Ah! so, you like someone and want to make him your boyfriend. don’t worry. I am here for you. Today, you will know some tips which can make him like you.

Before going forward I want to tell you the truth. You want to get him like you. But whether he likes you or not, it’s all up to him. So, you can’t force him to like you. But you can give your 100 percent. And trust me girl, if you are at your 100 then no fucking guy can say no to you. So, get ready. Below you are going to read some awesome ways which will force him to like you.

Tips to get a guy like you in school

1. Be Yourself

be yourself

The first rule to attract anyone is to be yourself. Please do not try to fake yourself. Show what you are from inside. Because in the long run your real you will make your relationship alive. If faking your personality attracts him then this is a cross sign for you. Because he is getting attracted to your fake face, not you.

If you guys come in a relationship and then you show your real personality then he will instantly feel that you are not the one he liked. And this will lead you to a very bad ending. So, for first my humble suggestion is, please be what you are. Don’t fake it.

2. Sit close to him

This is very important. Try to sit as close as possible. To make him your boyfriend first you need to be get noticed. And how will you get noticed by him if you are miles away from him? Not only getting noticed, but it also has many more benefits. You will get much more time to talk to him. When he cracks jokes while in class then you can give a laugh or compliment.

Sometimes teachers ask the students to make small groups for some activities, then are high chances to be in his group. This gives you some more time to spend it with him. Basically sitting close gives you more chances to draw his attention on your side. So, do not miss this huge opportunity, be close to him while in the classroom.

3. Try to talk to him

boy girl talking e1597079450989

The next step is to start talking to him. Try anything. Go and say hi. Ask for the class notes. Or, if he is not a study guy then ask for some other help. The only point which matters is a fun conversation. You can talk about anything you want to. Movies you watched last night, a Video game you play, or the school trip of last year. There is so much to talk about. You just have to use them one by one and look for which works better.

But there can be one issue that you may hesitate. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable to talk to our crush. Then I will suggest you go with your friend. But just one friend. Don’t take your whole group with you because he will start feeling uncomfortable. We feel much more comfortable with our friends. So, you can talk much better while with your bestie. And also she will keep the conversation light.

Pro Tip: Bring your friend with you who is already in a relationship or not interested in your guy. Because precaution is better than cure. 😉

4. Compliment on him

Everyone loves to get praised and so do he. Here we will take the benefit of this human tendency. Give some positive compliments to him. Please keep in mind that I said compliment on him, not on his the things he has but him. Compliment on his activities or body parts.

For example, If he has bigger biceps then you can comment “Oh your biceps are so big, are you going gym these days.”. It’ s just an example, You can do much better than this. After all, you are a girl and girls know how to manipulate a guy. It’s in your gender gene.

5. Try to find some common grounds

man woman playing games

When you start the conversation with him you will require some topics which can last long. And the best way to find that is to search for common grounds. I mean look for those topics which you both are interested in. It could be gaming, movies, or sports. There is so much on the list. You just have to find the perfect one.

If you both love video games as I do then ask him the games he played before. Find the common one and start talking about that. Or, if you guys love movies then start to bring them in your conversation. These common topics seem common but they bring a huge joy in your relationship. So, go and start observing the common grounds.

Topics which boys love to talk about

  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Sports
  • Pets
  • Comedy/ Humor
  • Phones
  • Flirty talks (Don’t do it from the first meet. He will start thinking that you are lusty.)
  • etc.

6. Dress like which make you feel confident

dress makes feel confident

Do you know what makes you incredibly attractive? Your confidence. If you are a confidant girl then awesome and if you are not then be the one. Only dress those clothes which makes you feel confident. Don’t worry what others think, the only goal is that you should feel confident from inside.

If you think you are confident then others have to believe that. You know why a lion is more dangerous than an elephant even he is smaller and weaker than an elephant. His confidence, Lion brings the confidence that he can kill anyone, no matter of size, power, or intelligence. This confidence makes him the king.

This is what you require to hunt that sexy dude. Incredible confidence can make you the queen. So dear, choose those clothes which make you feel confident not the one which makes you look good.

7. Over makeup can kill his attention

In middle and high schools, most guys get attracted by natural looking girls. So, if you are the one who gets inspired by those big celebrities and buys the makeup products looking at their ads. Then please stay away from them. I am not saying that you should throw them out. If you want then you can use them. But use it on the very little amount that they are highly noticeable.

8. Participate in school activities

This can have a great effect on your situation. While I was in high school, I used to notice a girl who was active in every activity. At that time I did not know why I like her. I used to think that it is my destiny. But now I know that it was not any destiny. It was her activities I used to like most.

So, the ultimate suggestion here is to take participate in every activity possible. If you get active everywhere then it will improve your personality and automatically every boy will start getting attracted to you.

9. Tease him a little

woman teasing

Have you ever seen any cherry on the pop? The cherry is not required there, it will be still good without the cherry. But the cherry multiplies the look and taste. Teasing is the cherry of a relationship. Your relationship can be good even if you don’t use it. But if you use this weapon then it can give your car an extra boost.

One thing to keep in mind that teasing has a limit. If you do not control it then it can shame him. Try to tease him a little but don’t ashame him. I know you are good at teasing but I just reminded it for caution. So, keep teasing and enjoy your relationship.

Caution: Try to tease him but don’t ashame him.

10. Talk to him outside of school

If he is enjoying with you in the school then try to talk to him outside of school too. Connect on Facebook, ask for his number or any other way. You can join the same tuition classes he has joined. The ultimate motto is to get some more time to spend with him.

Pro Tip: Try Facebook for first instead of asking for the number directly. Because on Facebook the worst he can do is to not accept your friend request. So, go and hit that add friend button.

11. Be friend with his friends

Make some mutual friends. Friends who are already his friends. If you get connected by his friends then there could have many additional benefits. You can get connected to them easily because you will be more confident in front of them because you don’t like them. I know that you hesitate in front of the guy you like so his friends can be the easy target.

Being friends with his friends can have many benefits like, they will tell you all the insider information. They will make you more open in front of your guy and will help you to communicate. And if you are lucky then who knows that one of them will help you to get your boy’s attention to you.

12. Try out group hangouts

group hangout

Group hangouts are real fun. I am a big fan of it. We all enjoy it with our friends then just think how much fun it can be with him. You just have to ask him for that. You can choose any good place to enjoy there. But then the main question comes in mind before asking is “What if he said no for the hangout”.

If he says no then this can create a very intense and shameful moment for both of you. For this situation, I have a pro tip. Read it below.

Pro Tip: Ask him for hangout while he is with his friend. And that is your friend too (the mutual friend 😉 ). Ask him and his friend too so he could not directly refuse and your mutual friend will help you to achieve success.

13. Don’t be a stalker

All the above tip I gave you is to help you to attract him to you. But you need to give him his space. You need to get close to him but don’t be a stalker. Give him his space. Just don’t follow him everywhere he goes. Otherwise, you are all done.


These all that I told you are the best for the basic level. But this is not all yet. I have something which can make you a queen. This is a collection of all the skills which trigger the hero instinct of any guy. By these skills, you can make any guy mad for you. Check out this Love Guide to be the attraction queen of your school.

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