Love is an awesome feeling. But you can never know that when this love turns away and your partner breaks up with you. So, it is better to know it before this situation comes in. When you know the reality first then only you can do something about it. Either you with the guy or leave him.

It is all your decision but the first requirement is that you know about it. So, in this blog, I will show the 13 quick catching signs by which you can identify that your guy does not want any relationship with you.

The first basic sign that he does not want any relationship with you is ignorance. When you feel that he is ignoring you a lot then this is the first sign that he wants to get away from you and does not want any relationship.

But this is not the only sign. By just one sign you can’t say what his intention is. So, below are all the 13 signs that indicate that he does not want any relationship with you. Start reading and match them with him. Let us know what you think about this in the comment.

1. He is not revealing his relationship publicly

man with men

The first and foremost sign is that he will try to hide his relationship from others. He will never say clearly to anyone that you guys are in a relationship. Not even friends.

There can be other situations because he is not making your relationship public. But at least every man says it clearly to their friends. And if he is hiding this from even his friends then this is a big red sign.

2. He is not giving you the time

If a man loves you then he will love to share his time with you. He will finish every bit of his work very fast so that he can spend some time with you. But if your guy is not giving you much time then you should take it seriously.

He is not giving you much time means he does not enjoy it with you. There can be another aspect of this he is really busy. There is a total possibility for this. Because I don’t know your guy personally so I don’t know much about him, Right. You are the only person who can verify whether he is really busy or just making some excesses.

Go, and find it. But at last, if you see that he has time but he is not sharing it with you then it’s time to leave. Never be there where no one values you. Go and find the best dating site on the internet and gift yourself a new boyfriend.

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3. No friendly behavior with you

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This is the basic thing that you must expect from your boyfriend. He should treat you friendly but if you are not on his priority list then he will never treat you well. When you are with his friends then he will never let you speak, or if you say something then he will start laughing at you so you do not say something again.

If anyone is treating you like this then you should never be with that guy. No matter who he is but he should respect you. He should respect your feeling and be friendly with you. And if he is not doing so then you have chosen the wrong guy as your partner.

4. He ghosts you for a few days

Hey, attention, please. This point is very important. And you can identify it very easily. If he never calls or messages you then this is a red sign. You should get alert by this sign. You should try a test with him. Stop calling or messaging him for 3 days.

Don’t contact him by any means. And wait for him to contact you. If he does not give a call then you should move away. He is not interested in you. Because 3 days are more than enough to miss someone you care for.

But if he has just messaged but never called then this is also a negative sign. Because if you love someone then you try to hear his/her voice when he/she is away from you. Test it on him and see what you get as a result.

5. He always cancel and reschedule the plans

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Does he always cancel the plans you make and give a nice excuse for that? If he always does this and then rescheduled, he is not interested in spending time with you. If he has time for all his other works but doesn’t have time for your sweet plans then it is not a good sign.

He spends 3 hours in the gym, he does his office works, he party with his friends but as you make a new plan then he cancels it at the last moment. This shows that you are on the bottom of his priority list. And if this is it then he is not serious about the relationship with you.

6. He never talks about long term goals

If a guy is not serious about the relationship then he will never talk about the long-term goals. Long-term goals mean those talks when you talk about where you will go on a honeymoon, or where you will live after marriage. These types of talks.

I know these are just some dreams but and women always think about these things. And if a man loves you then he also helps you with these thoughts. But if he is not serious about the relationship then he will never talk about these things.

7. He does not pay attention to you

He Is Not Interested In Knowing You

A relationship is all about the interest in each other. And if someone has an interest in you then he will pay attention to you. But if he is not interested at all then will just try hard to show his interest but he is not.

Suppose you dressed like princes and you asked your boyfriend how you are looking. But after this much effort and spending so much time on getting ready he just said yeh looking good. Then you should think about him a little. Because this is not the type of reaction that it should be.

8. He still has many dating apps running on his phones

If it is possible then go and scoop into his phone. If you find any dating app running into his phone means he is looking for another girl. And I think you smart enough that you know what it means.

If possible then you can also try to find if he has an account on any dating website or not. If you have no idea about a dating website then you can make a free account here and check what it is. You can also check for because we also give tips for everything. So, check his phone and hope that you don’t find any dating account on his phone.

9. He is not opening up to you

If a man loves you then he will start to open in front of you. He will start getting emotional and will share all his feeling with you. This is the sign that he is emotionally connected with you. But if your man is not showing this sign then it is not good. This shows that he is not serious about you. you should invest your time in someone else.

10. He never tries to compromise

walk and talk to woman

We all have to compromise a little in a relationship. This is a general thing. And we do this because we care about our partners. We want him/her to be happy. And this is why you keep your ego down and compromise.

But if your guy is not ready to compromise a little then he does not care about you. The only thing he cares about is himself. You are not a matter for him. And if he does not care about you a little then why are you with him. Take a better decision.

11. He never does a “us” or “we” talk

If a guy is serious about the relationship then this shows up in his vocabulary. He will reply in “we” or “us” whenever someone ask a question about you guys. But if a guy is not serious about the relationship then he will never use these “we” and “us” words. Instead, he will use “I” and “You”. So, keep an eye on his words. His words will say you everything about his intentions.

12. He will directly say that he doesn’t want a serious relationship

Actually, this is not always the case but it happens. Some men directly say that he does not want a serious relationship. Then after this women start thinking that he is saying this now, but he will start loving her after some time. In that case, you are doing a mistake.

The next decision will be yours. If you want a serious relationship then never go with someone who doesn’t want a serious relationship. But if you are ok with a casual relationship then you can go with it.

13. You can see that he is getting away from you

man getting away

This is the final and a feeling type of point. If he doesn’t want a relationship with you then you can see him getting away from you. This is all about the feel. If someone wants to go away from you then you can feel it. He will stop calling you regularly and so on.

So, if you see these types of signs then you can get confirmed that he is not interested in a relationship anymore.

But if you still want him back. You want him to love you then you should check this page where I will show you the way to get his love back.

Love is just an emotion and It can be created in anyone

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