Confessing your feeling to your crush over texting mainly have two reasons behind this approach. The first one is either you are a little shy or nervous and the other is you want to know their feeling without taking much risk to get failed. It is good to express your feeling via texting because in the case of texting you can tease your crush or you can know about her feeling, their interest, their passion and so on. Suppose you have to say to your crush three magic words not always “I love you” my dear sometimes it’s better to say “I like you”. Texting can help a lot more to say instead of only say that three magic words. In texting, You can have the option to tell her not only you like her but why you like her.

If you want to express or say anything to your crush, texting is the best and safe way to do this. You can confess your crush by texting and saying “I like you” inflow of funny conversation because it makes you stressless and you have the option to say that it just joked.

Why confessing over texting is better than face to face conversation?

Texting is safe in a lot of manners because texting is subtle and also a lot less stressful than in face to face conversation or phone calls. You can say a lot in texting without hesitation but you can’t get this benefit in face to face conversation. Let’s explore how you can confess to your crush step by step via texting.

Get her contact detail:

contact detail

First thing before move further is to manage her contact detail such as social media accounts or her WhatsApp contact number. You can get her social media accounts without much effort but you only get her WhatsApp number or anything social media connected to mobile number is hard to get because he or she only gives this if they trust you.

Try getting contact detail in the middle of a conversation when you feel that he or she enjoying your conversation then try to ask his/her contact detail. Try not to get the mobile number related social media such as WhatsApp because if they hesitated to give first then possible not giving social media accounts information too.

Ask their contact detail by saying we can share our social media accounts to get in touch. After exchanging contact detail you may be faced an awkward situation that what to say next but don’t panic just move on by starting any topic to maintain the flow of that conversation.

First Conversation

Now you are at the point where you can start talking via text. Don’t be panic and nervous just start with hi. The best time to talk with social media is at night because everyone just got relax at that time.

You can start conversation by texting simply “hi”. If your crush is replied then ask “what are you doing right now ?” Don’t depend on your crush reply just be ready to ask the next question. The best part of any good conversation is interaction. Whatever your crush says you have to try to make your conversation funny. If your conversation is funny then trust me you will get the best result at the end of your conversation. I impressed my girlfriend because my girl enjoyed my conversation. She sometimes missed my conversation at day time, just try to get the point that texting conversation is very powerful and can do a lot if you really make your texting funny and interacting.

Use your crush name:

Do you know a person is very interested to listen to his/her name If you use your crush name in the chat, trust me your crush feels very special. But remember anything which goes to an extreme can bad. Use your crush name as you used when you talking to phone or face to face conversation.

Observing their act:

You can observe your crush acts while texting. Remember your crush is not always in a good mood. Try to observe whether your crush enjoying your text or not. If your crush replied very short maybe they are not in the mood of talking. It is not because of you, human moods change over time. It’s just natural. If your crush does not talk to you right now then just text your crush that “text me when you feel free” or “ok, catch you later” with cute emoji to make your crush comfortable.

Your Crush Interest:

find his hobby

Now, this is time to know the interest of your crush. Asking their interest, passion, hobby. What your crush does in free time. Which type of movies or web series do you crush like? What they will do this weekend? Are they free this Sunday?

Asking a long answer question:

If you asking “yes or no question” the conversation never runs from a long time perspective. You have to engage your crush over texting long period of time. If you spend a long time texting with your crush after a few days your crush will get the habit to chat or texting you every day.

Try light flirt:

To make your crush conversation interesting, you’ll have to be a little flirter. If your crush is interested in you then they will definitely enjoy your flirting conversation. Make sure your flirt dose will have to be minimal. Over flirting can show you as a bad guy that you are not interested in her you are interested in something else. Try your flirting conversation is free from any adult words. It is necessary to avoid dirty talk at first. Make your crush comfortable while you are flirting to them.

Confess your crush:

Why direct texting “I like you” or “I love you” is better than knowing about your crush interest, passion then proposing or asking about dating. If you don’t know about your crush much more then most of the chance it may won’t work. I know you like your crush and just confess your crush without making much effort on this. But following the above ways can work on 90% probability but direct proposing can more chance to get rejected from your crush. You’ll have to show your crush that you are interesting, interacting, caring and funny. No anyone can accept your direct proposal whether your crush is a boy or a girl. Long texting can make your crush more comfortable.

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