There are many cam sites in the market. Out of those Chaturbate and Stripchat are very popular names. But which one is the best among them? As we all know that everyone has some good and bad qualities. And this is a universal rule. So, each of these two cam sites has some good and bad things.

In this blog, I will compare all those things that are important in a cam site. And according to those criteria and results, I will suggest which is the best site to enjoy cam girls. So, get ready for an intense comparison journey.

Comparing Criterias:

1. Site Interface

When anyone visit a cam site the very first thing they notice is the homepage of the website or the site interface. How does the site look and how easy is it to manage? In which way it is categorized and what categories suit the user more. These all things are very important factors of a cam site. For a clear comparison below are the pictures of the homepage of both of these sites.

chaturbate homepage
Chaturbate Homepage
stripchat homepage
Stripchat Homepage

Above you can see that both sites have almost the same look with a different same color. Some people will love the Chaturbate look and some will love the Stripchat look. It is complete the self-choice what you like. As I personally like the Stripchat interface. It is clean and has a very categorized look that makes it different from all the other cam sites. But your thought can be different than mine. So, both sites have a good interface and I make the result draw.

Comparison Result: Draw

2. Free Account

Not all users can pay for the cam models. There are some poor people like me ☹. So, do these sites offer a free account? It is very important that you get a free account on a cam site. First, it is useful for those who are not willing to pay. And second, it gives you a trial chance to verify that if the site is worth paying. When you get fully satisfied with the free account then you can go for the payment process.

Chaturbate free account
Chaturbate Free Account
Stripchat free account
Stripchat Free Account

By looking at the above image I think you got the idea that both the sites offer free accounts. And when you ask for the features you get in a free account, then almost all the features are also equal. You can watch public shows, comment (if allowed by the model for the free accounts), set favorites, etc.

You can’t enjoy the private chats for free. For that, you should have to buy the tokens. And with the help of those tokens, you can tip and so for a private chat. So, as you can see that you are getting the same for a free account thus the result is a draw.

Comparison Result: Draw

3. Numer of active cam models

Our third comparison point is why you are going on this site. It is about the cam models. While comparing the cam sites it is crucially important that I talk about the active cam models. After all the more options you have the better it is.

Chaturbate Active Cam Models (Average): 9500

Stripchat Active Cam Models (Average): 5500

With the above data, it is clear that the Chaturbate has more number of live cam models. So, it is clear that the Chaturbate is our winner.

Comparison Result: Chaturbate is Winner

4. Token Pricing

When you are going to use a cam site then you need to know about the token pricing. Because all the premium works on a cam site are done by these tokens. If you have a lot of tokens then you are a god on these cam sites. With these tokens, you can make any model do anything you want. 😉

So, let’s look at the token rates offered by these two sites. Actually, both of these two cam sites have a very good token rate as compared to other cam sites in the market. But we need to find the best pricing among these two, so, let’s do some maths for that.


chaturbate token rate
Chaturbate Token Rates

Highest price of 1 token: $10.99/100 = $0.1099

Lowest Price of 1 token: $79.99/1000 = $0.0799


Stripchat token pricing
Stripchat Token Rates

Highest price of 1 token: $9.99/90 = $0.111

Lowest Price of 1 token: $199.99/2350 = $0.084

Above you can see that both the sites have almost the same per token rates. But if we still check for the best then the Chaturbate is our winner with the lowest per token price rate.

Comparison Result: Chaturbate is Winner

5. Models Country

When we are talking about the cam girls then it is very important that we talk about their county. Because it is a fact that our native country girls attract us more. They talk in a familiar tone that excites us very easily. So, we need to look if the site has any feature by that you can select the girls from a different country.


In Chaturbate you can filter your models by their region selection option. This will not give you the option to select the specific country but you can select the continents. Yes, there are many tags on the Chaturbate for the specific selection. But it is very hard to find your country from such a big list. You don’t get any search option or the tags customized in alphabetical order. This makes it hard to find your girls with the country but yes, you can use the filter by region option.

Chaturbate regions


In Stripchat you will see that most of the models have their countries flags listed. This shows that from which countries they are. This clarifies the country of the model you are watching or about to visit.

In Stripchat you also get the feature of categories where you will find the countries listed with their flag icon in it. These icons help you find your country easily. And the second good thing is that it is listed in alphabetical order that makes it more convenient to find your desired country.

Note: You will also notice some countries without their flag icon on the Stripchat category. So, don’t just look for the flag. Try to find the name too. For example in the below image, I have highlighted the flag icon countries with yellow color and non-flag icon with green color.

Stripchat countries

So, with the points explained above it is very clear that Stripchat has very better country-specific models that you select. They also get a good country selection feature that gives it an extra point over Chaturbate.

