If you are one of them whose boyfriend is cheating then you need to be alert. You need to do something about it. Because it is not a small issue like a scratch on your skin. It is something big. This can disturb your whole time. In this blog, I will show you what you should do. How you have to think? And all the other possible actions required.

If you want to break with him then here are the steps:

  1. Make sure that you want to do this.
  2. Talk to him in private.
  3. Say something you like about him.
  4. Tell him what is going wrong.
  5. Say that you want to break up.
  6. Say something kind and loving at last.

Above are the steps you can follow to break up with him. But there is so much you need to know before doing this. I have explained everything well below. I have tried to touch every possible query you can have in this situation. So, keep reading because till last because this will help you a lot.

What to do if you think he is cheating?

1. Don’t freak out

dont freak out

When a girl comes to know that his boyfriend is cheating on her then she gets mad. She starts crying. Starts calling her boyfriend and starts abusing him. Call to her friend and start crying and saying how unlucky she is.

And there are so many things that she starts doing immediately. Even there are some who try to finish their valuable life for that guy who doesn’t fucking care about her.

I will say you have to get away from these all. The first thing you have to do is to stay calm. I know it is difficult. And right now there is so much going in your head. But if you want the best result out of this situation then you must have to stay calm.

You can’t make a better decision when you are freaked out. Your life is much valuable and you can’t waste it for someone who doesn’t deserve this. So, don’t freak out and look for the next point.

2. Don’t jump to an accusation

Most of the time you know it from somewhere else that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Now, this information can be right or wrong. Because without verifying the fact you can’t say whether he is guilty or not.

But most of the time when a girl gets this cheating information then he believes that it is true. Stop doing this. Be calm and wait to make it clear. Because if you directly accuse him by the base of some other sources of information. Then this can be dangerous for your relationship.

If he is not cheating and the information you got was wrong then this will damage your current relationship. Your boyfriend will start thinking that you don’t trust him. And trust is the main base of any relationship. If trust is damaged means your relationship will not last long. So, don’t just jump directly into accusations. First, verify then act.

3. Write down your every feeling on a paper

woman writing

In this phase of life, there is so much that runs into the mind. Sometimes we start feeling angry and then sometimes start feeling destroyed. Sometimes you start thinking that what you should do to him or yourself.

These feelings run in mind on a very mass scale. They keep changing and keep our mood spoiled. So, the best way to take out these all is to write them down. Start writing your feelings on paper.

Write everything you are feeling, what you are planning, why you are planning, and everything. Writing these all on a paper will help you to stay calm. Because you have expressed everything that was buried inside you.

4. Keep an eye on him

Now the only thing you have to do is to keep eye on him. You can’t accuse him but you can try to find the real truth. Just be alert and keep watching what is going on. You can keep eye on his social media accounts, and phone messages and calls.

The best way to do this is to use MSpy. It is a mobile tracker that will track his whole phone. It means you can see his online text messages, listen to his phone calls, look at his media files, look at his browsing history, and everything from anywhere in the world. It is the safest and best way to keep eye on your guy. So, give it a try because you will love it.

If he is cheating you then you will definitely find something that will reveal the real truth. Look for some time and if you find him honest then keep loving him and stop keeping eye on him. Because he also needs some privacy.

5. Go and directly talk to him

man talking woman

If you found that he is guilty and cheating on you. Then this is the time when you have to talk to him directly. Tell him whatever you think and whatever not working. He should know that you are leaving him because he has done the wrong part.

It was he who created this situation of a breakup. It is important for you to express everything to him because your mind should be all clear. And this will keep your self-esteem up. If you are clear in your mind, then only you can start a new life with someone else.

6. Accept that he is going to respond strongly

Before going to talk to him you have to accept this fact that he will respond strongly. It can be positive or negative. But the reaction will be strong. He may start by saying that you are wrong. He may not accept that he is cheating on you. But you know the fact and you have to do what is right.

Things to do to break up with him

I have said very simply that you have to go and directly talk to him. Basically it is about going to him and break up with him. But is not as simple as it seems. When you actually try to do this then you find that what will say to him. How will you face his reaction? Are you doing it right? What if you don’t get any boyfriend after the breakup?

It is so much you start getting worried about. So, in this part, I will show you all the things you have to do to break up with him. I will give you the best possible way to handle this situation.

