While passing the road, in a club, in a park, everywhere you see many girls. You want to approach them but a thought comes in mind that will you look creepy while you approach her? This is the common reason why many men don’t approach a hot girl and let her pass away. So, in this blog, I will show you the way you can approach any girl without looking creepy.

Use these steps to approach a girl without looking creepy:

  1. Look at the girl by glancing. (don’t stare)
  2. Approach her if you get more than one eye contact.
  3. Walk slowly and introduce yourself.
  4. Talk to the girl. (Don’t freeze)
  5. Give her a nice compliment.
  6. While conversation try to be funny.
  7. Ask for her number at last.

Above I have given brief steps on what you should do when you are going to approach a girl. But there is much to know in these steps. You have to keep many things in mind. What mistakes you should not do and what you must do. These all are covered below in all the explained points. So, keep reading and see how helpful it is for you.

1. Don’t stare but make eye contact

man woman eye contact

Every conversation starts with simple eye contact. But the thing matter is that how you are doing it. Are you doing it in a proper way or doing something wrong. How you look at a girl decides first whether you are looking creepy or genuine.

When you look at a girl then don’t stare. please don’t keep looking at her directly. This will make you look like a creepy and she will feel uncomfortable. When you look at her she should find it pleasing. She must be comfortable with it.

The proper way to make eye contact is by glancing. Keep doing your work whatever you are doing. And just give her small looks. When you make your first eye contact, take your face away like you were not looking at her. Then again start looking at her.

When you make the second eye contact then pass a small smile and get back to your work. You are showing her that she caught you looking at her. Now, this is the time you should walk to her. Don’t think anything, just go and talk. If not in the second eye contact then at least on the third. But go and approach her.

This is the perfect time when you should approach. If you missed your third chance then the game is over. On forth eye contact she will start thinking that you are a creepy guy and have no guts to approach. If you are approaching her after third eye contact then you have fewer chances that she will talk to you.

Because she already had made you a creepy guy in her mind. And this rarely happens that a guy approaches a girl after third eye contact because you will keep thinking you should go or not. Till then someone else will approach her or she will go somewhere else. So, don’t miss your chance. Grab it as you get the opportunity.

Tip: Count to 3. One, two, and three then shoot to your target. Don’t think anything about what will happen. Just go and talk to her. The worst she can do is to say no. But the good possibilities are up to the sky.

2. Walk and introduce yourself

walk and talk to woman

When men try to approach a girl they start thinking about what they have to say to her. Some men stop because they don’t get their answer that what he has to say to her. You do not have to do something big to impress her. Or before talking to her you need to buy an expensive diamond ring.

There is nothing like that. Just stand up, walk to her, and introduce yourself. Start with a simple introduction. Just say, “Hey, I am sam. Just looked at you and thought that I should say hi to you”. Or anything like that. I know you can introduce yourself better than me.

No cheesy line, nothing romantic at first. Just introduce yourself. And all the next will go with the flow. At first, you will feel a little uncomfortable but with the practice, you will be a pro. I am damn sure about this that I can bet on you.

3. Don’t freeze

Some men do this mistake. They introduce themselves properly but then get frozen. This is a huge mistake. Say anything but don’t freeze. They think that next is her job to say anything. Why will she? She is not interested in you right now so why will she? You have to be the one who will make this conversation going on.

Your final goal is that this conversation should not end. Say anything but don’t freeze. Because if you are frozen then the game is over now. Now, she will get bored and girls hate boring guys. So, ask her anything, talk about you, talk about the atmosphere, talk about the mood, do anything but don’t stop. Keep talking and get ready for the next move.

4. Give her a Compliment

man complimenting

The best idea to not get freeze is to giving a nice compliment. A compliment is something that everyone likes. So, this can be a great conversation starter. Compliments are good but equally dangerous. If you give a right compliment then you are ready to go but if you ruin it then you have no chance.

So, while complementing you need to be different from the crowd. If you compliment her beauty or her body then you are a part of the crowd. She always hears this. So, never comment on her beauty or body. No matter how hot she is. You are not allowed to comment on her body if you want to play it long.

Comment on her skills or choices. Comment on her selection. Like, if she is wearing a leather jacket then you can say how good her choice is. Or she is drinking juice then you can comment on it. Give a nice genuine comment. Don’t fake it. If something is bad then don’t comment saying that it is good, just to impress her.

She already knows what is good and bad in her. If someone tells me that my date remembering power is awesome. I will never believe it because I know that I am bad at it. So, if you fake it then she will think that you are making fun of her. And we don’t want that. So, give her a good compliment and keep going.

5. Suggest her to spend some more time

man woman sitting together

So, now you have started your conversation. But you need to keep it going. And for that, you can suggest something to spend some more time. Like if you are standing in a park and talking then you can suggest her to sit somewhere and then talk. If you are in a club then you can ask her for dinner or a drink.

