A relationship is a very beautiful thing but only when you are with the right person. If you get stuck with the wrong guy then it can be very depressing. And if you are searching this keyword on the internet then I think you have some doubts about your guy. So, it is better to confirm whether you are with the right guy who can entertain you or you are with someone who is very boring.

Here are the 15 signs that you can match with your guy and see how boring he is. So, take your pen and paper ready and rate your guy’s boring level out of 15. Each point being matched with your guy will give him one boring point. Let us know in the comment what is the rating of your guy in boringness. πŸ˜‰

1. He never has anything to say

man missing someone

The very first benefit of being in a relationship is that you have someone who can entertain you. You have someone to whom you can share all your feelings and can hear his feelings. But what if you get someone who talks like a dead man.

Someone who has nothing to say anytime. I am talking about it every time not sometimes. Because sometimes all of us get a little upset and don’t say a word. But if it is his always routine then it is a match. In your conversation, you are the only one who talks like you are talking to a tree. If this seems familiar to you then congratulation because your boyfriend got his first boring point.

2. He always complain about everything

If you are in a relationship then it is your partner’s duty that if you do something good then he should support you. He should support you even when you try something creative that is not bad. But if you got a boyfriend who has a complaining nature then he fall into the boring category.

If you are doing makeup he complains, if you are talking to a friend he complains. Basically he will complain about everything, it is his nature. Always complaining about something is not a good sign. It lead to a toxic relationship at last and it will also affect your self confidence. So, if anyone have this nature then try to make a distance from that person.

3. He never flirts

woman hate faced

Romance is a very important part of any romantic relationship. It need to be there and if this is missing then the relationship gets boring. And this romance starts with a normal flirting. So, your guy need to have this skill. If he is good at flirting then congratulation your got a nice boyfriend and if he is not then time to add one more boring point in your paper. I am not saying that he should be a master flirter. But at least he should have to be interested in doing so.

4. He do not understand you

Understanding is a very important factor in a good relationship. And a person can only be exciting when he understands you properly. I am not talking about the starting phase of the relationship. If your relationship is starting or it’s been less than 3 months then the high chances are that it will be exciting. Because in the start you try to understand the other person that makes it interesting.

I am talking about a relationship then has got some time. After some time it is the understanding of each other that keeps the spark alive. So, if your relationship is old enough then does he understand you well. If not then he got failed in this part.

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5. Your communication has not that spark

This is something that not all have but some relationships are there in this category. This comes naturally. This is something that sparks that while you are talking you do not have to explain everything. There are many things that you understand without saying or listening to a word. You can say that this comes with a good understanding of each other which is the above point but I will make it a special case. Because there are very few relationships that achieve this level.

6. Have no sense of humor

men obsessed with woman

This is that skill that differentiates an awesome exciting person from a boring person. The sense of humor is really that crucial skill that keeps him different from those boring guys. with this skill, a guy can make even a dead man laugh. Just kidding that is not possible. πŸ˜‰

But this is possible that he can make your conversation interesting. So, by this my point is he is your boyfriend then you should know about him. If he can make you laugh then he is safe at this point. But if he is someone who creates the laughing situation rarely then give him another boring point.

7. He is a very bad kisser

By this point, you know what I mean right. It is about kisses. If he knows how to kiss better then we can say that he is not boring at some point. Kiss is something that makes you excited as well as him too. So, this is something that adds up to his excitement skills. But if he is a very bad kisser then you need to suggest him our ‘be a good kisser‘ article.

8. He do not like to travel

Traveling is really exciting. I myself am a big fan of traveling but there are some who love to in their room only. I am not saying that they are boring or the guys who travel a lot are good. These are all personal choices that make you happy. But this blog is about you. So, I am taking you as a reference. And most of the girls find those guys more exciting who travel a lot than someone who always is in his room.

This is why I am saying that if he does not like to travel a lot then he is boring. But if you are someone who loves those guys who always be in their room then no need to give him the boring point here. Otherwise, you already know what you need to do if you find this point matching with your boyfriend.

9. He is too comfortable

man playing video game

Being comfortable is a good thing but being too comfortable is quite boring. If someone is too comfortable on his own then he will not show any excitement to any exciting plan. If you say, “Hey, a new mall has open let’s go and visit there then he will show no excitement”.

Actually, some boys may say no because of the possible mall spences. Let’s take another example. It can be a park or any exciting plan (you get me what I want to say) that you want to enjoy but he shows no interest at all. Then, babe, he is someone who is fulfilled by himself and that is a boring sign. At least I think it is boring. You chose what you think?

10. His dressing sucks

Dressing style is something that makes him look exciting. It will have no effect on your relationship chemistry but when others see you together then it comes to play. Basically, his look gives a perception that he is exciting. This perception can be false, I agree with that. But still, it is something that can be considered as a meter of boringness.

11. He never compliments you

woman not trying
Asian women lying on the gray bed, she looking bored and lazy. holiday weekend is bored concept.

A compliment is something that can make any women feel good. It is women’s tendency that they get happy by a genuine compliment. And if he can make you happy with this then he is definitely exciting for you. So, if he compliments then he is safe on this point.

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12. He has no hobbies

Hobbies are something that makes a person interesting. Hobbies like painting, singing, dancing, any musical instrument playing, etc. It can be any hobby that makes him feel happy. If he has some hobbies that are creative and exciting then that’s a good sign.

13. He is always on phone

I think this is a very big boring sign when someone always keeps stuck with his phone. If someone is constantly browsing the internet, using social media, etc. even when he is with you then this is a big cross. He should not be like this. If he is with you then he should enjoy the time with you. And if he is using the phone all the time then go and put one more boring point in the list because he is a very boring guy.

14. He choose texting over call

sad man using phone

Do you know what is the main difference between texting and calling? Of course in texting, you can’t hear his voice and you get more time to think and reply. But I am not talking about this. I am talking a little deep. As I said that in texting you get more time to think and reply and this is its biggest demerit. We use this feature to hide our real emotions. Our real expressions. That is why I am saying that texting is boring because you can’t share your real emotions over there.

And if any guy is always interested in texting than calling then this shows that he has enough time to spend on texting. If someone knows his value of time then he will never choose to text over the phone. Texting takes a lot of time. 1 hour of texting talk can be completed in 10 min on a call with better understanding. So, if your guy says always to text not to call then he is really boring.

15. He always says no to sex

The chances are low but possible. If he is someone who does not show interest in sex then he is boring. I think you already know this. Sex is very important in a relationship and if your guy is not interested in it then he is spoiling the enjoyment. If your boyfriend does so then go and give him 2 boring points. πŸ™ Just kidding. πŸ™‚ Just give him one boring point.


So, are you done with the scoring? Now you may be thinking that why I have told you to do this scoring. Because we will use this score to decide whether your boyfriend is boring or interesting. Look, boringness is not a yes or no question. It is like a gradient. And you need to find where your guy stands in it. Below is the table that shows your guy’s boringness as per your calculated score.

More than 8Boring Guy πŸ™
From 8 to 6Average Guy 😐
Less than 6Interesting Guy πŸ™‚

So, have you got your guy’s result? I hope he does not lie in the boring category. What was your result let us know in the comment? We will love to know that. πŸ˜‰

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