When your all friends are in a relationship but you are single then this hurts a little. No one accepts this but it feels a little embarrassing. But what is the reason that most of your friends have a boyfriend but you don’t have one? In this blog, I will talk about all the main reasons why this is happening and what you can do about this.

You don’t have any boyfriend because you don’t try to find one. If you want to get into a relationship then you need to move out of your comfort zone and talk with the boys. If you are just waiting for a boyfriend and not doing anything about it then this is the biggest reason for you being single.

Let me explain all the reasons one by one. First I will show you all the reasons and then I will tell you what you should do about it. I have made it in a step by step points so it will be easier for you to understand. So, these are the reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend yet.

1. You have a low confidence level

The first main reason why you are still single is confidence. Confidence is such an important thing that boosts your attraction to the top. Now you may be thinking that how can you boost it. Confidence is not any cloth that you can change suddenly as you want. You need some time. Your confidence is related to your other factors.

For example, If you are dressed up in an awesome dress then you will look pretty. And this will give your confidence a boost. This is just an example. There are many more things that you can do to boost your confidence level. All the points mentioned below will help you to boost your confidence. So, keep reading other points.

2. You don’t want one

woman saying no

One more common issue is you. Yes, you heard right. I said to you. Many times girls get confused about their decision whether they want a boyfriend or not. This type of girl thinks that she wants a boyfriend when she is alone. But as a boy propose or try to talk then she gets violent.

And then she starts complaining that none of the guys like her. How will a guy like you if you don’t give him a chance to show that he can be your ideal boyfriend? So, the best you can do here is to first confirm that whether you want one or not.

3. You are too desperate for one

Desperation is a big attraction killer. I know that you need a boyfriend but you can’t show this to a guy. Because if he finds this then he will be gone. Or, he will get in a relationship only for one thing. And I think you already know what I am talking about. Now you may be thinking why will he do this.

He will do this because he thinks that you are desperate and just want a boyfriend. It means that you are not attracted to him. He has nothing special that is making you love him. You just need a boy and that can be anyone. This creates self-doubt and insecurity feeling inside him. And none of the guys like to be a common guy.

Every guy thinks that he has some super talent. so, the chances are that he will run away. And if he stops then he does not care about your feelings and love. He just wants your body and he will be happy. So, if you want a boyfriend then never show that you want one because it will create a negative impact.

4. You don’t try to get one

woman not trying

If you want a boyfriend then you just can’t sit and wait that he will come someday and propose to you in your bedroom. If you need one then you need to find one. You just can’t sit in your bedroom and expect a boyfriend by magic. Go and get out of your bedroom. Put on some nice outfits and go to a public place where you can find some handsome guys or the type of guys you like.

But if you don’t like to get out of your bedroom (means you are an introvert) but want a boyfriend then this is possible too. Not only you but there are many guys who are just like you. Guys who also don’t want to get out of their room but want a girlfriend. You want a boyfriend and they want a girlfriend. Seems a little interesting, right.

You just need a connection that can connect you with them. And this is totally possible in today’s world. I am sure that you have heard the word “Dating websites”. If you have never heard it then you are from some kind of forest-like area. Maybe you have tried some cheap and fake ones too. Because if you had tried a good one then you would not be reading my blog.

These dating websites are the place where you will find every type of man you want. Not one, not two but millions, and you just need to pick one. It means if you want a boyfriend and you want him just from your bedroom then you just need a genuine and trusted dating website. Because there are many those are fake and you will waste your time and money on them.

I will strongly suggest you eharmony. They are trusted, have a good reputation, and have a huge user base. This means you have a very very high chance that you will meet your prince charming here. So, if you really want to get into a relationship then you must try it.

5. You are stuck at your dream character

Getting stuck at some point in life has never been a good thing. And so do here. Every girl in this world keeps a dream about her future boyfriend or husband. And this is perfectly fine. But some get obsessed with their future character. Now, this is a bad thing. You should have some expected qualities about your boyfriend and these should be flexible.

No one is perfect in this world. Not you, not me, and no one. So, if anyone tries to be with you then don’t judge him on your expectations. First look for the qualities you needed in your boyfriend and if you don’t find then don’t just directly reject him. Give him some time because you don’t know all of his qualities. Who knows that he can have many good qualities that you are not even searching for.

And maybe your list of expected qualities is not ideal to get a boyfriend. It may be too long or the qualities in your list contradict each other. If you want a boyfriend then you should have a flexible qualities requirement list. You can keep some qualities necessary like the guy should not smoke or drink. This is really an important character. But you should not fix such qualities like the guy should be very smart by look.

These types of qualities should be flexible. In terms of quality selection, eharmony is great. While creating an account they first ask for all the characters then only give you the ideal suggestion as per your demand. So, if you are very conscious about your boyfriend’s qualities then eharmony is the best tool for that.

6. You don’t work on yourself

woman working on herself

Having a boyfriend is directly related to you. How you look. How you talk. How you dress. etc. These all are important to keep the boy’s eyes stick with you. many girls think that skin tone is very important. If your skin is fair then you will get a boyfriend and if it’s dark then you will not. Actually, this is not reality.

Yes, looks matters to the boys. And so you have to work on yourself. The first and most important thing is your dressing style. Actually, this is a very important skill that makes you most attractive. So, you must work on your dresses. The other skill is makeup. Makeup is such a magical thing that can do magic.

So, you can use these to put a glow on your face. Don’t do over makeup. This will give a fake look. And boys don’t like that. There are many such things that can help you to be the most attractive girl in the room. So, work on yourself and let the boys chase you.

7. You shoot for those guys who are not in you

One big mistake you may be doing is going for those guys who are not even interested in you. We boys are different from girls. Girls generally try to hide their feelings but boys don’t do that. If you are showing interest in any guy and if he is also interested in you then he will not hide that.

If he is interested in you then he will accept very easily if he finds that you are interested in him. So, if any guy is not interested in you then don’t chase him. Let him go. Focus on someone else. Because if you investing time in him then it is just a waste not more than that.

8. You are too aggressive

I have seen many girls who don’t know what they are doing. these types of girls want a boyfriend while they feel alone. But while in a public place or with their friends they act very differently. This type of girl gets very aggressive when someone tries to propose to her. She starts thinking about how dare the guy to propose to her.

They are mostly feminine types of girls. How will a guy come close to you if you are not letting him come close? How will you find a boyfriend if you are not giving anyone a chance for that? So, be calm when a boy proposes to you. Take some time, think, and then reply. Don’t be sudden aggressive.

9. You don’t have the proper skill to attract a guy

woman attracting man

keeping men hooked with you is an art. And if you don’t have any boyfriend means you don’t anything about this skill. This skill is the combination of proper attitude and how you behave to a man. Men love to be feel like hero. And if you can give a man this feeling then it means you got his attention.

There are many such skills that keep a man hooked with you. You can learn these skills here. Here you will learn the ways to keep a man obsessed with you. When you complete these skills then you will able to make any man crazy for you.

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Steps to get a boyfriend easily

I know it feels very difficult when you never had a boyfriend. But now you are searching for one. In this case, it feels impossible. Nothing works whatever you do. So, I have prepared a step by step process that you can follow. It first works on your weak areas and then your strengths. So that no one can say no to you. Below is the process you should follow to get a boyfriend you like.

Simple Steps to get a boyfriend

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