It is challenging to find a stranger girl on WhatsApp. Whatsapp is not made for dating a girl. You can only text if you know her; otherwise, you will get block from her.

You can find stranger girls on WhatsApp using the Whatsme app where you just have to put some random digit number which is valid digits that applicable to your country along with your country code.

In this article, you will learn from installing an app to finding a girl’s cell phone number without breaking any WhatsApp rules. You can safely find a girl’s WhatsApp number without affecting your account from a permanent ban.

The requirement to follow these steps:

1. An android phone.

2. An internet connection

3. Basic knowledge of app installing.

4. Have some patience

5. If you are lucky, you will get it very soon

1. Install Whatsme app:

Install whatsme app

First, you need to download the whatsme app from the google play store app. It’s quite an easy task to find whatsme app. Well, this app is designed to help users to chat with their client without saving their number. In everyday life, you met so many people that you need to exchange data from that person.

If only to exchange messages, then there is no need for this app, but to send multimedia-related data like images, videos, etc. then saving their number is substantial, but this app allows you to send a message without saving their number. So if you don’t get anything after following steps discussed below, don’t give bad reviews to this app. Whatsme is not made for finding girls’ numbers.

2. Start finding a girl’s number:

Now, come to the second method, which is finding girls’ cell phone numbers. It would be best if you kept in mind the below tips to find stranger girls number:

  • First, put the country code where you live. e.g., Put America country code along with + prefix. It will look like +1.
  •  Enter valid digit number: Valid digit number means how many digits are required to make a call to your friend. Every country has a different digit needed; its ten required digits to call any users except country code for American users.
  • Now, you have to put random numbers 20 times. In the beginning, you might not even be able to find a single girl’s number. But don’t give up; you need to have some patience. If you are lucky, you will definitely find it soon.
  •  If you don’t know where to start by putting a random number, you can try with your old contact stored on your phone. Choose any local friend numbers and copy that number, then paste into the whatsme app and replace middle or last two or three-digit each time and see the result. Compare both methods separately to find which method works better for you.

3. Finding real girls on WhatsApp:

It’s not necessary that if you find a number through the above process, then you will surely get a girl’s number. You need to check them first using the caller finder app. At this time, I will use the TrueCaller app to find a contact name. But why, TrueCaller? I know TrueCaller used your data to show their name. But think yourself, nowadays, every cell phone users have a TrueCaller in their phone.

To use Truecaller, you have to register using your name and email. And most of us give correct data to TrueCaller. You have to use this information to find the real name of any number you found using the whatsme app.

No matter what type of profile picture they put on their WhatsApp, you need first to find the name. If that number belongs to any girl, then approach the next method mentioned below.

4. Save that number:

Save contact

This process is very crucial if you don’t want to lose your WhatsApp number. Then read this point very carefully. Whatsapp security improves day by day. If you don’t wish your WhatsApp account to get a permanent ban, you have to save that number before texting to any stranger. If someone blocks your number and a total number of blocks exceeds the limit of 5 for saving the contact, no one will save you from permanently banning your account.

Most users do not want any stranger to talk, and they will block you without even ask you who you are. If you send a message to any stranger, the WhatsApp bot will activate sending a message to a stranger.

The limit of sending a message to unsaved contact is only two and five for saved contact if your account is newly created. Whatsapp will not do anything until someone blocks you. You can send a text to unsaved contact, and you will also be safe until they do not block you. But don’t take any risk and save that number. Even if you saved the contact, don’t send a message to more than five girls in a day.

To avoid permanently ban your WhatsApp account, save that number before sending a message to any girl. To remember her name, save the same name that you got from TrueCaller.

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5. Hide your profile:

Hide your profile

A survey conducted by LoveGrabber in which we texted 10 girls, 5 with profile pic and 5 without profile pic. You will be surprised to see the result; in the first case, four out of five users block our number but only one user block in the second case. But why both results are different with a huge gap.

We didn’t find yet, what’s the real reason behind this, but maybe because showing your profile directly tells them that you are a stranger, hiding your profile makes them curious and start asking themselves who you are. They also start thinking that maybe you are acquainted. So they will not block you until they confirm that you are a stranger.

You have to keep engaging them until they find you a stranger. If you impress her by texting, then they will not block you.

The first benefit of hiding your profile is you can avoid bulk blocks that may suspend your WhatsApp account. And the other advantage is that she will surely text you and want to know about you. Hey, but there is a condition in this whats app trick.

Your texting game should be insanely great, then only you can keep these girls hooked with you. If you know how to make her fall for you using texting magic, then no one will stop you from getting that girl. If you do not know how to chat with a stranger to impress her, you should check our suggestion.

6. Optional Suggestion: Delete message after sending:

Delete that message

This tip is not for everyone, and the result may differ from person to person. There are a few steps to follow these steps:

  • First, send a text message to the stranger girl.
  • You can text anything like “Hi,” “Hey.”
  • Delete that message after few minutes.
  • Try not to have that girl read your message.

If you send a message and immediately delete that message, you can manage her if they ask you who you are, and you can reply to her that you will mistakenly send this message to you. You need to say sorry at the end. This method can boost your impression in front of that girl. But this method will not work every time; in most cases, that person doesn’t reply if you send and delete that message before reading. You can try this optional method for better results. But do it at your own risk.

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