Getting a girlfriend outside in public areas is tough and risky. It requires some effort and then there are some chances that she will say yes. And if she said no then there are some risks that she will act in an angry mood. Due to these reasons, many men in this world hesitate to ask a girl for a date. In this blog, I will show you some awesome ways by which you get a girlfriend as you want.

You can get a girlfriend online in many ways. Some of them are below:

  1. Using dating websites and apps
  2. Using social media
  3. Joining an online community
  4. Playing some online multiplayer games
  5. Getting a virtual girlfriend

Above are the ways to get a girlfriend online. But wait there is much to know. Now I will explain how you have to use these options and what you can do to get the best result. There are some cool tips below, so keep reading.

Using Dating Websites to find girlfriend

This is the primary option to get a girlfriend online. Because anyone who comes on these sites has the same intention. So, you already know that every girl here is searching for a boyfriend. Now you just have to work smart and get your beautiful. Below are the best dating sites I suggest you try.

1. eharmony


This is a big fish in the dating ocean. They have a very large user base with 51% men and 49% women. This means you have more girls to match with. eharmony claims that every 14 minutes someone finds his love. This claim shows the success rate of getting matched.

They have such a high success rate because they own their own formula of matching. They do not let you search for girls instead they have a long list of questions. They ask these questions to you to find your personality and interest. And according to your personality, they show you the options.

So, if you are looking for a true relationship that lasts long. If you are finding someone who fits your interest then you must go with eharmony.

Start free with eharmony

Pro Tip: Truly answer all the questions they ask while creating the account on eharmony. These answers will help their formula to find the best fit for you.


dating com

This one is not so popular like above but I have selected this because it has a very high female ratio. And as I know you are interested in females only. Let me tell you one interesting thing. Right now while I am writing this article, I am chatting with a girl on And the best part is that she messaged me. And she looks interested in me.

So, if you are struggling to talk with girls then this could be the perfect place for you. You just have to create an account and you are ready to chat with the girls.

Create an account on


match com is also one of the most popular dating sites. If you are looking for a serious relationship then this can be a good choice for you. They have a list of questions that target your imagination. like, What type of body figure you want in your partner. Which language she must know. And whatever qualities you want in her.

The best thing about is that they verify every new account. That’s why they have no fake account ids. This makes this website totally genuine. So, if you want a serious relationship then go and visit here.

Create account on

4. SilverSingles


This is the best dating website for old aged peoples. If you are someone who is 50+ and want someone to share your moments then you are welcome here. Here you have maximum chances of being matched because everyone here is old aged. And so they do not have any special requirements.

Women here are not just friends, they are ready for romance too. I think this is why they are seeking a dating website. So, dear sir if you want the perfect partner of your age then you must try out this website.

Create a free SilverSingles account here

eharmony vs vs vs SilverSingle

Gender Ratio
Premium Pricing$59.95/month (1 month)
$29.95/month (3 month)
$29.90/month (6 month)
150 Credit/month ($29.99 for first month then $69.99/month)
400 Credit/month ($142.99)
950 Credit/month ($269.99)
$14.99/month (3 month)
$11.49/month (6 month)
$8.99/month (12 month)
$49.95/month (3 month)
$37.95/month (6 month)
$27.95/month (12 month)
Free Sign UpYesYesYesYes
Something SpecialEvery 14 min someone find his/her loveSearch yourself globally. Try new ones.One of the largest user base in dating industry.For 50+ aged singles
Free Sign UpFree Sign UpFree Sign UpFree Sign Up

Find girlfriend online on dating apps

These are another giant and handy way to get girls. And there is nothing surprising about it. We all already know about these apps. Many of them we already have known. So, let me tell you about some of these apps and I also have a cool trick for you below.

1. Tinder


I could place it in the dating websites section but It better suits here. Because whenever I say about tinder, it’s app comes in mind. And the second reason is that Tinder offers you a free service with limitations for a lifetime. And that is missing in those dating websites but common on all the apps below.

