This is a very common question among men that why their wives don’t show excitement as much as she used to be. She used to crazy about sex while in the beginning but now she seems not interested at all. There must be something that has changed with time, why she is doing this, Right. There should be something that you can fix to make her mood on. So, in this blog, I will talk about the things that you should do to revive her back.

If a woman is not showing interest in making out with you then you are definitely doing something wrong. Because they think about sex too. But their way is different from ours. They get excited differently than men do.

Women get excited by emotions. They need emotional love more than physical love to get excited. So, if you want to make your wife in the mood then you need to show her affection, show appreciation for what she does for you, and show her your real love.

Now you may be thinking that what the crap I am talking about. But this is what it is. The women are emotional creatures and they need this. While researching I have seen many articles. They were talking about just touching, and sex. But this does not work in real life. The woman does not want that you call her only when you get a Bonner. They expect something else from you.

So, I have figured out 11 ways by examining real normal women that make their mood on. All those ways are discussed below one by one.

1. Help her with the household work without being asked

man washing dishes

As I said above that women are emotional creatures. They seek love. So, if you are thinking that you will go and grab her boobs or ass and she will get excited. Then you are going in the wrong direction dude. By this, she will get upset. Because she will think that you only care about yourself. So don’t do that.

Instead, help her doing some household works. Go and wash some dishes at night. I am not saying that you need to do it daily. But do this on a casual basis. One more thing to notice that you need to do this without being asked. Don’t wait for her to ask you to do any work. If she asked then it will have very little impact. The thing you are doing should be surprising. This shows that you do care about her. And this triggers her love emotions.

2. Give her an embracing hug

The hug from behind

Now, the second way to show love to her. This is very simple but effective. Whenever you wakeup and as your feet touch the ground then your very first job should be to hug her. Not sexual but embracing. If you do it sexually then you will lose her. Go and find wherever she is and give her a warm sweet hug. It could be of 10sec, 20 sec or even as long as 30 sec. But it should be full of love. After doing this go and do your other works.

Now you may think about how this will get her in the mood. No, this will not. But this will recover the broken bonds that will lead you to happy sex life. You are together that does not mean that you are emotionally connected. And this small hug will fix all those emotional gaps if any in your married life.

3. Give her a long kiss and make out

Now, this seems interesting, right. So, you will directly jump to the third point and will assume that this will work. No, this will not work. If you are skipping the above two points this will make a negative impact. Your bond with her should be strong for this to work.

If you are following the above two points then go and give her a long kiss whenever you get an appropriate time. It could be in a car or in your bedroom or some private place. Kiss and make out with her. Have patience and take it long.

4. Give her flowers

man giving flower to woman

Every woman love flower. Some accept this and some don’t. Actually, the flower creates a memory. So, if she is saying that she doesn’t like flowers means some bad memory is connected with this in her past. Maybe her ex-boyfriend used to use this just to say sorry. So, she thinks now that flower only gets used for sorry. You need to change this perception.

Give her flowers whenever you get the chance. When you keep doing this then this will start creating a figure of love about flowers. And the flower is related to you. So, if she goes anywhere and as she will see any flower she will remind you. Those flowers will remind her of you. And if you are always in her mind then this thing is in your favor.

5. Give her some surprise gifts

Woman Love Surprises

Women love surprises. They love the feeling of being special to someone. And if you make her feel special then she will reward back. So, do something to surprise her. I am not saying that you should start burning your wallet. It need not to be expensive. It can be a simple beautiful chain or something cheaper. She just cares about your love and the memory of this gift. That’s it. The moto here is to create a memory. So, go and create one.

6. Put your porn down

Now, this seems off the topic but it is not. Stop watching porn. When you watch porn then this creates a fake perception in your mind. You start thinking that your wife will do the same things as you watch in porn. But she will not because of those porn moments and not pleasing. Instead, they are painful. And no one will do that for you.

Another impact that comes with watching porn is that you lose interest in your wife. And as she says no to sex, you stop trying. When you stop watching porn then this starts creating affection for your wife in you. You start showing love to her. And if you show love to her then she will give it back.

But it is not easy to leave porn. If you are addicted to this means you are stuck in a well where there is no rope to get out. So, the best way to leave porn is step by step. First, stop watching porn. And whenever you feel that you can’t control anymore then watch cam shows. Here you will see only girls but no sex. This will satisfy your needs and will save you from watching porn. And with the time you can leave cam shows very easily.

7. Be a good dad…It makes your wife romantic

man playing with children

Being a good dad is the most attractive thing you can do to impress your wife. When your wife sees you having a good moment with her children then this turns her on. When you play with your son. when you pick your daughter from school. when you watch cartoons together.

These all are the moments that she loves to watch. When she sees you being a good dad then this gives her the feeling that her children are safe. And she feels relaxed. So, keep doing your duty and be a good dad. Because there is nothing more sexier than this for her.

8. Don’t compare her to your other friend’s

If you are the one who thinks that if you compare your wife to others then this will give a positive result. Then you are wrong. If you compare your wife to others then this will make her angry. And an angry woman never gets ready for anything. So, never compare her to others.

9. Go on a date where you can talk

man flirting with woman

Now let’s get into the romantic part. Go on a date with her. Do something refreshing. Ok, let me clear one thing. By date, I do not mean a movie theater. Going to a movie is not a date. Here you do not talk. You just watch movies and share popcorns. Some even don’t share popcorns. 🙂 The date should be somewhere where you can talk. Look at each other for a moment. A place where you can feel the vibe that you guys are together. The feeling of togetherness.

I am saying go somewhere where you can talk. somewhere where you can share your feelings with each other. By talking does not mean you will talk about children, household bills, or politics. By talking means sharing your internal feelings with each other. If you talk about the extra stuff then your date is ruined. There is no point in going on a date. Trust me, if you had a successful date then you will definitely get laid.

10. Play romantic music and start dancing with her

Men generally listen to hard rock music. But someday change your routine. Or if you are a soft music lover then you do not have to change anything. 😉 Keep listening to romantic music and as your wife come into your room then start dancing with her. I know this seems a little awkward. But it will make magic. She will love this madness. A little generous dance with her and she will be impressed.

11. You need to satisfy her every time on the bed

woman having orgasm

Now, this is the most important that’s why I am covering it at last. You need to satisfy her every time on the bed. She must feel the pleasure of orgasm whenever she does sex with you. Sex is not only about you. It is about both of you. You both should get satisfied with it. If you are done that does not mean she is done too.

A survey done in 2015 states that only 46% of women get a regular or nearly regular orgasm while having intercourse, with only 6% of women reporting always having an orgasm. Nearly one in six (16%) women had an orgasm approximately half of the time and 38% of women had orgasms fairly infrequently at most. This data says that it has very less chances that your wife gets an orgasm every time too.

Most of the time women fake it that they got an orgasm, not to hurt the sentiment of their husband. But the reality is they are not satisfied. So, you need to learn to give her an orgasm every time you do sex with her. Then only she will get ready whenever you ask her to get in bed. 😉

To give her orgasm every time you do not need a big penis or a long sex life. You just need to learn the tactics by which you can give her the best orgasm she needed. You can learn here all the ways to give her the best orgasm of her life and the tips to have great sex with her. If you satisfy her every time she will definitely come back every time by herself. Because this is what every woman needed while in bed.

Hope this blog helps you with what you want. Let us know in the comment if this helped you. 🙂

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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