When you get your love then that is one of the best parts of your life. But sometimes we make a wrong decision while choosing our partner and then this makes our life a punching bag. That gets kicked from every point of your life.

So, in that situation, it becomes necessary to get apart. You are getting apart that doesn’t mean that the other person is bad or you are bad. You both are good at your own place but there is something that does not fit between you.

When you are the one who take this decision that you should end the relationship then it becomes your responsibility to minimize that breakup pain for the other person.

While breaking up with your partner when he/she loves you should take care of this the other person do not feel much pain. To minimize the pain you can be truthful in a polite way while meeting personally to confess to him/her.

This is very important that you take of this. Because the other person has no idea what you are going to with him/her. So, in this blog I have give some most important tips so that the other person does not feel much pain.

Please read the whole article because just with the headline you cannot get the idea of what I want to say. Because this is about someone’s life and you need to be careful about this.

Think before ending this beautiful relationship…

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Hey, I know that I am here to tell you the points that can help to end your relationship and I will tell you that. But before that, I wanted to tell you something else. I think this is my responsibility to tell you this. You are about to finish your relationship with someone whom you used to love someday.

So, there must be some good qualities in him/her. And that made you love the other person. And now you can see some other habits of the other person. And that is making you end this relationship. So, if he/she loves you but even after that you are thinking of a breakup then it’s all your choice.

But think once. Is your reason for the breakup is big enough? Is this Ok to take this big decision to the point you have to end the relationship? If you get your answer is yes then you must get apart. But if you get doubtful about this then you should talk to him.

Because in this world very few people get true love and if you got one then this is a blessing. If there is any chance that you can fix yours with him. Then you must give it a try.

And if you have tried everything and ending the relationship is the last option then let’s get on the point. Below are the 13 most important things you must keep in mind before giving him/her the shocking news.

Things to keep in mind before ending a romantic relationship

As I said above that it is your responsibility to minimize the emotional damage. That person can get very upset by this news so, you need to know that what can hurt most and in what way the pain can be minimized. Below are the selected 13 points you must keep in mind before confessing in front of him.

1. Find the reason why you want to breakup

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The first thing before getting there you must prepare is a reason. The reason why you are ending this relationship. without a proper reason, it is very hard to end a relationship. The other person will never let you go easily. He will do his best to stop you. And you need some point to point on why you want to end the relationship. So, it’s better to pick a good reason before asking him to end the relationship.

2. Do it quick and clear

This is important to keep in mind because many times we don’t try to end the relationship clearly. We try to stick with the person for future backup. If you are not good with the person then have a clear breakup. Don’t be confused about it. If you want it, if your relationship is not working then you should do it quickly and clearly.

Don’t expect her/him to chase you. If you are the one who is taking the harsh decision to end the relationship then don’t make him chase you. that’s not fair. make it quick and clear. It will be good for both of you.

3. Tell the truth clearly and do not give fake hopes

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When you will tell her/him about this then the person may start crying. And this is totally natural. It’s his right to cry in this situation. Because he was not expecting such bad news from you. So, in that situation don’t give fake hopes. Let the person say whatever she/he wants to say but you need to be clear in the situation.

In this situation, you may feel like you are a bad guy. But this is for a better future for both of you. So, make your heart strong for some time and make it clear that you can’t be in the relationship anymore. Many make a mistake that we will be friends after this. This friend after the relationship is little complicated relation.

It can create a mess in your next relationship and will make it hard for her to get out of the breakup. So, it’s better to make a clear breakup. Don’t give her fake hopes that you will be friends after the breakup.

4. Get out of the guilt that you are doing something wrong

Guilt is a very bad thing to experience. So, don’t be guilt if you are ending the relationship for a good reason. You are breaking up because something is not working between you. It can be anything but if you are not happy in the relationship then the breakup is for something good.

The happiness in a relationship is interrelated. If you are not happy then she/he can’t be happy too. So, do it if you have tried everything to fix it. It will feel bad a first but there will be sunrise after the sunsets.

