There are different parameters to check your tinder score. One of those is Tinder’s Elo score or also known as desirability score. Well, most users messed up with their elo score by using Tinder in the wrong way. But don’t worry; it is possible to increase or boost your Elo score.

There are numerous methods to boost the Tinder Elo score like limit your right swipes, be active on tinder by sending and receiving message, communicating with your matches, resetting your tinder account and don’t change the location too frequent.

Tinder uses Elo score to rank you among Tinder’s users. If your elo score is high, then you will get more matches frequently. Currently, Tinder uses lots of different parameters to match users. In March 2019, Tinder decided to discontinue its ranking algorithm. They change how to determine the attractiveness of its users to match them with users of similar desirability.

Even if they stop using the elo system, their rules of propitious and pernicious behaviors are not changed still. Then the question must be arises here then why you should still focus on elo score? No matter which system works to calculate your activity, you need to maintain your standards in front of Tinder’s system. 

It may also happen that Tinder stops the use of the elo system to replace their algorithm with a better one. You still need to focus on the different parameters to score you based on your activity. Let’s see how to boost Tinder’s algorithm to rank well among other users.

1. Be active:

be active on tinder

Tinder will hate you or punish you if you do not active on Tinder, no matter how your beautiful photo is placed or how you perfect write your bio. The question is how you frequently active on Tinder. If you left the app for a week, you would see drastic changes when you come back again. 

If your active frequency is low and you are rarely active, you will not appear on other responsive profiles. It is essential if you want to improve your score and rank well.

2. Limit your right swipe:

Too much right swipe can be seen mostly in male users who create tinder account and start swiping right without even check their profiles. By swiping only right, you are spamming with the tinder algorithm. Suppose your email is full of spam messages, then you will surely hate to open that spammy message. Think yourself how Tinder will love this. 

Tinder hates spammers, approx every big platform hates spammers, and every year they invest billions of dollars just to minimize the spammers. You would disappear from high responsive profiles if you caught by Tinder’s algorithm. 

If you are not choosy and swipe right to almost every profile, you probably make Tinder’s algorithm active to think that you don’t require a high rank and upper tier of profiles. If you are not choosy, then Tinder will show inactive profiles.

Don’t be greedy; you will end up with nothing. Don’t try to be a bot.  

How to right swipe genuinely?

  • Have a look at that profile before swipe right.
  • Check his/her each photo.
  • Check bio. 
  • If you are really interested, then swipe right.

Don’t lose your standards. By doing this process, you will send a good signal to the tinder algorithm.

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3. Limit your swipe in an hour:

Just like swipe right too much, all swipe, including right swipe and left swipe, can be bad for your Tinder’s ranking. If you are too frequent to swipe profiles within an hour, Tinder can lock your profile for twelve hours, which can negatively impact your Tinder’s profile. If you don’t find good profiles, take a deep breath, and come after an hour.

Your tinder can be locked for 12 hours if you crossed 2000 swipes limit.

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4. Get more right swipes:

While getting the right swipes can be a challenging task. You need to focus on your Tinder’s profile photo along with all images. Not only limited to photographs, but you also need a nicely written bio to attract other users to visit your profile and make them attractive to swipe right.

You have to get a photographer to take picture with a real camera like DSLR. Sad reality, but you can not compare a cell phone camera to a DSLR camera. You can learn how to take a picture by clicking here.

You also need to add an attractive bio to get more swipes. Don’t mess your bio with useless info. Empty bio is far better than the worst bio. You can learn how to add a perfect bio on Tinder.

5. Communicate with your match:

communicate on tinder

Say Hi to a matched profile, don’t let other users get that chance. Most users just wait for other matched users to start a conversation. But no one start. Please don’t do that. It will also negatively impact your algorithm score. But most users get numerous matches; you don’t need to communicate with every game.

6. Don’t use the tinder passport feature too often:

Don’t let Tinder to spoil your premium membership. Tinder passport features are premium, and even premium members can also suffer if they use different locations too frequently. You can hurt your score by changing location too many times within an hour.

7. Sending and Receiving messages:

If you get a reply from a texted message to someone, you will boost your rank. Sending and receiving a message from a particular person can help you to improve your algorithm score. You need to send tricky text and don’t text just ‘Hi’; you will not get any reply from anywhere. Think yourself why someone will reply for just hi where they get that boring hi every day from many tinder users.

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8. Reset your account careful:

reset your account

Resetting your account is beneficial if you messed up with your account with too many right swipes. Resetting your account is now rísky on Tinder. Nowadays, Tinder recognizes you after resetting your account. It is because you have reset your account many times and you also had use your previous data after resetting. But still, you can reset your account if you follow our steps carefully. 

  • After resetting the account, wait at least one hour.
  • Start from scratch
  • Recreate your account and don’t try to use previous data like Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, even the same profile pic or bio or your name. 

You can use previous data after three months from the last reset because your data is only retained for three months after you delete your Tinder account. source

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