Your goal is to keep her hooked with you. If she is feeling comfortable with you and she is not in any hurry then she will say yes. But if she says no then don’t worry. It is part of the process. Many men do a very big mistake here. They keep forcing her to spend some more time. Don’t do that.

If she is saying no means she is not feeling comfortable with you till now. So, it is your duty to make her feel comfortable. She said no, then move on. Close your offer and start talking about something else. Keep her hooked with you till she starts feeling comfortable. When she feels good then you won the match. The floor is your’s boy.

6. While conversation be funny

Intense conversations don’t last long. So, be funny while talking with her. She must enjoy the whole time she is with you. If she is getting bored with you means you are losing the game. If you see that she is getting bored. Then do anything but make her laugh. The funny conversation is the key to make her hooked with you.

7. Ask for her number if she is a stranger

man taking number

You doing it well. She is enjoying the time with you. You guys are talking for a long time. So, now this is the time to make sure that you can meet her again. Or talk to her again. If she is a girl in your class, gym, or club and you see her daily then you have not to worry about this. You can meet her the next day.

But is she is a stranger and you are sure that you will never see her again. Then this is the time to fix your next meeting. Ask her for her number, What’s app, Facebook anything. Asking for her number will be the best option because if she gave it to you means she enjoyed the time with you. And you have a green signal to proceed.

You can ask her, “Hey, I need to go now. One of my friends is waiting. By the way, when are we meeting again”. Be a little clever while asking for her number. Now next wait for her reply. If she agreed to give you the number then that’s great. But if she said no then say something pleasing and move on. Go for the next girl. Because it is a game of numbers. The more you try more chances of getting successful.

8. Treat her like a regular people

man woman laughing

The above seven points are step by step. But the next points are important to keep in mind. When men look at a hot girl they start treating her like a princess. Or, a reputable alien. “Reputable alien” what a funny word. 🙂 But this is what they do.

They start treating her like she is not a regular person. This is a mistake. Don’t give her special treatments. Treat her like regular people. Treat her like she is a boy, not a girl. But don’t start abusing her. We boys do this between us, right. Talk to her but no special treatments. Treat her like a regular one.

9. Don’t be overconfident

There are two types of men. One is under confident and another is overconfident. I have talked about under confident guys till now. But being overconfident is also an issue. When an overconfident guy talks to a woman then he treats her like he is doing a favor to her. He is talking to her, this is her luck. So, these guys get rejected immediately. Girls don’t like over smart guys. So, be confident but not overconfident.

10. Don’t pass sexual jokes

As I mentioned about the overconfident guys. Some of them pass sexual jokes thinking that he is making sexual tension. And the girl will like it thinking that how sexy this guy is. But the reality is the opposite. She will put a creepy tag on your head. You are thinking that you are making her comfortable for a sexual talk but you are not.

She will start feeling uncomfortable with you. Yes, you can try some flirting to test how she acts. If she seems comfortable then you can keep your conversation naughty. But don’t directly jump into the sexual topic. It is too risky.

11. Use the technology to get a girl

online dating

It has nothing to do with a real girl. I mean it is real but not a girl present in front of you. If you are looking for a girl then you can try online dating. I don’t know where it was when I was single. But right now it is a perfect option for you.

You just have to create an account on a dating website. And the rest all is their duty. They will give you a whole list of girls. You chose a girl and she will choose you. And then you have a girlfriend. Now you may be thinking why will she choose you. No one chooses you in real life then why will a girl choose you who has never met you.

Because she wants to choose someone. That is why she is on a dating website. The girl you approach in Real life has many possibilities. She may be in a relationship, or she has a crush, or she may be engaged. But here on a dating website, it is guaranteed that she also wants to get into a relationship. And this is why you have more chance here.

There are many dating websites present these days. But I will suggest eharmony because you have more chances here. So, if you want a girl then you must try the power of technology.

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12. Be a Badass


I have told you that you can use technology to get your girlfriend. And it is a great way. But the real skill to approach a girl has its own value. And nothing can replace it. Wherever you go, you will find girls there. This means each and every place has an opportunity.

You can get a girl anywhere in the world of you have the skill to impress them. And the best way to get them is to be a badass. Girls love bad boys. They never accept this, but it is the hard truth. You can see this in your surrounding. I am not saying that you need to be a bad boy and do bad things.

I am just saying that you need to be a badass. You need those skills that they have. The best way to learn these skills is to be with these types of guys. Learn from them. So, if you know someone who has these skills then grab him and learn all the skills.

Or, you can learn it online. You are in that age right now where you can learn anything online. So, learn how to get girls being a badass here. It is all your choice. Be single till you get married or, get any girl being a badass. These skills will also work after you get married. 😉

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