do this huge mistake in their relationship. They think that if they keep running behind their guy then the guy will never leave. But the fact is just the opposite. If you are always ready to do whatever your guy wants you to do then this decreases your value. He starts thinking that you will never leave him and this makes him stop thinking about you. So, never run behind him.

These are not just all that you can do to make him mad for you. There are many things you can do so he keeps chasing you his whole life. If you really want to keep his interest alive in you forever then you must check out this awesome book. Here you will know all the things which a man is obsessed about.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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