Being an Instagram boyfriend is way more different from being a normal boyfriend. An Instagram boyfriend needs to be an alert, emotional, and deep thinker. You need to know all the small basic details of an Insta image. Because this is what brings a smile on her face. Today I will show you how you can be the nest Instagram boyfriend of her life.

To be an Instagram boyfriend you need to know all the basic elements of photography. A better Instagram boyfriend knows all the angles, posing, and framing needed to make his/her partner a star of the photo.

Above is what you need to know to be a better Instagram boyfriend. But you need to know more. Below I have explained all the ways I think important to make you a better IG boyfriend.

Instagram Boyfriend meaning

An Instagram boyfriend is someone who keeps your Insta feed alive. This is the person who clicks the perfect picture you post on your Instagram feed. This IG boyfriend can be anyone, your friend, you gf/bf, your dad, your sister, anyone. Anyone who is always there for you whenever you needed him for your perfect picture.

They are those creatures who can do anything just for your great picture. they can climb a tree, Lay on the ground, bent on their knees. The only moto they have to make you the star of the image. And I know that you are one of those warriors. I salute you for your awesome work. 🙂

Ways to take a great picture of your girlfriend

1. Context of the photo

Before clicking, you need to know the purpose of the image. You need to know why you clicking the picture. Are you clicking it because you want to show delicious food? Or are you clicking the picture because you want to show the beauty of nature? Or, you may want to present your girlfriend as a star.

Whatever be the reason. But you need to know what are you going to present in it. Because when you know the purpose, your camera angles get focused on that thing and the picture reaches its perfection.

2. Equipment

Indeed, it does not depend on the tool but it depends on the guy who is using it. But that never meant that you can beat a DSLR by an old digital camera. Yes, your skill is the primary thing which makes your photo better. But the equipment you are using is equally important.

Most of the Instagram pictures are generally clicked by phone. So, here the camera on the phone is your equipment. You can never beat a high megapixel latest phone’s camera picture with an old 3g phone. So, If you want to be the best Instagram boyfriend ever then upgrade your device.

3. Framing

The frame of an image captured makes a huge difference in the images. It is not required that any image looking good in close will also good in wide. Every frame his its uniqueness and beauty. You just to check which looks better.

Frames are divided into three parts: Close, Medium, and Wide. If you are taking a food image then it looks better in the close frame but a nature picture generally looks good in a wide or medium frame. So, frames are the most important part if you are going to capture her. You have to decide which will look better on her as per the situation.

Tip: Whenever you take picture of someone, click the picture in all the three frames. Give her the variety. Let her decide which looks better.

Tip: Never cut off the feet in a full body shot picture. Shoes must be there because shoes are part of the outfit.

4. Angles


Angles can enhance your image. You just have to decide your angle. There are three basic angles: High angle, Eye-level angle, and Low angle.

When you put your camera above of your eye horizontal surface is called a high angle. In this angle, your face looks bigger and clear. Basically, a high angle is used when you want to focus the camera more on your face.

When you put your phone on the eye-level surface then it is called an eye-level angle. This angle is used when you needed a natural picture of yours. It will make you look the same as you are in the image.

And when your camera device is below the eye level surface then that’s called a low angle. It elongates your legs and makes you feel taller in the image.

Angle chart

Tip: Never use the high angle from far and never go low from close.

5. Lightning

Your phone has a flash, that’s very cool. But nothing can compare proper lightning. Flash clears the darkness but does not give a proper stable lightning look. So, don’t forget to keep proper lightning before clicking a proper photo. By the way, you can look at the difference between images clicked in the proper light and dim light.

6. Posing

Each perfect photo demands a certain type of pose. You cannot fit any pose to any location. So, you have to be strict about poses. Suppose if a girl wants to take a picture with a puppy then she should hold the puppy with two hands and lift it with a smiling face. This pose has the potential to be the perfect picture.

But if she is hanging the dog with one hand and looking somewhere else with an angry face. This will ruin the innocence of the picture. So, you have to decide her pose before clicking the picture. And if she is not giving you the right pose then direct her.

7. Taking a lot of shots

taking a lot of shots

No doubt, clicking a picture is art but it also applies some type of lottery rule. There are very few chances that you will win the lottery if you have only one ticket. But what if you have 50 or 100 tickets. Your chances of winning the lottery are more now.

Just like that if you are clicking a single picture then there is no guarantee that it will the best. But if you click 10 shots of a single pose or her moving pose then it has 99% chances that one of them will be perfect. So, take a lot of shots, who knows that one of them would be your precious gem.

8. Direction

Do you know whose role is most important in a movie? It is not the actor, not the makeup artist, not the singer. It is the director who makes a movie blockbuster or makes it a flop. And you are the director of your picture. And your girlfriend is the star of your image.

If you want to click the finest picture then you need to direct her. She will do everything you want her to do because she wants a perfect image for Insta feed. And if you want to click that perfect image then you have to fit her into your imagination and make it a reality. Tell her what pose you want and create the magic.

9. Make her the star

As I said above that she is the star of your picture. And this is true. Your focus should be on her. Which tweak will improve her picture quality, you need to decide that. She does not know which post or angle will be fit to her. You are the one who will tell her all of these. She is your start and you have to make her shine.

10. Avoid digital zoom

avoid digital zoom

Most of the Instagram boyfriends use their phones to click the pictures. And phones use digital zoom to zoom anything. This means when you zoom the camera of a phone then it decreases the picture quality. So, I will suggest that you should never use a digital zoom. Avoid it as much as possible. If you need to take a close shot then go close to her. Don’t be a lazy cow. Be active and give her what she wants.

11. Use a good photo editor

You can use the above tips to click a great picture. But there is one more thing which is magical, i.e. Photo editing. Photo editing is magical. It can convert a small dog into a beast lion. You just need a good photo editor and good photo editing skills. No need to be a pro editor. Basic photo editing can make your girlfriend the most beautiful girl on Earth.

So, go and get a good photo editor and start your creativity. I know you will make her the prettiest girl of the universe.

Why you should be a better Instagram Boyfriend?

Man asking why

Many guys think why they should do it. You may also think this some time that why are you clicking her pictures. There is no benefit to you in this. Actually, there is.

Where you do these small things. It shows your love for him. When you guys are moving in a park and suddenly you say, “Hey look, in this location, you will look like a princess. Go and stand there, I will click a picture for you”. This act looks small but makes a huge difference in your relationship. This makes her feel how much she matters to you. This IG boyfriend skill strengthens your relationship.

These pictures you click to create points to miss you. When you guys will get separated this will make her miss you. Whenever she needs someone to click her photo, she will remember you because you are the one who always made her the queen. You are the one who makes her feel like a queen in every picture you click. In short, you can be her pleasant memory just by being an Instagram Boyfriend.

My Suggestion

All the above points can make you a better Instagram boyfriend. But this is not all. There are so much which can improve your camera skill. I have shown you the basic points to improve the picture quality. But if you know all about a phone camera then you can click a professional camera level pictures just by your phone. I will suggest you this Phone Photography Course so you can be the best Instagram boyfriend of her life.

If this helped then don’t forget to let me know in the comments.

He has explained it well. Even I learned a lot from him.

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