1. Get confirmed that you want to do it

determined woman

If you are thinking to break up with him then you have to get clear about this. You can’t do it till you are confused. He will never let you do this. He will do everything to change your mind. And if you are not fixed on your decision then you will get easily convinced by him. And if this is the case then you can never break up with him. So first, get confirmed that you really want to do it.

2. Go and talk with him in private

You want to break up with him. Then go and talk to him. But keep in mind that you do it in private. Don’t start arguing in public or in front of his friends. If you will talk to him in private then he will be all open to you. He will say everything he wants to say without any hesitation. But if you are in public then he will get stuck at his ego. So, try to do this in private.

3. First say something you like about him

You should start your conversation with something you like in him. This will remind him that you love him. And also this is a good conversation starter. Now you may be thinking that why you should be polite to him. After all, he cheated on you. Instead of being polite, you should slap him.

I know that you are angry right now. I had been in this situation and I know how it feels. But trust me, your slap will not hurt as your politeness will. By this, you will make him think that he has done a huge mistake. He will regret what he has done. So, start with the thing you like in him and then follow what is written next.

4. Now tell him that what is going wrong

man cheating

You have shown him that you loved him. Now, this is the time to reveal the suspense. Tell him what is going wrong in your relationship. Tell him that you know that he is cheating on you. And you can’t tolerate this. At first, he will not accept that he is cheating on you. But you know this because you already have verified this. And maybe you would have any proof too.

5. Tell that you want to breakup

Now, this is the time to get clear. Tell him that you want to break up with him. You don’t want this relationship anymore. And you must do this because you deserve better. If you love someone then you don’t deserve a cheater. There should be someone who will love you as you do to him. So, tell him that you don’t need a cheater anymore and you want to break up.

6. Say something kind and loving at last

This is a power punch to him. I should call it a sweet power punch. When you are done with the conversation, then say something kind loving to him. Before leaving tell something like “I hope you will be happy with the new girl” or “I wish you live happily from now”.

These simple lines make a huge impact. This makes him think that how much you care about him. He starts feeling guilty. This makes him regret his actions. Just say a simple, kind, and loving line at last and leave.

7. Listen to him if he want to say something

It is good to say what you want to say. But you also have to listen to him. It may be possible that you are making any mistake. So, it is better to hear what he wants to say. I am saying this because I already had faced this situation.

Once my girlfriend thought that I am cheating on her. But that was a misconception because I was talking to my friends’ girlfriend while my friend was at the conference. When my girlfriend heard the female voice having fun with me Then he started thinking about something else.

So, this is why I am saying that you must hear what he wants to say. Listen to what he is saying and then make your final decision.

8. Now start searching for another boyfriend

online dating

Don’t get me wrong. But it is important. Many girls start saying that how can I make a new boyfriend if I just had a breakup. I know you are sad. And this is why I am saying you to make a new boyfriend. There are so many benefits of making a new boyfriend at this time.

First, you need someone to talk to. You just had a breakup and you will feel alone now. So, you need someone to share your time. You need someone who will make you happy while you are upset. And you can’t be single waiting for your ex while he is enjoying with his new girlfriend. You also have to move on.

And second, you must make a new boyfriend now because it will make him feel jealous. He will regret his decision when he will see you with another guy. Men hate this when his girlfriend or ex enjoy with some other guy. And you have to do the same. He must feel how big a mistake he has done. And when he will see you with your new boyfriend then he will get mad about this.

You can make a new boyfriend in your local if you get one. Or you can try online dating websites. Online dating is best if you want a boyfriend instantly. Because here every one is searching for a relationship. So, you will meet a new hotty very easily.

I will suggest eharmony as a dating website. Because they have a good reputation in the market and have a huge user base. So, do what fits best for you but find a new guy for yourself.

Do this if you want to get him back.

men obsessed with woman

I told you everything that you have to do to break up with him. But in some cases, you love someone in such a way that you can’t leave him. In any case, you want him back. And if this is the situation with you then it is serious.

The best choice here is that you should leave him. You deserve someone better. But if you still want him back, what can I do then. It’s all your decision. So, in this case, I think I have someone who can help you.

His technique has already worked for many people and I think that it will works for you too. Go to this link and watch the full video made for women. There you will get the idea of how can you get him back. After this, he will never look at any other girl. He will be all yours.

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