Unlike Tinder, there is no such option in Happn to change the location, even if you purchase their premium plan. But that does not mean that you can not change the location of your Happn account. There is some app which can change your cell phone location. Most users try to spoof their location using a VPN, but it does not work.

To get crushes from a different location you need to change the location of Happn, you need to install a fake GPS app to spoof your location on your android phone, and also have to pay for a premium pack on happn to know who send you a crush.

You have to follow our method step by step to get a better result in a short period of time. Apart from spoofing your location, it would be best if you also improve your profile. It does not matter whether you change your location to LA or any great place; if your profile is not good enough, then forget to get crushes. But don’t worry, I will give some fantastic tips to set up your profile to attract girls like a magnet.

You can also get a hot girlfriend without spending a single penny. Check out our suggestion:

1. Change location using GPS location changer app:

You can find numerous apps to change your GPS location on both platforms – an android or an iPhone. You can install any app. But make sure the reviews of that app is good. Check their reviews whether that app is working or not. You can also buy a premium GPS spoof app. But free app related to GPS spoofing is enough for only changing your location for a particular time.

2. Buy a premium pack of Happn:

premium member

After changing your location, you can choose a premium option or continue with a free account. Why is the premium pack significant? Happn enables the feature of seeing who likes your profile only for premium users. Like Tinder, almost every dating app made this feature for premium users only. So if you change the location and someone likes your profile, then in order to view that person who likes your profile, you need a premium pack activated to your account.

You can choose as low budget pack as you can afford. You only need this premium feature to know who sends the crushes to you. You can activate one monthly premium pack.

Continue with Happn free:

If you wish to continue with free service, then also it’s ok, but you need to one thing to get more crushes on Happn:

  • After changing the location, you will have to send almost everyone you will get a recommendation by Happn.

3. Add photos to your gallery:

add photo to the gallery

You need to add almost five photos to your Happn gallery. Try not to add a single group photo. You are not allowed to add pictures with your brother or sister.

Place the first best photo among five in the first, that photo will automatically set as your profile. Make sure the profile photo is not taken through a selfie. Tell your brother or your friend to take your good image. You also learn from our blog.

4. Add something nice in the About Me section:

You can add anything related to your hobbies, interests, passion, or something funny; write something attracting to attract more girls.

5. Add My Info:

My Info consists of many sections, and they ask a ubiquitous question. I recommend you to add each section in My Info.

First section: What are you looking for in an happn?

You only need to be aware of the first section of My Info. You will get three options in the first section: A relationship, Nothing serious, I’ll know when I find it. I recommend you to select the third option, “I’ll know when I find it.” If you choose “A relationship”, girls may not try a relationship at first met with you or choosing “Nothing serious” then, girls may think that if she is serious in your relationship, you will play with her.

Choose other sections’ option according to your interest.

6. Add Work And Education:

add work

If you are working, you can add your Work, or you have the choice to add education. But adding Work has so many benefits. They may think that you are a working guy and no girl has a problem with a professional guy.

7. Connect your account to Spotify:

connect spotify

If you link your Spotify account, Happn will show your favorite song to the other user who will visit your profile. If you and her music choices will be the same, maybe you will get crush from her.

8. Start the game:

start the game

Now you are ready to start the game of getting more crushes on Happn. You can change your location to anywhere in the world. But first, try with a nearby location. If you can handle a long-distance relationship, then you are ready to set any place.

  • Select the place you want.
  • After selecting that location, you need to clear the cache of the happn app.
  • Now clear happn from recent uses app. (But not clear GPS spoof app from recent list.)
  • Now, after five minutes, open the Happn app, and you will see the suggestion related to your location.
  • Open the app for that selecting location for almost an hour to get more crushes.
  • You can turn off the internet data, but not GPS location.
  • If you have a premium pack, you don’t have to send crushes to each girl in that location.
  • But if you have a free account, you have to send crushes to everyone because you don’t know who will crush you back.
  • After an hour, you can change the location, you can also change the location after you finish all recommendations, but showing your profile in front of girls on that place, you will have to stay for a minimum of one hour, you can stay for a day. The longer you stay for that location, the better result you will get. But if you want to get crushes from different places, you can switch your location with a gap of one hour.

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