The tinder works on the swipe method. If you and any girl will swipe each other then only you guys can contact each other. And this part seems very difficult because tinder has a very less percentage of women. And that means they have many more options to choose from and so you have very few chances of being selected.

Hey, but what if you can message him even without being matched. I have a cool trick by which you can message her even without being matched. See it in the pro tip section below.

Pro Tip: Message a girl on tinder even without being matched:

1. Start the app and stop swiping right. (yes you heard it right)

2. Look at the full profiles of girls not only the pictures. And search for their Instagram id.

3. If found the Insta id then copy it otherwise swipe left and look for other girls.

4. Now go to your Insta account and visit her profile.

5. Start liking some of her posts, comment on some posts, and then message her a cool text. (Doing these things will differ you from all the guys message her and there are more chances that she will reply you back)

If she messaged you back then proceed with her and if not then go for another girl. Take your time and you will girl your dream girl.

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2. Happn


Suppose you are going to a gym, bar or any park and you find your girlfriend in the way. Isn’t it cool? Happn is such a kind of app. It shows you the profile of someone who is crossing by your side. Means you can get confirmed that she exist in real. Means no fake id issue. And if you want then you can approach her instantly because she is searching for a new friend that why she is active on Happn.

If she is interested then you will find your girlfriend and if not then at least you will get a new experience. While approaching her try not to be creepy. Be funny and polite. Your first impression should be impactful.

3. Bumble

This is just like Tinder but in the girl’s favor. Saying a girl’s favor means you can’t message her without her interest. First, it should be mutual matching like on tinder. And then only she can send the first message. You can’t send her the first text while she texts you. This means there is no need for any opening line.

You just have to like her for mutual matching and wait for her text. If she texted you mean she is already interested in you. That’s why she messaged you, Right! You just have to talk a little, show your humor and personality, and confirm your relationship.

4. Holla


Holla is different from all the apps in this list. Because it is not a dating app but I still had included this in the list. It is a random video calling app. Here you just swipe and match with the people randomly. I will say it is not so popular but an awesome app being tested by me. If you are searching for a relationship or some fun then you must try this app.

If you are alone and want someone to talk with. Then this is a perfect fit for you. And this app also has some naughty sides. You already know what I mean. 😉 So, go and give it a try. I am damn sure that you will love it. Just create a free account and let me know how much you liked it.

5. Hinge


Hinge is one of the top awesome apps where you can find your perfect partner. Because it has many cool features that help you to find your perfect one.

The first cool feature is to comment while liking someone’s profile. Unlike other dating apps, there is no need to be matched first before sending your first text. If you are a good first line breaker then this app can create wonders for you.

The second best thing in the app is that it requires at least 6 images and 3 personalized prompts. 6 images or videos must be uploaded. If the account is connected to Instagram or Facebook then it will automatically fetch the images and will show you the real pictures. So, you can watch clearly how awesome she is and then give her a nice line with alike.

Thirst best feature is that it shows you a lot of information about a person. It shows you the information regarding gender, age, height, location, children, family plan, work, education, religion, drinking, smoking, etc. So, if you are specific about her then you must get in here and search for her.

Pro tip: Complete all the information in the app. This will make you more visible to girls and will help you to find your perfect match.

Improve your texting game:

All the above apps will only work if you have a good texting game. Not only dating but any app which includes texting will require good texting. Your first personality show will be with your texting. If you are a beast at a phone game then you can get any girl you want. For that, I will suggest you take texting training to improve your texting style. I will suggest this texting training program. He is best at it. Go and check him out.

Use Social Media to get your girlfriend

social media

Social media is very common in our life. Or I should say it is a part of our life nowadays. So, if it is such close to everybody then why don’t you use to search your partner. It has a huge potential if you use it in the right way. Below are some helpful points which will make your social media game better.

1. Facebook

Facebook the oldest popular player in social media market. You can use it for your own benefit. To get girls on Facebook you must have keep some important points in mind.

