Sex is a very important part of a relationship. It makes the bond even more strong. But sometimes it is not always possible to do it with your partner. The reason can be anything. You guys are not getting any private space. Or, you are in a long-distance relationship. There are whole a lot of reasons for that.

But this what if you can clone your own penis. Or, if you are a girl, what if you can clone your partner’s penis and keep it with you. A dildo that exactly looks like the real one you love the most. Don’t worry, you do not need any cloning machine for that. I am not talking about Sci-fi movies. You just need a DIY cloning kit.

And then you can clone any penis you want. Give me some time and I will explain every bit of information about it. Things you need to do it. Every step how you will perform it. And every little information that will help you while cloning your penis. So, get ready for an awesome experience.

What is this Clone a Willy kit?

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First, let me introduce you to Clone a Willy. This is the DIY cloning kit that we will use to replicate your penis. This DIY kit by Empire Labs lets you create a homemade dildo by replicating any penis out of 100% platinum cure medical-grade silicone.

The best thing about this kit is that it replicates your own penis with great detailing. And with that, the silicone material you get with the kit is really good. But yes, the vibrator you get with the kit is not that good, but it’s ok. After all how much can you expect from such a low price? Below you will get the list of all the things you get with Clone a Willy kit.

Things to keep ready before beginning the cloning process of clone a willy.

Okay, this is a very important section of this blog. You need to keep all the required things ready before you begin. You can get up while in the process and search for the next thing. You can’t because there is a fight for perfect timing. So, keep all of the below things ready before you begin.

I will divide the things into two parts. The first part is the things you get with the Clone a Willy kit. And the second is the things that you need to keep ready other than the Clone a Willy DIY kit.

Things you get with Clone a Willy kit

Things in clone a willy kit
  1. A molding tube
  2. Some Molding powder
  3. Platinum cure Silicone mix
  4. A single speed vibrator
  5. A stir stick
  6. A thermometer

Things to keep ready other than the Clone a Willy kit

Things other than clone a willy kit
  1. A measuring jug
  2. A large mixing bowl
  3. A clean disposable container
  4. A spatula
  5. A timer
  6. A pair of scissors
  7. Some Tape
  8. A square cardboard measuring 4 inches with a cutout X in the middle
  9. A pen
  10. A heating equipment to heat the water

Steps to clone any penis using Clone a willy kit

Now we are on the main part of the blog. I have broken down the whole process into 11 steps. But don’t do any mistake by just reading the headings and thinking that you are ready for the process. I have explained every step because there is so much to know that just headings can’t cover that. So, buy yourself some time and read each part of the steps thoroughly.

Steps 1 to 6 are the most important. This is the part where 99% of the mistakes take place. Because these steps are the game of perfect timing. So, you need to be extra careful while performing the steps till point 6. After that, it is not a big deal. So, let’s get into our recipe.

Note: It is strongle suggested that you try all these things with a partner. Because while in the process your penis need to be erect so that you can immediately insert it into the mold on the right time. And this becomes very tough when you are preparing thing and if it your penis that need to be cloned. So, make your partner ready for you.

1. Read the instructions first

The very first thing you need to do is to read the instruction manual carefully. I am talking about the instruction manual that comes with the Clone a Willy kit. By the way, this blog is more than enough for you to perform the steps, because I have covered every little information (Even those that are not in the manual). But still, the manual is like a crash course for you. It will remind you of all the steps in a very small time.

Tip: Shave your pubes at start. Otherwie you can experience an intence pain if your down hair get stuck into the mold.

2. Cut the molding tube to the right length

molding tube cut to right length

You need to cut the tube to the right length. Place the tube next to your erect penis and with the closed-end against your body and mark half an inch further up from the penis head. We are taking this extra half-inch to ensure that we do not extra cut while cutting the tube. So, if you have marked your tube then cut it down along the mark.

The cut end of the tube will fit against your body. So, tape around the edge of the tube to ensure it is smooth and safe. I think you don’t want bleeding by the sharp edges of the tube. So, put on the tape.

3. You need 415 ml of warm water heated at 90 degree Fahrenheit

Now, start heating the water because you need the water heated at exactly 90 degrees for the mixing. Use the thermometer you got with the Clone a Willy kit to check the temperature of the water. Use the measuring jug to take the exact 415 ml of water and pour it into the large mixing bowl.

Keep in mind that the temperature of the water must be 90 degrees. This will ensure a better mixing of the mold.

4. Mix the water with the molding powder

As you find the water at the ideal temperature, Immediately Cut open the bag of molding powder then start your timer for 2 minutes. And then pour the molding powder into the water and start mixing with the help of a spatula.

Note: Stir no longer than 60 seconds. Don’t worry the mixture will still be a bit lumpy.

5. Pour the mixture into the tube and Insert your erect penis in it.

insert penis in mold

As your mixture may be looking a bit lumpy, but all of it into the molding tube. Now, enter your erect penis into the tube and press firmly against your body. . Remember that your penis needs to be erect into the tube for the whole 2 minutes.

