You are asking such a question that is a little hard to explain because it is a feeling. And how can someone explain a feeling to someone? But still, I will try my best to give an idea that how we men feel when we touch a woman’s boobs. First, let me give you a one-line answer then I give a detailed explanation about the feel.

While touching female boobs a man feels soft, squishy, and roundish good feeling. You can say it is one of the best feelings for a man that he will experience in his whole life if he is touching boobs by intention.

But it is not that easy to explain that how it feels. Ah, I mean it is such a pleasurable experience that I need some more words to give you the best idea about this. So, let’s discuss how I will try to explain this further in the blog.

How a man feels when he touches a woman’s boobs differ from person to person. So, I can’t sum it up in one line answer. So, as a result, I have categorized it into some parts that you can understand easily. And also it will be easy for me to make you understand how it feels. 😉 So, let’s start.

Feeling that a man gets while touching a woman’s boobs:

1. When boobs are touched by mistake

man touching woman

So, let’s talk about the feeling. A man will not feel anything if the boobs are touched by mistake or I say if he did not have any intention to touch it. To feel the pleasure the man should be present at that moment mentally that he is touching the boobs.

If he is not present at the moment then he will have just the touch feeling as he touches the other parts of the body. No doubt that he will feel a little pleasure because he is touching a girl.

As we all know that it is natural to feel an attraction towards the opposite gender but he will not feel something more special if he has not done it by intention.

Let me give you an example to clarify this. When a man hugs someone then he touches the woman’s boobs by accident. Does this mean that he will get over-excited at that time?

Just imagine if it makes him over-excited then isn’t it will be a little awkward at that moment. 🙂 So, my final point here is that only touching the boobs can’t make anyone feel good. He should have an intention for that.

2. When the man touching it is a gay

gay man

The second case is that when the man touching the boobs is gay. In that scenario, it will be totally normal for him to touch it. His feeling will be totally normal as he is touching your hand.

But keep in mind that I am talking about those gays who are only interested in men. There are also those gays who are interested in both men and women. They can feel the pleasure. So, I am only talking about those who are only sexually interested in men.

3. When a man touches it by intention

Now here is the final meat of your query. How will a man feel when he touches boobs who is totally normal and is interested in a woman. And this is the case when he is touching the boobs by intention. And as I think this was the case that you were searching for.

When a man touches a woman’s boobs then he feels it soft, squishy, and interesting. It is like a spongy toy for him with that he can play and this is such an awesome toy that can make his toy hard. Pressing the boobs to give him the feeling of something that he can play with which can trigger his sexual feelings inside him.

I mean I don’t know that how I explain that awesome feeling to you but whatever it is, It feels incredibly good. If you ask me to complement this feeling and tell me to give a comparison line to explain this then I will say. It is an addiction to that healthy drug at that moment that feels incredible, And even a man tries to leave it he can’t.

At least not a normal man can leave it. If someone is stressed then there are chances that he will say no to this. Just take it in one line, whatever this feeling is but it is one of the best feelings of a man’s life.

A man will feel even more pleasure if he is in a relationship with that woman. As I said above that this feeling is mental. Means your state of mind plays a very important role in it. And this pleasure gets more pleasurable when a man is emotionally connected with someone.

In that case, his mind will respond on its highest level. The man will feel that sensation in his whole body when he will touch the boobs of that woman.

A man feels the pleasure even more if it is his first time touching a woman’s boobs. But if he is regular to this then the excitement level decreases and he will feel a little less pleasure as compared to the first time.

Man touch ladies boobs

Boobs are the man’s first priority in a woman’s body:

Boobs are the first thing that a man notices sexually. But don’t worry because if you ask any man about this then very few will agree to that. But this is the truth. It matters more than anything.

I have just told you a man’s very big secret. They love boobies the most. If you give a man a chance to pick a woman from a crowd then he will never pick a woman with small boobs or no boobs. He will go for the prettiest big and round boobs woman. Because this is what men love the most. Now you may doubt me that’s why here with the proof. We have conducted a survey on to check which body parts of a woman, men like the most. And the survey result we got is below.

which body part men love most survey result

We have taken a survey of 1012 men and out of which 266 votes for boobs. This is the highest voted body part that men love the most sexually. I mean look at the long beautiful bar for boobs in the above image. Not only in our survey but the survey conducted on many other websites had the same result. Boobs or chest were on the top. That’s why I was saying that boobs are the most demanding body part for a man.

So, if your boobs are smaller in size then you must try to make Your boobs bigger. Because men are crazy about that. Men get more excited and feel more pleasure when they enjoy bigger boobs.

Why boobs attract so much to a man?

man looking at woman boobs

There are two reasons why boobs attract most to man. The first is the biological reason. You can read that in the link below because it is explained very well there.

Why Do Guys Like Boobs? Why Are Boobs Attractive?

And the other aspect of why men get attracted to boobs the most is our society. Now you may think about how society is responsible for this. Because in society women use clothes to cover their body. And then we have set a restriction on our body parts that what we can show and whatnot.

For example, a woman can show her hand, face, legs, etc. The vagina is strictly prohibited. But the boobs are between these two areas. It means you can show your boobs to the public but just a little what we call the cleavage.

So, as a result, men have not a big interest in those body parts which are always visible to them. They are moderately interested in those body parts that are strictly prohibited. Because it has almost zero chance that they will see it anywhere.

But the most excitement comes in that body part that is between the area. You know what I am talking about. Men can see it a little and that creates the most excitement and hope that they will see it. And this thing makes it the most demanding body part of a female’s body.

So, if you own big, round and sexy boobs then you can control any man in this world. This is a magical weapon of any woman.

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