  1. Create an account with good profile pics and be consistent with it.
  2. When you find your girl on Facebook then make sure she is single. To check this look at her relationship status, Check her posts if any guy is common in many posts, Check the comments of her post if you find something suspicious.
  3. When you get confirmed that she is single then start your journey with her.
  4. Never message instantly whenever she comes online. Message after 10 to 15 min.
  5. Keep chatting with her and proceed further with the awesome texting talent you have. And if you are bad at the phone game then learn it.

2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media now. It is clean and simple. So, everyone loves it. You can get your girlfriend here if you use it intelligently. The Tinder trick also works if you have a good tinder account and best texting skill. Below are some Dos and don’ts that will help you to get your girlfriend easily.

  • Pick a good profile picture.
  • go and look for her accounts. Gather some information that can help further.
  • Don’t be desperate to message her. Take your time.
  • Never start your conversation with hi, hello, or something boring type of text.
  • Before messaging, first look at her profile and like some of her posts and comment on her one or two posts. This separates you from all the list available in her chat section.
  • Now talk to her and enjoy it. Try to meet physically on a coffee or tea.

3. LindedIn

To get a girl on LinkedIn you have to work smart. It is a professional social media where business owners and job seekers make their profiles. You can join groups related to your industry and post the articles, insights, and some other helpful posts. This will present your thought in front of all the members connected.

Posting these kinds of stuff in the group is a way to talk to the girls. If someone finds you with common thinking then she will message you. And then you will start your texting game there and make her mad for you.

Playing some online multiplayer games

world of warship

I have heard many stories in which many guys found their love in a multiplayer game. So, if you love games then try some new online community type of games. Many multiplayer games give you the opportunity to get connected with other players worldwide. So keep connecting with them and look for the girls. Who knows that you are the next guy who found his girlfriend online on a multiplayer game.

Join an online community

Online Communities are best. On the internet, there are many online communities as per the different topics. So, find your interest and note them down on a paper. Now start searching the online communities on the topic and start joining them all. I am asking you to join all the communities because more community means more girls. And more girls means more chances to get a girlfriend.

There is no harm in getting into these communities. If you do not find your girl then you will get a lot of information about your topic. And if you find your girl here then what can be the better than that. So, get ready to find the communities and searching for your dream girl.

Buy a virtual girlfriend

Actually I am not a big fan of it but it is an option. Virtual girlfriend is your that girlfriend, to whom you can talk only but never can touch. It has both pros and cons. I will mention them below. It is all up to you what you like or dislike. So, look at its plus and minuses and choose wisely.


  • You will never meet her in real life.
  • She will never start a conversation. Always you have to text first.
  • You cannot do any naughty things with her. This is prohibited.
  • You cannot talk to her. She will only be available for text.


  • She will always be available whenever you text her.
  • She will never irritate you by calling or messaging.
  • She will never be emotionally connected with you. So, you can leave her whenever you want.
  • Build as per your choice. You will select her color, age, photo, and personality.

Above are all the pros and cons I found. From my point of view, how someone is your girlfriend if you can’t do anything except talking. I will prefer a real girl instead of a virtual girlfriend. But it’s my perception. If you liked the idea of a virtual girlfriend then you can get one at

Make your girl stick with you when you find one

couples walking

Now you know all the ways possible to get a girlfriend online. And there are more chances that you will find one. But the question arises will she stick with you. She found you that’s cool but is she willing to be your girlfriend? And if yes then for how long time?

The answer to all the questions above is you. It’s up to you how you manage her. If she thinks that you are interesting enough then she will be with you. But she found you boring she will leave you. To make her stick with you, you have to work on yourself. You need to know all the skills which make any girl mad for you.

Try out our suggested love guide to learn all the skills you must know. Once you master all these you will be a hunter. It will be your choice whom you want to hunt. Go and check it out. There is nothing to lose but much more to gain.

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