This is the point why I said you need a partner. Because you need to insert your erect penis immediately as the mold mixture gets ready. And this becomes very hard to prepare everything and keeps your penis hard all the time.

Tip: In this step you need to acheive a long erection. For that use a penis pump or a cock ring to achieve a long lasting errection.

And you can see above that you need to be erect for 2 whole minutes inside the molding tube. For that you will reuire some motivation. So, if your partner is ready to do some sexy moves to keep you erect then thats great. Or, you can watch a cam model doing sexy moves while in the moment.

Create an account now and verify it. becasue I think that creating an account while you need to be hard is not that errotic. 🙂

6. After 2 minutes take your penis out and leave the mold to air dry

After 2 minutes, touch the mold and check if it is solidified. If it is then gently remove the penis from the mold. If you have taken your thing out of the mold then let it air dry for 4 hours before moving to the next step. I am talking about the mold, not your penis. Immediately go to the washroom and wash off your penis with soap.

Note: The instruction video asks to wait for 2 hours whereas the instruction manual asks to wait for 4-8 hours. So, in my opinion, the 4 hours mark is a good choice.

By the way congratulation if you have made it to this point successfully. You have passed the toughest part of this process. The others are going to be a piece of cake for you.

Note: Till this point, most of the mistakes are done. Generally with the molding powder while making the solution. So, it is always a better idea to keep some extra molding powder with you. If any mistake is done then you can have a second chance.

So, Buy Clone a willy molding powder here ($16.99).

7. Mix the two jar of silicone and pour it into the mold

mix silicone

After the 4 hours passes, grab the two jars of silicone you got in the kit and pour them into the disposable container. Use the stir stick to take out all of the liquid possible. Now mix the silicone liquid thoroughly for at least 2 minutes with the stir stick.

And then, finally pour the liquid into the mold until it’s one inch left from the top. Don’t worry, this one inch is left for the vibrator. As you put the vibrator into the liquid, it will come up to the ideal surface.

Note: If you have a bigger penis (let’s say more than 6 inches), then you should buy some extra silicone. The silicone from the kit will not be enough.

Buy Clone a Willy Silicone refill ($19.99)

8. Ready your vibrator by inserting it into the cardboard

Now, take the square cardboard and cut an X in the center. Push the vibrator through the X in the cardboard square. We have done this so the vibrator does not submerge into the liquid. It will stay at the top of the molding tube.

9. Put the vibrator into the center of the Silicone

Now put the vibrator into the center of the silicone making sure that it is not touching the sides of the mold. With this step, you are making a vibrating replica of your penis.

10. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours

Now, let the mixture sit for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the mixture should be solidified. You can leave it for even more than 24 hours. But 24 hours should be enough for the final finish.

11. Now, a replica of your penis is ready.

So, now if all of the above steps have gone as planned then you have a replica of your penis. You have a dildo that is an exact copy of your penis. A handmade penis that looks amazing and easy to clean with soap and water.

Let’s look at the Clone-a-Willy products you require:

I have talked about the Clone a Willy kit, how you have to use it, and every little information. But for all of these, you should have the product, right. 😉 So, let me show you a place where you will get the product at its best price. And yes, I will also get a little commission if you buy it from here without costing you any extra chunk. This fuels me to keep working. So, let me show you the products.

1. Clone A Willy vibrator kit

clone a willy vibrating kit

Buy Now ($44.99)

This Clone a willy kit is for those who want just the clone of the penis. You will get all the basic things in this kit to clone your penis. The things you get in this kit are:

  • Molding tube
  • Specially timed algae-based molding powder
  • Two-part platinum-cure silicone mix
  • Single-speed vibrating unit
  • Full instructions
  • Thermometer
  • Stirring stick

2. Clone A Willy + balls vibrator kit

clone a willy balls vibrating kit

Buy Now ($79.99)

Clone a Willy + Balls kit is for the balls lover. If your partner is the one who loves the balls as much as she loves your cock this can be a great gift for her. The things you get in this kit are:

  • Molding tube with testicle attachment
  • Algae-based molding powder
  • Platinum-cure silicone
  • Multispeed vibrating unit
  • Full illustrated instructions
  • Stir stick
  • Thermometer

3. Clone A Willy Silicone refill

clone a willy extra silicone

Buy Now ($19.99)

If you are a guy who has a bigger penis than an average one (let’s say more than 6 inches) then I will say that the silicone you get with the Clone a Willy kit is not enough for you. The kit will not do a true judgment. To get the exact copy of your penis in the right size you need to buy some extra silicone. So, if you are proud of yourself due to your penis size, you will need to invest some extra money.

4. Clone A Willy molding powder

clone a willy molding powder

Buy Now ($16.99)

Do you remember that I have told you that many men do some mistakes while making the molding solution? This happens due to wrong temperature, wrong mixing timing, etc. So, buying some extra molding powder is a better option. This is a second chance for you.


So, these are all the possible information you can have for Clone a Willy product. But, if I still missed something then let me know about it. I will try to answer them in the comments.

Clone a willy is a great option to try something new and exciting. This will add some spice to your relationship. So, you must give it a try. 😉

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