Before starting any relationship, you should know what the girl likes or dislikes, how she is. Knowing the girl, you are dating will save you from heartbreak or any trouble. It is not easy to know everything about girls in the beginning. But to some extent, you can understand, and to some extent, you are trying to know because everything looks good from a distance. You have to check whether she is worth you or not. Her likes and dislikes are similar to yours or not.

No matter how much you are attracted to a girl, no matter how much you start loving her, but according to human psychology, if her habit or nature is not similar to yours, your relationship will not survive for a long time.

From my research, there are 30+ things you should know about your girlfriend:

1. Her habits:

The habits of a person can’t be changed easily. If her habit annoys you and you can’t compromise, then you should talk to her. If she really cares about you, she will listen to you. If she wants to change her habits that annoy you, Give her some time because habits can not be changed easily or quickly.

According to research, it takes 21 days to overcome habits but make sure you are replacing habits with new ones; otherwise, your old habit will not go anywhere.

2. Her goals:

It is not important to know about her goals, but you will know how she is serious about her future by knowing this. It is best if you decided to live together in the future, if she is ambitious, then it is right for you. It is adorable things that she has some dream that she wants to achieve.

Ask her how she sees her future after ten years. If they have any dream or dream job, she will tell you. Appreciate her if she has any dream and motivates if they don’t have yet.

3. Her nature:

Nature is a significant thing to know as soon as possible because a person’s habit can change, but his nature can never change. Have you ever heard that a person’s nature and signature can be changed?

I didn’t believe it in the beginning. I used to think that human nature can be changed, but after going through many relationships, I come to know that a human’s nature can never be changed. No matter how much they try.

how she laughs most

It would be best if you distanced yourself from people whose nature is completely opposite. Then, what should you have to look at your girlfriend? Is she funny? Is she interactive while you are talking to her? Is she listening to you carefully? Is she enjoying your talking? You are lucky if this quality is in your girlfriend. No matter how she looks but from her nature, she is perfect.

4. Her past relationship:

Everyone has some past memory, good or bad, no matter what. Accept her past; the past has gone already; the only thing here with her is her present. Why do you have that girl if her ex-boyfriend was perfect? That’s why it is best to accept her past.

5. Her Favourite Food:

Ask her favorite dishes along with her favorite restaurant. Give her a treat of her favorite food on the weekend and enjoy her favorite food togehter. Give her at least the best memory by enjoying food together. Good or lousy memory always live together. Try also new food with her, give her best unforgettable experience of food. Ask her how she is enjoying her food.

6. The craziest thing that she has done in the past:

This is the best experience for an individual. Everyone has some secret sauce of her craziest thing that they have done or want to do in the future with their special person. Do you know a girl wants to enjoy her most fantastic thing with her special person or become her special friend when enjoying her naughty thing?

7. Her first kiss:

Ask her about her first kiss; how did she feel while taking her first kiss? Is her first kiss awkward? How much time did she kiss her ex?

8. Her fear:

know her weaknesses

Every person has been afraid of something, a snake, or death. Ask her and share your fear to motivate her to not be a coward because of their fear. Tell her how she will win over her fear? And why shouldn’t it be serious?

9. Her Important dates:

Important Dates

Every girl has her own list of her important dates. They never forget, and you have to remember her important dates like her birthday, anniversary, weekend, and so on.

10. Name of her relative:

You should remember her mom’s name, father’s name, her best friend, and those friend name that she already discusses something about them. A girl loves the fact that her boyfriend remembers everything she tells him and listen to her carefully.

11. Her allergic things:

It would be best if you always remembered her allergic things. Maybe she is allergic to that thing that you loved the most, like drinking milk; most of us are allergic to this 😉 It would help if you avoid drinking or eating anything that they are allergic to that thing.

12. Her favorite flower:

man giving flower to woman

Why should you remember her favorite flower? A flower is the best way to express love. And if you know her favorite flower, then you will convert her happiness and love double.

13. Her favorite color:

It is important to know her favorite color. It will help when you will buy a gift for her on her surprises like birthday, weekend surprise and much more. Her favorite color can benefit you in so many ways when you buy anything for her; color matters most. Anyone likes a gift if their gift comes with their favorite color.

