I know how much it hurts when you lose someone you love. I have been in that condition. And at that time I was searching for something that can help men to get her back. And, now I think that there are many people who need the same help. So, in this blog, I have covered all the things that work best when you want your love back.

To get back your boyfriend reminds him of the good memories you had together. Those memories that were funny, loving, or exciting. Make him trust you because trust is the base of any relationship.

Above is the base which will make him come back to you. But how will you do this is explained below. I have given 11 very important points that can be very helpful. Most of them I myself have used when I was trying to get her back. So, keep reading all the ways because these can change your whole relationship face.

1. Get back to your meeting point

on meeting point

If you want to fix your broken relationship then your together memories are your first weapon. If you were together for some time then you should have many good moments. Those moments that none of you can forget. And you will use them to remind him how happy you were together.

One of the best moment that every lover remember is the meeting spot. Everyone remembers how they met with each other the first time. And there are chances that he also remembers the place where you met. So, take him to that place. Because your one of very sweet and important memory is connected to that place.

And he definitely remembers that moment when you met with each other. I love the moment when I met my girlfriend. So, I am damn sure that he remembers that too. And if he doesn’t remember that then remind him how you met with him on the place. This is a great trigger to make him feel that he still loves you.

2. Relive the old sweet memories

The above point is a part of this point. Try to make your old memories alive again. Those memories that you enjoyed much. Those memories that were very exciting. If he started feeling those memories then it will start to make him love you again. And if you triggered it then he will try to suppress his love. And this will make him love you more.

Because when you suppress something then it starts to grow more. So, try to remind him of all the old memories. But try to avoid the bad memories. If any bad memory is related to your good memory then avoid that good memory. Try to remind him only those memories that were good and loving. Only those memories that can spark your love again.

3. Communicate properly

man woman communicating

I always say this line that communication is the key. Because it is. Proper communication can solve any issue. You just need to be calm and talk about it properly. If your relationship is breaking then talk about it. Try to find why is it happening.

And if you know why it is happening then talk about it. Try to find a solution. Make it clear in your mind that you are talking to him not to make yourself superior. But you are talking to him to save your relationship. Sometimes he may stat shouting at you then don’t get aggressive again.

First, think and try to see the situation through his eyes. If you see that his thinking is good then you can apologize. Or, if you see he is wrong then it is all your choice. you can take your own stand. Go and get a new boyfriend on eharmony. But keep in mind that your last goal should be that you guys get back together.

4. Do something special for him

Time to do something special for him. If you love him then you have to make him feel something special. Sometimes this happens that men try to break up because they feel ignored. And if this is your case then you need to make it fixed. He must feel that you still love him.

One more best thing you can do is to link for this special occasion with your past good memory. By this, you are making him feel that you still love him, and also you are reminding him of your good memories together. So if he loved you then this can be in your favor. This can trigger his inner love and he will try to get back to you.

5. Cut out the outside viruses


Do you know what is the main reason for any conflict? The outside viruses. By saying outside viruses means those people who try to break your relationship. This can be one of the possibilities that he is trying to break up. Or, if you guys are going with bad time then they are putting the gas into the fire.

So the best you can do for them is to cut out their contact. Try to keep them away from your boyfriend. Because if they are connected then they will fill his mind with bad things. And this can be worst for your relationship. So keep him and yourself away from them. Not always but at least when your relationship is not good.

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6. Look for the bleeding point

Here bleeding point means breaking point in your relationship. That point of your relationship which you think is weak. You need to heal that point. Because this is a point that is making your relationship weaker. If you want to be happy with your boyfriend then find that point and do something to fix it.

7. Forgive


sometimes we get apart from our loved ones because we are not ready to forgive each other. This is due to the ego or some kind of other things. Whatever the reason is but it makes our relationship bad.

It may be possible that you and your boyfriend are not ready to forgive each other and that’s why you are getting apart. If this is the case then you are taking a very wrong step. Nothing is greater than a good relationship, even not your ego.

If you think your ego is bigger then let your relationship break. But if you care about your relationship then forgive him. I don’t know what he has done to you or you have done to him. But if you will be stuck at your point that you will never forgive each other then this will ruin your whole life.

In this situation, the best you can do is forgive him. If you forgive him first then he will definitely forgive you too. And this can lead to a very happy life. this is my suggestion but the choice is yours. Do what you think is better for you.

8. Remind him of your future plans

If you are getting apart from your boyfriend then this point can help. As I said above memories are your greatest weapon. But planning is also one of them. I am damn sure that you guys would have planned something for your future. Like you guys will go to Los Angeles and party in a club. Or you guys will go to Miami beach and swim together.

This could be anything that you guys would have planned. And you guys did this because at that time you loved each other. And if you remind him about this then there are possibilities that it will trigger the love hidden behind him. So, my humble suggestion is that you are doing a lot to get him back. So, why don’t you try this one too?

9. Set boundaries


This point is for the future if you have solved the current issue. Boundaries are very important in a relationship. So you have to set a proper boundary for him as well as you. These boundaries will ensure that you don’t face the same problem that you are facing now.

Boundaries like you will never lie to each other. Or you will never hide anything from each other. basically it is the clarity that you love him and he loves you. And you guys will be together forever with honesty.

10. Take his friend in your side

Do you know whom we listened to a lot? Our friends. And the same is with him too. This means he also listens to his friends. So, just think what if you take his friend on your side. He will convince him for you to get together. but for that, you have to show him that you want him back. And you are totally honest about it.

If you have done something wrong then accept it in front of him. Let his friend know that you regret what you have done. And you will never do it again. You don’t want to lose your boyfriend. If he agreed to be on your side then you have won the half match.

11. Decide what you definitely want

woman want love

Hey, above all the points will only work if you are dedicated to getting what you want. If you have a doubt about it then you will never give your 100% for this. And if this is the case then don’t try these points. Only try these when you really want to get him back. Your dedication is the most important factor here.

if you really want to get him back then I have something for you. It is almost 100% guaranteed that he will start loving you again. But you just have to follow the all steps one by one. Here is the link to the step by step guide where you will get all the help by which you can make him love you again. And it is sure that if he came back to you he will never look at any other girl again.

Of course, he will charge you some bucks for his labor he put into this program. And I think it is worth it. Because if some of the cost of your burger can make your relationship alive then I think it is the best deal you can have.

Because you can never compare a good relationship with any amount of money. It is way more valuable.

Sam Kryplone

Hey! This is Sam. The Co-owner of Lovegrabber. I love to write about relationship stuff. But I want to confess one thing that I am not any so-called relationship expert. I write everything on the basis of my internet research and my real-life experience or the experience with my past relationships. So, read and have fun.

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