5. Do not start the conversation with negatives

when you are about to start the conversation then do not start it with a negative conversation. Because here we want to create less damage, not more. The best way to initiate the conversation is to start with some good memory. Remember those days when you were together and used to enjoy it a lot. Tell her/him what you like in him/her at that time. You are going to get apart from now so, say goodbye happily at the last time.

6. Don’t put blame on your partner

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One of the biggest mistakes most people do is they start blaming the other person. This is the worst thing you can do. Because this can be the last time you are together and you are making it one of the worst memory. When you start blaming the other person then this results in two ways.

Either she/he will get more aggressive or she will take the blame seriously. If she gets aggressive then this last talk can turn into a conflict. And your relationship ending talk will turn into another direction.

And if she starts thinking that she has done something wrong then this will demotivate her. She will start blaming herself and this can spoil her self confidence. So, never blame the other person when you are about to start the breakup conversation.

7. Take responsibility for your mistakes

If you can’t blame her then what you have to do to end your romantic relationship. I will say start taking responsibility for everything. You are initiating the breakup conversation means you are already prepared for this.

So, when you take all the responsibility on yourself then this makes it easy for her to accept the situation. Tell her that you are busy at work if you are and you can’t give her enough time to keep up the relationship. There is nothing wrong with the other person but it is you who wants the relationship to end.

8. Don’t shout while breaking up

This is possible that when you say to the other person that you want to end the relationship then the other person will start shouting at you. Now here is in alert, do not fall into the trap here.

Try not to shout because if you shout here then your breakup plan will get canceled. So, try to be calm. Let the other person say whatever she/he wants to say. It’s his/her feeling that is getting out. Let it flow.

9. Take a small talk but don’t make it long

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When you are going to talk with your partner to end the relationship then do not make the conversation long. You are here to end your relationship then do it and get out from there. If you make the conversation long means it will not be your last conversation. The other person will start doing everything to stop you from doing this.

10. Do not break up with your partner on phone, call, or text

Hey, Attention please! this point is very important that’s why I need your attention here. When you are the one who is starting the breakup conversation then it is your duty to check everything to make it successful. And one of the most important decisions is the medium.

How will you say her and where? The phone, text, and call is the easiest medium. But it is not the good one. never do break up with someone on the phone, text, or call. Try to meet personally and then tell her whatever you want to say.

In that case, you will be with the other person and can feel her state of emotion so he/she doesn’t take any wrong action. If you are from some other city then take a flight and go to her/him.

Never ask her/him to come to your home and then tell the news. It will be difficult for him to get home after listing this news. So, take your responsibility and do the tough part.

11. Being friends after break up is a tricky part

Many people try to be friends after ending their relationship. I think this is very hard. It is very difficult to be just a normal friend with someone whom you used to love. Some who used to share everything with you. And when any of you get into another relationship then this becomes more difficult.

Very few people can handle this friend after relationship situation. But most of the people create a big mess. So, don’t say that we will be good friends. Make it all clear that we will never meet again. This will make it easy for both of you to move forward in life.

12. Do not have breakup sex

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Have you ever heard of the term breakup sex? You have don’t then that’s good. But if you are thinking about this then forget it. The breakup sex can complicate things. Sex is something related to love.

So, when you perform this thinking that this is the last time can make you love her much more. Or, it can make her love you more. And if this is the situation then she/he will never get ready to end the relationship.

So, don’t complicate it more because it is already complicated to leave someone whom you used to love at some point in life.

13. Do not text the other person after drinking

Do, you know what some dumbasses do after a breakup? They drink a lot then start texting the other person. Don’t do that. When you have initiated the breakup then give the other person some time to digest this situation. This news is shocking and he/she wants to forget you then let her do this. Don’t make it more difficult for her.


We started Lovegrabber to increase love in this world. And now I am writing about the breakup. And don’t like this. So, I will say you should try everything that can save your love life. If you have tried everything to save your relationship but nothing worked then I will suggest you just take one more action.

Hope this can save your relationship. Check our love guide section and give it try. I think this is something that can help you to get your love back. When you get your love back in your relationship again then pray for the lovegrabber to grow more so, we can help more people to get them back in their love life.

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