14. Her favorite perfume:

scent she loves most

Every girl has different perfume choices, but all women surely love to use perfume on her body because she wants to smell good in front of her partner. You should remember her best perfume list.

15. Her ring size:

If you plan a future with her, then this might be beneficial to you. If you are thinking of proposing to her, then you should know her ring size. Otherwise, this is not an important thing to know.

16. Her political view:

If your political views are different from your girlfriend, then there may be differences between you. But don’t add any political opinion if her political view is different from yours.

17. Her religion:

I don’t know which country you and your girlfriend belong to, but there is conflict in every inter-religion marriage. You should know about her religion to avoid any significant issues. Different religions have different points of view on love, and they all accepted love without any condition.

18. Her bra size:

woman in sports bra

Sometimes your girlfriend tells you to buy her a bra. If you don’t know her size, then how can you buy it? Her bra size and panty size are important dimensions for every boyfriend who really cares about her girlfriend. Every boyfriend should know about this.

19. Her sexual fantasy:

Everyone has different likes or dislikes in sex. It is essential to know her sexual fantasy if you plan to have sex with your girlfriend. You can’t give satisfaction if you don’t know about her sexual fantasy. Most girls are shy to express her feeling about their fantasy, and she hesitates to express.

20. Her favorite sex position:

Spooning Position

Your girlfriend may be like the doggy position, and you like the missionary position. So what should you perform first? Do her favorite position first in order to excite her. Once a girl is excited, you will do your favorite position too.

21. Her criminal history:

I am 100 percent sure that you don’t want to date a girl with a criminal record. To avoid a future problem, you should directly ask for her criminal history.

22. Her phone passcode:

Not every girl wants to share her privacy. They have the choice to share or not share her passcode. But if they’re going to convey her passcode, then you should also have to share your own phone passcode.

23. The way they spend the holiday:

Everyone is different, and we should not forget this cruel fact. Ask her what kind of holiday she likes to make and how she enjoys spending the holiday.

24. Her favorite place to travel:

There will hardly be a human being who has no favorite place to travel. Everyone has their own favorite list. Ask her favorite place where they desperately want to travel.

25. Her bestie:

A girl’s best friend is everything to her. It would be best to know her best friend enough because her discussion may interfere with her bestie topic most of the time.

26. Does she like foreplay?

foreplay is important

It is crucial to know whether she likes or not foreplay; well, most of the time, a girl wants foreplay from her partner. A girl sometimes likes or sometimes hate it. Ask her when she enjoys foreplay.

27. Does she like children?

If you are serious about long-term relationships with her, like marriage, you can ask her about her choice whether she likes or not to have children. It will reduce complexity in the near future.

28. Her favorite actor and actress:

This information will help you when you pick up a movie to watch with her. Your girlfriend like it when you watch her favorite actor’s movie or web series together.

29. How they spend their leisure time?

Your girl maybe wants to chill in her leisure time or have fun. Ask what she likes the most.

30. Do they like a blowjob?

irst Date Blowjob Like Porn Actresses

Most girls love it, but they don’t know how to give the best blowjob. It is a widespread problem that most girls suffer from. You can ask directly, and if she hesitates to perform a blowjob, you can teach her with the help of a website that is a complete guide to blowjob. You can visit learnblowjob to learn more about blowjob skills.

31. Do they like reading books?

If she likes reading books, then you should know about her best collection of books. You can enjoy reading together in leisure time.

32. Her porn preferences:

Ask her porn category; it will help you when you both watch porn together. If you play her favorite porn category, Her mood will boost towards sex, and she will get excited and ready for sex quickly.

33. Her favorite music:

Her favorite music can always help you. Her favorite music can boost her mood if you are traveling with her in a car or spending a hotel or restaurant together, or working together.

34. Whether she is a spender or saver:

If your girlfriend is a spender, you should have money to fulfill her desire, and if she is a saver, you don’t have to think about money.

35. Know about her coffee:

know about her coffee

Ask her how she enjoy her coffee, and when she enjoys it the most. Everyone has a different time to drink and another way to make coffee.

36. Whether she likes surprises or not:

If she does not like a surprise, beware of giving any type of surprise. It would be best if you cleared at first whether she likes or no surprises. Surprises can sometimes ruin her mood. So it is better to do it after getting to know.

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