Comparison Result: Stripchat is Winner

6. Categories or Tags


As I have already discussed a bit about the categories and tags above. Stripchat offers categories and Chaturbate offers tags. But which of them is better? Which will help you to easily find what you want. Let me point out the good and bad sides of each. So, it will be clear to you which is more helpful to you.


  • Chaturbate offers a lot of tags.
  • Tags are not organised in any manner.
  • There is no search bar to search for any specific tag you want.
  • No use of any icon.
  • Can be specified for Men, Women, Couples and Trans.


  • Stripchat has a wide number of categories.
  • Organised in alphabetical order.
  • Contains icons for some special categories like countries or VR cams, etc.
  • Can be specified for Guys, Girls, Couples and Trans.

With the help of the above points, I think you have found that Chaturbate cams are not organized whereas Stripchat categories are organized in alphabetical order. This is a very big difference because this organized way makes it a lot easy to find what you want. So, this makes Stripchat a clear winner here.

Comparison Result: Stripchat is Winner

7. VR Cams

man using VR

As technology is growing we are using the technology for sexual pleasure too. And one of the most popular technology among them is Virtual Reality (VR). So, are these cam sites using VR cams? Can you enjoy the girls like they are really teasing in front of you? The only thing that you can’t do is touch her. Otherwise, everything is possible.

Chaturbate does not offer any VR Cam. Whereas Stripchat offers a wide range of VR cam models. Just create an account on Stripchat and enjoy the girls in front of you.

Comparison Result: Stripchat is Winner

8. Private Chats

Private chats are a very important part of the cam site. Actually, these are one of those things by which they make their most money. But what do you get with this feature? With private chats, you can be the boss of any model you want. She will do whatever you ask her to do (the task should be doable).

Both the sites (Chaturbate and Stripchat) offer private chats with a little different terminology. But the things you can do in it are the same. On both sites, you can enjoy cam shows in private as you want. So, the result of this comparison is a draw.

Comparison Result: Draw

9. Cam site Popularity

According to my, the popularity does not show that which is better. It is just the magic of time. If something is popular that does not mean that it is the best. Yes, the chances are high being good but there is no surety. But many people take popularity as an important criterion. So, this point is for them.

When it comes to popularity among Chaturbate and Stripchat then the below google trend result will clarify which is more popular.

With the above trend, it is clear that Chaturbate is very popular comparing Stripchat. And this is because Chaturbate is in the market since 2011 whereas Stripchat came into the market in 2016. Right now Chaturbate is the most popular cam site among all, but Stripchat has the potential that it can beat it in the future.

Comparison Result: Chaturbate is Winner

10. Outdoor Cams

sexy woman outdoor

Have you heard the word outdoor cam? If not then you are missing a very awesome thing about cam world. Outdoor cam is just like the other cams where try to seduce you, please you, and perform what is being asked for. But there is a small twist. They do this outdoor, as the name says. They actually do sexual things in public places.

I don’t know why, but the outdoor cams feel great to watch. You can feel that excitement and risk of doing things between the people.

Stripchat has a lot of models who do these outdoor cams. But this feature lacks on Chaturbate. Outdoor cams are great to watch and you must try one.

Comparison Result: Stripchat is Winner

11. Mobile Cam models

sexy woman using mobile

Do you know what feels more real? When a girl does the cam things using a smartphone. When you see a professional setup on the cam screen then gives a feeling that you are watching a professional. But the mobile cam gives a vibe that you are watching a real girl doing naughty kinds of stuff.

If you are looking for a mobile cam then Chaturbate will not satisfy you. But Stripchat is something that you should visit if you want a girl doing things holding a mobile phone.

Comparison Result: Stripchat is Winner

Table for the clear comparison result:

S.No.Comparison CriteriaResult
1.Site InterfaceDraw
2.Free AccountDraw
3.Number of active cams modelsChaturbate Wins
4.Token PricingChaturbate Wins
5.Model PricingStripchat Wins
6.Categories or TagsStripchat Wins
7.VR CamsStripchat Wins
8.Private ChatsDraw
9.Cam site popularityChaturbate Wins
10.Outdoor CamsStripchat Wins
11.Mobile cam modelsStripchat Wins


Above you can see that out of 11 comparisons 3 is draw, Chaturbate wins 3 and Stripchat has scored 5 wins. If I give you a overall result then I will say that I like Stripchat more than the Chaturbate. But both the cam sites are good.

Chaturbate is cheaper than the Stripchat. But if you want a great experience with the cam site then Stripchat should be your first choice. And the price is also not too high than the Chaturbate. It is negligibally high.

Hope you liked the comparison and everything is clear to you. Let me know in the comment which one you find the best as per your experience.

Sam Kryplone

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